"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Want a STAR Rebate Check

Visit here and sign the petition to restore your STAR rebate check.

I Want My STAR Rebate Check

Sen. Joseph Robach, R-Greece, Monroe County: “”At a time when families and seniors are making sacrifices to make ends meet, the last thing we should be doing is cutting a source of relief for these citizens. Taking these checks away is yet another example of how the issues pertinent to Upstate New York are being ignored by the state’s downstate leadership.”

And this has bi-partisan support - ALL the Senate Republicans and Democrat Senator Jeff Klein.

The Johns Headed to the White House

Senator John McCain and Rrepresentative John McHugh will meet with President Obama today at the White House. Topic - Military Procurement reform.

Politicio 44


As predicted the Democratic controlled New York State Legislature is setting their sights several gun bills that will have outdoor sports enthusiasts up in arms.

Their liberal agenda includes restricting gun ownership, reversing Senator Aubertine self touted youth hunter bill, micro stamping and more.

This issue was a hot topic during every 48th Senate District debate last fall and pooh poohed by the Democrats, but true to the word gun control and restriction is coming.

Read more here, here and here
"The annual battle over the issue kicks off today, when the Assembly — as it has done for several years — is expected to pass several measures that would tighten restrictions on gun ownership....Once those bills pass in the Assembly, gun control advocates will set their sights on the Senate and the Democrats' newly minted two-seat majority (32 to 30).

"We are hoping for progress in the Senate," said Jackie Hilly, executive director of New Yorkers for Gun Control."
 It is so nice to see the liberal agenda march by 32 soldiers at a time, but far be it for anyone to say 'We told you so.'

Will it be more of the same from our Politics Before People Senator?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Questions - Easy Answers

When the state legislators, who supported this year's budget, come around to ask for your vote in 2010, you have a couple of questions to ask that should make it easy to choose who you are voting for.

Am I better off today than I was when they took office? Easy answer - NO
Is the state fiscally better off than it was when they took office? - Easy answer - NO

Check and Balance has a new meaning in New York State. The Democrats are writing the checks and the state budget is way out of balance, by $25 billion over the next three years.

Democrats have shown no willingness to cut spending, therefore it leaves no choice but for them to continue to raise taxes, like they did this year to cover the gaps.
"Nearly a full month after the Legislature’s adoption of the 2009-10 state budget, Governor David Paterson’s Division of the Budget (DOB) today issued its first official financial plan update since January.  The bottom line: New York State’s long-term financial outlook has significantly deteriorated since Paterson unveiled his Executive Budget a little over four months ago.  Due to a combination of falling revenues and added spending approved as part of the 2009-10 budget deal, the state’s out-year budget gaps are more than twice as large as those the governor originally projected in his Executive Budget proposal."
Stimulus money masked the real problems and created more.
"The stimulus funds are slated to expire after 2010-11.  As a result, the official projection of State Operating Funds disbursements takes a sharp jump of $9.4 billion, or 11 percent, in 2011-12 – which, as it happens, is also the first fiscal year of the next gubernatorial term.  At that point, spending paid for in part with federal stimulus funds in 2009-10 and 2010-11 will have to be either cut or financed with the state’s own revenues."
Read More
NY Times
NY Post
NY Fiscal Watch

Excellent Point

This commenter made an excellent point that is worth bringing forward.

"I have a problem with Darrel plagiarizing. The problem is Darrel wined (sic) about the same thing during his last campaign. He made the statement at a debate that his name was taking off the bill and gave the impression he was being abused by the majority republicans. Double standards and hypocritical of Darrel to do the same thing he complained about.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Bye

Senator Arlen Specter's move to switch parties was simply a matter of self preservation. Polls showed him behind in a GOP primary. While his move and the likely seating of Franken will move the Democrats to the magic number of 60, he is no loss for the Republicans.


See what happens when his teleprompter fails him.

Lesson 1 - How To Drive New Yorker's Nuts

Fly a 747, even if it is part of the Air Force One fleet, at a low altitude around New York City with two fighter jets following closely and you will quickly learn how to freak out a bunch of hard core New Yorkers.

Then tell them - shucks it was just a photo op.

Another day in Disney for Obama.

 But Bloomy was not impressed.

Kudos Dede

Dede Scozzafava a stalwart legislator from Northern New York was appointed Assembly Minority Leader Pro Tempore.

Dede is a very good legislator and earns respect for her independence, that attribute scores her a top grade for doing her job. We need more people like her in the state legislature, not some of spineless jellyfish that we have currently. Someone who will speak their minds and cut away from the party when they feel necessary to stand on principles.

Go Get'em Dede

Photo courtesy Newzjunky
Read press release here on Newzjunky.

Also, more here from Oswego County Citizen 

Monday, April 27, 2009


As one blogger put "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

More here


An embarrassing loss in the 20th Congressional race, there is no other way to look at it. Many can say - could of, should of, would of - but the fact remains there is much work to be done before the Republicans regain their footing in New York State.

This was a high stakes campaign for many reasons, but more so for Tedisco, who was an out of district candidate and was the Assembly minority leader.

This is a good look at the race done by the Times Union - read here.

Here is one point for sure -

"I hope that this disappointment will cause the Republican Party leaders to change how we select our candidates and how we run our campaigns," said Dan Gale, a member of the Saratoga County GOP executive committee and chairman of the Northumberland town party.
Share your thoughts of the race and the aftermath! 

