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Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, February 28, 2008

We're Off In the 118th

The Republicans and Democrats are both scrambling for their candidates. The Democrats seem to be a little light on the reserve squad; Addie Jenne is not ready, John Burns, well, John Burns could not articulate an issue beyond a parking ticket, Penske or Wicke, if I misspelled their names than that is all that needs to be said about their candidacies, which leaves Tedra Cobb, she is the only force to be recognized in the Democrats field of candidates.

The Republican field host an array of wannabes some A material others B material; Ritchie, Nichols, Button, Nelson, MacDonnell, Reed, Fitzpatrick and Gray. There are names in that list that can win and there are names in that list that can win but do not have the stamina for an intense campaign.

I would expect you to hear about polling, or even receive a call, which will take place either by the weekend or latest by Monday that will ID the people with the highest and best name recognition. This is a methodical process that will narrow the field and begin to solidify the A list, then discussions will take place with the potential candidates and party leaders and finally a candidate will rise to the surface quickly.

No question the Democrats have a lot of money to defend this seat, will the Republicans run a better marketing campaign this time though? With limited money it is essential to market better and have a clear message. Time will tell how strong each squad's reserve team is, it will be exciting to watch, money does not guarantee a victory here, it helps, but it is no assurance.

Picking the candidate is the critical first step.


Anonymous said...

Take Renzi out of the list. He lives outside the 118th

Politicaliv.com said...

Renzi has been removed, he lives in the 122nd Assembly district.

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