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Here is a classic politician; bumbling Barney Frank on home ownership and his own viewpoints that oppose each other.

"Homes that are occupied may see an ebb and flow in the price at a certain percentage level, but you’re not going to see the collapse that you see when people talk about a bubble." Barney Frank in 2005

And Barney Frank in 2009 suddenly proclaims home ownership was a conservative idea.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is This Enough?

Will this message be enough for Governor Paterson? Or will Andy be there man for 2010?

Governor Paterson 2010

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tin Ears

Not a day goes by it seems that the Senate Democrats do not give the voters a reason to believe they are out of touch with the people of New York State.

Smith announced plans and intentions to travel to Puerto Rico, Israel, China and India.

One of those trips is almost sure to be interrupted by an widely anticipated session to cut the budget because of insufficient revenue, but that most likely will not slow these trotters down.

This is from the NEW YORK POST

Asked by a reporter whether he was fiddling while Rome burned, the clueless Smith asked, "First of all, where is Rome burning?"
Need anything else be said about the Majority Leader Smith and the Senate Democrat majority?

Also read more here

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Plagiarizing Is Not A New Idea To Aubertine (UPDATED)

pdf Files of the bills in question
Senator Little's bill here
Senator Aubertine's here

Plagiarizing legislation apparently is nothing new to Senator Aubertine. Here in this video from March 04, 2009 he ducks the question on why he plagiarized Senator Little's legislation. The circumstances surrounding Senator Griffo's UTV legislation this week and Senator Little's legislation last month are the same - all that was changed was the effective date - from "immediate" to "30 days."

This is outrageous and borders on Senator Aubertine being a phony! The MSM has an obligation to call him on this tactic. 

This is the text posted with the YouTube video.
North Country State Sen. Darrel Aubertine got caught plagiarizing another Senator's legislation. Aubertine twice denied knowing that another Senator had introduced the exact same bill a month earlier than his bill. Aubertine altered just one sentence in the bill--changing the effective date if the bill were ever to become law--and claimed it for his own. See Senate bills 276 and 1677.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Piracy does not only take place in the ocean.

Senator Joe Griffo introduces the UTV legislation March 6, 2009:

S2927  GRIFFO                 No Same as
Vehicle and Traffic Law
TITLE....Relates to the definition of all terrain vehicle or "ATV"

Darrel introduces IDENTICAL legislation April 21, 2009 - the SAME day he votes to deny the SAME legislation from Griffo to be discharged from the SAME committee that Aubertine's legislation has just been referred to:

S4277  AUBERTINE              No Same as
Vehicle and Traffic Law
TITLE....Relates to the definition of all terrain vehicle or "ATV"

The only difference between the two - Griffo's takes effect immediately, Aubertine's in 30 days.

This is politics at it's worst and why NYS government is dysfunctional.

This is the recurring theme from Aubertine: Politics before people!

Griffo's bill here
Aubertine's bill here

Darrel and The "Yahoos" - The Sequel

Darrel's public service compass is pointing him in the wrong direction once again. He continues his service in the Democratic Senate Majority as:

Politics before people!

Again we visit the disconnect between Senator Aubertine, ATVs and Darrel's famed bunch of "yahoos."

During last year's election, an internal memo was mistakenly released that revealed Senator Aubertine's discontent for ATV riders and referred to his position as "no fan of ATVs."

The memo, which was written by DEC Regional Director Judy Drabicki, spouse of Aubertine Chief of Staff Lee Willbanks, set off a near riot among outdoor sport enthusiasts, who have a passion for the outdoors and their toys, as it referenced his posture toward this constituency as "yahoos."
Yesterday, again he stood with his downstate Democrats over this group of outdoor enthusiasts and Aubertine helped defeat a measure that would have legitimized UTVs. Background on the UTV controversy here

Senator Joe Griffo understands the economic importance of ATV/UTV use to the North Country economy. He introduced S2927 that would make UTVs legal and would have among other things reversed the loss of income from registrations being sent to neighboring states like Pennsylvania, where they are allowed.

But, Griffo's bill never made it to the floor for a vote because a deciding vote cast by Aubertine kept the bill grounded in a committee.

The "motion to discharge" as it is referred to, is a procedural method that allows a bill out of committee to the floor for a vote was defeated along party lines. 

Therefore, the conclusion is again Aubertine's action speaks louder than his rhetoric on ATVs, he is not a fan for sure.

The excuse cannot be that this is a one house bill either, as for sure there would be a sponsor in the Assembly for the same measure. Unless Addie or Dede possesses the same disconnect.

The UTV is not likely to see the light of day for a while, unfortunately, but politics comes before people again in the reformed New York State Senate. 

Stealth Campaign

Village of West Carthage Mayor Scott Burto has yet to announce or publicly acknowledge his campaign, but he is in high gear.

He has recently been endorsed by his local Republican committee in the town of Champion and he has sought out Watertown City Mayor Jeff Graham for the Independence line.

Graham leans left in the campaign for county clerk because of a belief there is more to be gained by warming up to a party that appears to be in control, but a source from the left says there is a long line of patronage paybacks for Democrats and Graham is unlikely to cut the line.

The candidates for a county wide race for clerk will need an organization and volunteers to run a campaign and will need plenty of finances to run a county wide race and these nuts and bolts of a campaign are amplified on the rudderless Republican side of the race. A county wide race will cost in the neighborhood north of $100,000, that is a lot of jingle to raise in this economy.

Candidates best be vetted and prepared go through a process before getting too far ahead of themselves. Endorsements are part of the process, not part of the preparation.

Whomever the candidates are; be prepared for a long campaign, that requires a lot of time and hard work from the candidate and volunteers and one that cost money to run also. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Day and The Same Way

The Democrats in the New York State Senate cannot help themselves, they just want to pass tax increases. Their second MTA bailout plan in as many days includes the same old tactics.

This is yet another example of the destruction one political party rule in New York State can have.

The Democrats will do anything to get the Republicans on the hook for voting for a tax increase and as mentioned yesterday they are horse trading and bribing to make that happen. Late yesterday the Democrats unveiled their MTA bailout plan. Surprise, Surprise - it includes raising taxes, or how about the politically correct term "revenue raisers," Do they actually think people are that stupid?

The largest revenue raiser tax increase of the $1.76 billion plan is a payroll tax increase in the 12 county service region of the MTA that raises $1.49 billion of the total.


Republicans should continue to use their hands off approach to the Democrats' policies. The very last thing businesses or individuals need right now is an additional tax burden such as an increased payroll tax. Anything that has a potential negative effect that will reduce jobs or restrain job growth should be avoided.

This may be a tax in the 12 county region, but the loss of income to the state in the form of personal income tax, sales tax, etc because of the job loss will be felt all around the state from this job killing proposal.You only have to look at the effects that the Wall St. collapse had on the state budget and how it has effected you to realize what can happen. 

Read more - here here, here and here

Monday, April 20, 2009

Uh Oh Guv

The Governor's numbers are falling faster than water in a flushed toilet.
63% have an unfavorable opinion of the Guv, that is his worse opinion rating ever. 
What contributed the most to his poor poll numbers (take notes here Senate Democrat reformers) - his negotiating the budget in secrecy. That is what we get for having a single party rule of Albany, an unresponsive government that raises taxes and leads to more dysfunction.

Senate Dems Attempt Bribe

The Republicans should run fast from the latest move by the New York Senate Democrats. It is nothing short of bribery.

The Senate Democrats cannot muster a majority of their members to support an MTA bailout plan and any solution to their fiscal crisis is at a stalemate. Malcolm Smith and Governor Paterson have been attempting to lure a few Republican votes to push them over the edge for the vote needed, so far, no Republicans have yet to lurch forward.

So the Democrats are upping the ante; willing to trade pork member item money and increased staff levels for their support.

And you wonder why New York State Government is dysfunctional, this comes close to even being corrupt.


They want to raise taxes again with this deal. The Senate Democrats sure have mastered the art of tax and spend in their few months in control of the NY Senate
The plan includes reviving taxes on sugary drinks -- a proposal Gov. Paterson considered and said could bring $400 million in revenue -- and an increased gasoline tax, with the proceeds going to both the MTA and upstate roads and bridges, the sources said. It's unclear if there are other elements.

The Democrats have just sent more campaign material to the Republicans on why the state is bad hands, especially with one party rule - the Republicans should rebuke this idea and take the campaign material and walk away!

Read more here

NBC: Muzzle It!

Not that there was much doubt, but there is no need to look much further and wonder if NBC is in the tank for Obama.

Immelt and Zucker called in CNBC people in over their concern the network is too much Obama bashing. Mad man Jim Cramer, who has been vocal over Obama's policies, was there, but Rick Santelli was not.

Read more here.

Santelli became well known for this rant.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cool Hand O

Obama handshake with Chavez

Cool hand Obama is setting his own tone and style across the world stage. He often times acts like he wants to be the world's president rather than POTUS.

Obama's style is in stark contrast to that of President Bush. That is not meant to be critical of W; he had reasons to be cynical against those who disliked us - we were attacked - as President he never let his or the country's guard down after that and it resulted in safety for all Americans.

Obama on the other hand, wants to be liked by everyone and is the mindset to give everyone a chance under his watch. It is the "we're cool" or kill'em with kindness" (figure of speech) approach of diplomatic strategy.

Bush's hard arse approach worked for the time he served, he had little choice but to not back down from the tough guy approach or he would be viewed as weakened or vulnerable on his "with us or against us" approach.

A new guy, new approach - handshake, a smile and I want to be your friend.

Obama in his speech said;
There is no senior partner and junior partner in our relations; there is simply engagement based on mutual respect and common interests and shared values. So I’m here to launch a new chapter of engagement that will be sustained throughout my administration.
But behind those smiles are dictators with horrible records of human rights in their own countries. It is the "shared values" part that Obama will have a problem defining to the citizens of the US.

Will it work? What happens when he has to get tough? How will the rest of the world react then?

More questions than answer right now, it is too early to know if his approach will work.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lou Dobbs Rips Olbermann, Garofalo, and MSNBC!

This is worth the listen. And this lady (that is too kind of a word) deserves every rip she gets.

Friday, April 17, 2009


If Darrel Aubertine has a sense that he is hearing footsteps behind him, he is correct. He may campaign with the theme he is one of us, but when goes into the phone booth and changes into his suit, he acts like one of them!

After Darrel Aubertine took a politic party first lockstep vote on the worse budget that New York State residents have ever seen, the Republicans are mobilizing their forces. 

Senate Minority leader Dean Skelos penned an op-ed piece in the Watertown Daily Times today and he personally brought the message to Oswego last night charging up the rank and file while slamming the budget.

Dede Scozzafava gave her take on the budget also and she had just as unfavorable take on the final outcome for NY residents as most people.

Other notables attending were Oswego County Assemblyman Will Barclay, St. Lawrence County Clerk Patricia Ritchie, St. Lawrence County Chair Nancy Martin, and Former Senate Candidate David Renzi was there to thank everyone for their effort.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Game On!

The Governor is sending waves through Albany, not only for the mere introduction of same sex marriage legislation, but also for the fact he is pushing legislation that has not received a green light of guaranteed passage in the Senate and what some say the Senate is not ready for yet. 

Imagine, he is actually encouraging the legislature, the Senate in particular,  to stand up and debate a bill. Miracles are rare in Albany and any resemblance of democracy is one, this will make a few legislators very uneasy.   

You cannot help but think the Governor is looking under every rock for a solution to his abysmal poll numbers and for any group to look at him with a smile.

But, nonetheless, it is game on for same sex marriage, let it be debated and let every legislator be heard and at the end of the process everyone should know what their legislators are thinking on the topic.

Read more on Paterson's press conference for the introduction of the legislation here.

Anti Joe Six Pack

The Democrats across the country continue to prove they are no longer the party of Joe Six Pack, unless of course Joe can pay more for that six pack.

Oregon, who has Democrats in their state legislature with the same thirst for taxing and spending are going to increase taxes on your suds by 1,900%.

Much like New York's budget, which increases spending by 10%; Oregon increases their general fund spending by 27.9%.

Hey Bud, the Dems aren't for you!

Read more here

It Must Be A Left Thing

The Tea Parties held yesterday were a huge success everywhere, but the left just continues to make light of people's concerns over taxes. The following item was referenced by a couple of posters here yesterday. They must be watching too much of Keith Olbermann.

A reprint from Redstate.

The Left And ‘Teabagging’

On his tax day episode of Breakdown, Keith Olbermann indulged himself some fun making of the many hundreds of thousands of Americans that gathered together to protest the Obama administration’s abuse of our tax dollars. Like his compatriot of the extreme left and fellow MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow, the fun making centered not on the actual reason the protests were called but on the words “tea bag.”

Naturally, it isn’t just Maddow and Olbermann that are tittering over tea bags — after all, these two aren’t innovators, but parrots. Maddow and Olbermann are merely reflecting the foolishness of their string pullers on the left. The entire far left from the DailyKos to the profane folks at Wonkette or DemmocraticUnderground are falling all over themselves over the words “tea bag.”

So what is the deal? Why are these fools twittering and guffawing over the simple words “tea” and “bag”? You see, it’s all a reference to some immoral, immature and perverted sex act. I won’t bother to go into the perversion at which the left is laughing because, well, it is utterly meaningless as legitimate political discussion. But, the whole joke the left is sniggering at is a revealing episode to explain the difference between the anti-American left and the rest of America.

As it happens, when talking to an engaged, informed, and patriotic American, when a tea party is discussed the images of Boston Harbor, taxes and American history immediately come to mind. A true American automatically thinks of the American Revolution, the birth of our nation and that proud tradition of self-reliance and rugged individualism infused into our country by its founders. The words invoke the entire panoply of America in the minds of real Americans everywhere.

Then we come to the left. Apparently, the first thing that comes to their “minds” is some arcane, disgusting sexual perversion and not American history and tradition.

And therein lies a major difference between the left and the right in America today. You see, on the right, America, its history and traditions are always at the forefront of the mind. A deep interest in the health and customs of this country are paramount. And to the left, no thought of America can be found. But sexual perversions are aplenty.

And there you have it. It’s quite a telling difference. But it is a difference as real as any.

So, Keith old pal, I’d nominate you are “worst person in the world” today, but you don’t qualify in at least one of those categories.

Here is some appropriate gear for tea party people and this topic. Order more items here

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To The Woodshed

CSEA and PEF unions are taking Governor Paterson to the woodshed over the pending layoffs of 8,900 workers.

Below is a variety of electronic billboard ads that are appearing in the capital region for legislators to view on their way to their offices and a TV ad.


Tax Day - Unbelievable!

Two weeks after the disastrous, secretly conceived state budget, which raises millions in new job killing tax hikes, and increases spending over 10% and yet not a peep out of Democratic party policy loving blogs or a single word of support for people like Addie Russell or Darrel Aubertine on this budget.

Blogs such as:

NNY Follies
Danger Jefferson Democrat
and who knows what this person continues to write about, certainly nothing of any substance.

All dark on this subject, not a single position offered!

Tax Day 2009, what a perfect day for these blogs to come out of the dark and offer a position of support.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For County Clerk - Gertrude Karris vs ?

The Democratic candidate for County Clerk is likely to be the current clerk from the village of Sackets Harbor, Gertrude Karris.

The GOP has yet to field a candidate for the clerk's position, but that is not to say people are not interested. Scott Burto, Mayor of West Carthage, is among a couple of names that are known to be interested, the other is Randy Morrow, an employee of Brownell Abstract.

The Democrat's strategy is obviously; to make a leap from a village clerk to county clerk is a natural progression, while in fact they are entirely different jobs. The village of Sackets Harbor has a paid treasurer, while the County Clerk manages a budget with receipts in excess of $1.5 million dollars.

On the other hand, the GOP could make a case for Morrow with his background in land records and for possibly for Burto with his budget background and management of a village government.

There have not been any names yet to surface on either side from inside the County Clerk's office, that would most likely be the favorable progression, someone with actual experience in the office.

The County Clerk's office is the primary repository of records in the county; land records, court records and an agent for the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. 

What are your thoughts and would do you like to see in a County Clerk candidate?

Start here

Where is the reform the Senate Democrats promised?

If there ever is an issue ripe for reform it is the process of reapportionment or better known as redistricting. The process, which occurs every ten years following the census takes place at the county and state level and determines the districts for county legislator at the local level and at the state level sets the districts for Assembly, State Senate and Congress. The Senate Democrats promised reform, but they have failed to deliver any reform so far in this session.

The process of redistricting should be done by either a bi-partisan or non-partisan citizen commission. The politics in the process either needs to be balanced or non-existent. The result would be much more competitive elections and the public having a stronger voice in the choice of their elected officials.

After you read this from Newsday, would you agree?
A major Democratic lobbyist predicts in a confidential memo that Gov. David A. Paterson - barring a miraculous popularity surge - will step aside and yield to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo the top spot on next year's ticket.

"It is perfectly possible that President (Barack) Obama offers Paterson a key national post as a face-saving move for the governor to exit the state political ring," states the veteran lobbyist, who asked to remain unidentified for business reasons.

Paterson says he will run again. But the fact that the veteran lobbyist, with no evident ax to grind, circulated this speculation privately to paying clients last week shows the risky position that Paterson's low survey ratings leave him in.

The lobbyist cites concerns that a Paterson loss could drag down the ticket, causing the state Senate Democrats to also lose an election that will be key for redistricting - and thus let Republicans again shape district lines for the state's congressional and legislative seats.
"The congressional delegation will . . . weigh in strongly to ease Paterson aside if they perceive him as a loser," the lobbyist says in the missive. "My prediction: Unless there is a dramatic turnaround in Paterson's poll numbers by the early fall, he will not run for re-election."

Monday, April 13, 2009

Guest Voice of Nicholas Vaugh

Guest voice of  Nicholas Vaugh, who by accounts of people we talk with is a going to be a candidate for the 118th Assembly District next year.

Rubber Stamp” Addie Jenne Russell bad for North Country & New York
Legislative Column by Ogdensburg City Councilor Nicholas J. Vaugh
Currently Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties are experiencing skyrocketing unemployment rates of 11.2% and 11.4% respectively.

It is baffling that in these extraordinary economic times Addie Russell could support a budget that includes $7 billion in new taxes, $9 billion in new spending, $235 million in new taxes on health insurance, and a 3 year income tax surcharge on small business owners.

Daily, we hear news of devastating layoffs - such as the cuts at Alcoa and Corning – these are mere symptoms of the expanding number of businesses and taxpayers forced to leave the North Country and our state due to high taxes and a overall anti-business economic environment.igher taxes and massive spending increases are the prescription for fiscal disaster during these tough economic times. We need to create and retain jobs. Addie’s voting record and lack of strong leadership is making it even more difficult to live and work in New York.

Relying on tax hikes to close the state's budget shortfall is not the answer. Holding the line on soaring taxes, while ensuring a quality education for our children, by rooting out waste and getting our fair share is essential. This is not a question of our state lacking revenue: it's a case of our state's leaders lacking the political courage to make the long overdue changes that taxpayers and small businesses have been demanding. We cannot continue to force taxpayers to bear the burden of State government’s historical financial mismanagement.

Instead, Addie Russell has taken the easy way out by supporting this budget, ensuring our state will continue leading the nation in higher taxes and that the North Country will keep on paying the price. Most troubling, this budget supported by Addie Russell will allow state government to dig its greedy hand even further into the taxpayer's pocket. These additional taxes are punitive and send the wrong message to hardworking individuals and small business owners throughout the North Country and New York State.

This budget will mean higher taxes and shows that for all the talk of 'change,' Albany is still dysfunctional. We need an Assembly representative who will fight for the residents of the North Country. Someone who knows that New York State government has to rip up the credit cards and stop spending money the state does not have. We need a representative who will fight to cut our taxes and create an economic environment that lets businesses and families thrive. We need an Assembly representative who will be a strong advocate for our North Country and ensure our district is treated fairly and is never overlooked.

Unfortunately for the time being, we are stuck with Addie Russell, a mere rubber stamp for Albany and New York City political bosses. The North Country deserves better.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obama Apologetic Behavior

This is Canadian wise ass spoof in response for Obama's apologetic attitude and feel good foreign policy position at the G20. The video is 2 minutes, starts off rather mundane, but it gets funnier.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Here Is Another for 2012

Here is another likely candidate for President in 2012. Listen, the Reaganites will hearing a ringing to their ears!

Count On His Support

The Mayor, Jeff Graham, is in the support column for Sarah Palin 2012 by the looks of his Beetle!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cross Post From Monroerising

This is a cross post from the blog Monroerising in Rochester and a Buffalo News article.

PIV will add that these are the same Senate Democrats who are raising taxes and increasing spending more than 10% over last year's budget.

And the same Senate Democratic majority who is passively watching the Governor cut jobs because of a "tight budget."

What are their priorities? Themselves, their staff and their reelection.

If this were an advertising campaign it would be; 
The New York Senate Democrats,
politics first - people second.

Malcolm Smith And Senate Dems Are Ready To Waste Even More Of Our Money

The Buffalo News is reporting that Senate Democrats are opening several patronage filled regional offices across the state.  Other branches of government have had these offices in the past, but they were eliminated because there was no justification for the offices.  Assembly Democrats closed their regional officers about 20 years ago and Assembly Republican’s did the same even longer ago.
From the Buffalo News opinion page:
I have the perfect nominee to run State Senate Democrats’ new, expanded office in Buffalo: Rick Wagoner.
Not since the former GM head accompanied his Ford and Chrysler buddies to D. C. on private jets has anyone been so out of touch with angry and financially drained taxpayers.
The Dems’ excuse for expanding the size and number of regional offices here and across the state? They want to bring their “message” to constituents.
News flash: The budget they just passed did a pretty good job of that.
Imposing $8.3 billion in tax and fee hikes while making virtually no structural reforms and living temporarily on federal stimulus money says all we need to know about their “agenda.”
Bringing more bureaucrats here merely adds insult to the financial injury.
If their budget has enough money for extra people, downsize the political operation and put the funds into effective programs such as “Read to Succeed” and others outlined in The Buffalo News’ “Children of Poverty” series last year.
Any such use would be better than more patronage in the midst of a recession, whether here or the other places the new or expanded offices are planned: Rochester, Syracuse, New York City, Long Island and—get this—Albany.
That’s right, Albany is planning a branch office in Albany.
Of course, it’s no shock that one of our senators, Bill Stachowski, could say only that he had nothing to do with the expanded Buffalo office, that it all emanated from the Capitol.
A Western New York representative having nothing to do with what happens in Western New York?
Gee, what a surprise. Antoine Thompson, our other senator, refused to comment, apparently following the dictum, “If you can’t say something good about something, . . .” Or, more likely, he was following that other famous dictum, “If the press isn’t going to say something good about you, hide.”
This is shameful. Things aren’t going to change in Albany if stuff like this is allowed to continue.  Let’s hope the Democrat and Chronicle reorts on this.  It really is too bad that we have to find out about stuff like this happening in Rochester from the Buffalo newspaper.


Articles from yesterday's press
This is from The Buffalo News and it is excellent. Adherence to party line puts politics above region. The nuts and bolts of the article is applicable to any Senate Democrat in the state senate who had the abilitiy, but lacked the will to stop this budget. 
"Any Senate Democrat could have upended this train wreck of a budget, so closely is the Senate divided. If only one Democrat had placed the needs of his constituents above his own political needs, Albany might have been able to craft a more responsible spending plan—one that bluntly acknowledges the fact of this recession by restraining spending."

Despite many Senate majority members giving their staffs significant double digit pay raises while passing a budget that has a 10% increase in spending during a recession layoffs are coming for rank and file in many areas.

2021 from Correctional Services
2400 from Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
624 from Department of Transportation
386 from State Police

Read more here

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WPEG On Line Petition

The WPEG group has an on-line petition for people to sign. The petition is in response to Governor Paterson's remark during his Northside Improvement League visit in January.

He commented about being selective in siting wind turbines. His comment came as a response to someone expressing their concern about wind turbines being placed along the St. Lawrence River communities, he was interpreted as sharing their concerns.

Governor - These people are serious about holding you to your word!

Here is the petition. 

Petition For Moratorium On Wind Energy Development

Rocky Drug Law Reforms

Are the new Senate Majority Democrats soft on crime?

Listen to this audio and decide. The audio is from an interview NY Post Fred Dicker did with Senator Marty Golden, a former New York City police officer.

If you recall a few post ago was a YouTube on Ruben Diaz making fun of the drug laws.

The audio is about 10 minutes, but a good listen and insight on the reform issue.

MTA - A Test of Smith's Leadership

Leadership quagmires are not anything new to Majority Leader Malcolm Smith in his brief time as leader of the Senate Majority, even before he was selected as the leader he had to herd up all 32 of his members and cut deals.

Then came the disastrous, excessive spending, job killing, tax hike budget that was recently passed where he was steamrolled by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. You can imagine there was probably plenty of dissension among the Senate Democrats over this budget (at least there should have been or they were sleeping) but he kept all 32 of his members in lockstep, marching along like good soldiers saying Yea on every vote when he told them to, whether it was good for their district or not, it was party politics first and people second.

But, the battle running in the background and moving quickly to the forefront is the MTA bailout in New York City. It is unlikely Malcolm Smith can put together a majority of Senate Democrats to move a solution forward for MTA. The closely New York City clustered Democratic control of the New York State Senate has the City Democrats with a different solution than the surrounding suburban Democratic Senators. So, what does Malcolm Smith and Governor Paterson do; blame the lack of a resolution to this problem on the Republicans. Amazing! They did not seem interested in the Republicans when they were secretly crafting or passing this horrible budget.

The Senate Republicans are rightly positioning upstate aras for a gain in this deal; if all of New York State taxpayer's are going to pay to bailout MTA, then the Republican's want a compromise - an upstate capital plan that addresses our roads.

You never hear of our Senator using his ability to leverage his support!

Read more here

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Legislator Bob Boice Not Seeking Reelection

Legislator Bob Boice announced Tuesday that he will not seek reelection to the Jefferson County Legislator in District 11 consisting of the Towns of Watertown and Rutland.

Bob is in his fifth term on the board, first elected to the legislature in 1999 with his term starting in January of 2000.

He served as Vice Chairman for two terms under then Chairman Bob Thomas.

Fred Dicker on the Hotline

NY Post Fred Dicker comments on the New York State budget Monday during the Hotline interview with the Mayor.

The Final Word

A number of prominent Democrats have spoken out against the recently passed New York State Budget, which spends too much and includes job killing tax hikes, all the while Sens. Aubertine and Valesky continue to pat themselves on the back for a good budget and the tough choices they had to make and Addie Jenne Russell continues to shy away from even commenting on it. 

BUT - hold any more press releases guys!

The voters have spoken and you are blowing smoke against the wind.

By a nearly 4 to 1 margin voters DISAPPROVE of this budget. In particular voters are not pleased about losing their STAR property tax rebate checks, 70% disapprove while only 20% approve.

And those tough choices they claim to be making, think again.
"It was 'business as usual in Albany,' as Gov. David Paterson and legislative leaders did not show the political courage to make tough decisions, voters say 65 - 26 percent."
They continue to put the "fun" in our dysfunctional government.
"Voters agree 71 - 23 percent that New York State government is dysfunctional."
This will be their new line of defense. We elected Senators last year that require on the job training, despite some who previously served in the Assembly.

Sen. Diane Savino, who has been a Senator since 2004, said she considered the budget, a "learning experience."  Really!

Read more from Quinnipiac poll.

The good Senators can take away some solace in the fact that Governor Paterson's approval rating is more dismal. They need not worry until their rating gets to a 5-1 disapproval.

Read what Daily News' Bill Hammond is thinking.

It's the ugliest budget in modern memory.

"Only in Albany would spending more count as responsible in the face of an almost $18 billion deficit."
"They're in a psychotic fugue or something,' says Elizabeth Lynam of the nonpartisan Citizens Budget Commission. "They've completely gone into their own world. To be selling this as hard as they are, as some kind of major breakthrough, seems to me to be completely out of touch with reality."

Senator For Only Certain People

Senator Gillibrand made her inaugural trip to the North Country on Monday, but apparently she is only Senator for certain constituencies.

She made her obligatory trip to the editorial board of the Watertown Daily Times and visited Fort Drum, but then it was pick and choose who she would see from there, instead of having a gathering for the general populace.

She met with selected political types which included local labor leaders. 

She would have been well served to meet the people in a general gathering, maybe she could have demonstrator that she is concerned about the people she expects to vote for her in the next election.

But first things first, she needs to win the likely primary, so she is only concerned about the party faithful like local labor leaders, who she thinks will control the vote and have them as her surrogates.

If she can't meet the average resident of the North Country then people should question whether or not they are prepared to cast a vote for her.

This Ivy League college grad, according to this photo, is possibly capable of associating herself with us flannel shirt types but not in the North Country yet.

Here Comes Tommy

Tom Golisano, who keeps his grubby paws in state government by throwing his money around, is back! Remember he was throwing money around to unseat Republicans and flip the Senate to the Democrats and now that it has occurred he is turning his back on them.


Easy to figure out - the state budget and the sweep of the NYPA funds.

Hmmm wonder who else Golisano maybe targeting, he has a number of Democrats to pick from....check your mailboxes!
DiNapoli, Cuomo and now Golisano - who else do Democrats want to take a shot at this budget while they haplessly try to defend it?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lee Memorial Hospital - That Saved Hospital - Take Two

Lee Memorial Hospital files for bankruptcy.

Fulton (WSYR-TV) – Fulton’s Lee Memorial Hospital has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, as it continues to wind-down its operations and prepares to close the hospital.

Lee Memorial says the filing will help the facility with its financial and legal obligations, and help ensure an orderly wind-down.

The hospital says the planned closing dates will not be impacted by the filing.

Inpatient services will close no later than April 10, while emergency room and outpatient health services will end on April 26. In a news release, Dennis Casey, Executive Director of Lee Memorial said that “patient care remains our number one priority every day we are here. All available hospital services remain in full compliance with applicable laws, regulations and patient safety protocols.”

The hospital said the Chapter 11 filing would not impact employee pay or retiree payments.

The next time a poltician comes knocking and offers help - RUN

Dicker Does The Hotline

The word is Fred Dicker, a columnist for the New York Post will be live on the mayor's talk show The Hotline, today. Dicker has been covering New York State government at the capital for years and is well versed on the happenings inside the capital.

It will be interesting to listen to the two political minds of Dicker and Graham.

Guest Voice From City Council Member

Nicholas J. Vaugh is a City Councilor from the City of Ogdensburg

Vaugh: “Out of Touch” Addie Jenne Russell Delivers Law Enforcement a Disheartening Blow 
     As our community works to combat rising drug abuse, Representatives like Addie Russell seem to be doing their best to undermine our efforts.
     Since the passage of the first Rockefeller drug reforms in 2004, not only has the overall crime rate has decreased, but so has the number of incarcerated drug defendants.  Yet, the fact that the only drug defendants who are actually sent to state prison are drug dealers, individuals who prey on addiction and threaten the lives of our children doesn’t seem to faze Russell. Her support of the recent drug laws reform show she just doesn’t get it.

     The fact is, the threat of incarceration by those facing criminal prosecution has proven to be the most effective incentive to enter and successfully complete a treatment program. And she has seemingly ignored the fact that the number of defendants placed in treatment has dramatically increased. 

     Her support of the latest Rockefeller Drug law reforms will lessen sentences weakening police departments’ ability to use informants in undercover stings. Addie Russell's reforms will lead to higher crime rates and undermine prosecutorial authority.  In addition, Addie’s reforms may lead to the loss of correction officer jobs in the region. 

     I strongly suggest that she speak with the police who are on the front line of the increasing drug problem. Speak with the families and communities that are see the devastating effects of drugs first hand, and talk with the correction officers who deal with these criminals every day. Then and only then, may Russell understand that what we need are stronger and tougher drug laws.

     While Addie Russell and other in Albany & New York City politicians are patting themselves on the back, drug dealers across the state are celebrating. Drug law reforms included in this budget handcuff prosecutors, and deliver another disheartening blow to law enforcement and correction officers, those whom risk their lives to protect us.  Addie Jenne Russell continues to demonstrate just how out of touch she is with North Country residents.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The member items "pork" in New York State's budget is an annual issue that causes consternation among observers. This year is probably the worst with inflation around 1% and spending increases in the budget above 10% and there is no shortage of "pork." Nor is their any equity in distribution of the member items among the legislature members.

When Darrel Aubertine and the Democrats ran in the last election cycle they promised to fix the ills of inequity that they blamed the Republicans for, as it turns out nothing will change! But, as one of a handful of majority members representing upstate there is likely to be inequity by region this year as well.

New York Times did a piece today - read more here.
"This year there will most likely be a big geographic shift in member-item spending. With both chambers now controlled by New York City Democrats, the biggest losers could be upstate community groups."
Rest assured, someone will be tracking the money spent upstate and compare it to the year's past to illustrate the inequity of regional distribution now that downstate Democrats control the entire process.


Despite all the reform hype by the Democrats in the last election cycle, it ends up nothing more than hype and politics as usual in Albany.

GOP district slated for prison closure is but one example.

Post Standard cover this issue today - read more here 

But also included in this article is some reasoning certain Democratic members of the legislature had backbone enough to vote NO on this budget. 
"There were two reasons why," Stirpe explained. "First of all, I was opposed to the utility assessment increase and the second thing was the bottle bill." Stirpe opposed a last-minute change in the bottle bill that took a portion of unclaimed deposits away from distributors.
"In budgets past, I could say I did the right thing" by voting 'yes,' " Christensen said. "This year, I didn't have that feeling. . . . What an opportunity we missed. We didn't have enough in there that reformed government, cut spending, shared services. I worried about some of the taxes.
"The other overwhelming reason was that my constituents were calling up, and they didn't like what was happening to Upstate in the budget," Christensen continued. "I knew the budget was going to pass, but at least it didn't pass with my support. Sometimes you have to vote symbolically to let people know somebody is listening."
So the sad reality is Assemblywoman Russell and Senator Aubertine supported a budget that others (in their own party) recognized as no good for upstate. Aubertine's defense of this mess is a joke and Russell continues to be absent on the issue.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


DMF referred to this article on the Aubertine pay raises and made a reference of arrogance. He is dead on!

PIV covered the topic of the Aubertine pay raises back on March 18th - here.

The Fulton Valley News reported on it - here.

It is amazing that an elected official can be so tone deaf - first pay raises, than the political party before people budget that was just passed. 

Hat Tip

Although it is generic, PIV will take this acknowledgment by the New York Times of "sympathetic bloggers" personally and offer them a thank you for paying attention to what people are thinking around the state.

They write
They set up a rapid-response team in their communications office on the third floor of the Capitol to monitor debates on the floor, sent out e-mail blasts and reached out to sympathetic bloggers in cities like Watertown and Rochester.
Sympathetic - perhaps, but more correctly stated would be adamantly opposed to one party rule as very unhealthy for democracy and the results of that are crystal clear now after this budget.

Read the entire story; Here

Badge of Honor

Here is the Badge of Honor that Darrel Aubertine and the rest of the Senate Democrats can display proudly. 

Paterson / Silver Budget Will Make New York’s Taxes Worst in Country 

In our 2009 State Business Tax Climate Index, New York rated as having the second-worst tax climate for business in the country, with New Jersey taking top honors.  However, once this plan is enacted, New York will leapfrog New Jersey to claim the mantle of America's worst tax code for business.
And on the elimination of STAR Rebate and other hidden tax and fee increases.
As I've written before, that program is flawed and its elimination is probably a relatively good way to raise revenue; however, it is still extra money out of New Yorkers' pockets next year.  Finally, the plan imposes sundry tax and fee increases, including higher taxes on utilities, car rentals, beer, wine, and cigars; higher tuition at state universities; and increased fees for things like hunting and driver's licenses.
This tax increase would be less annoying if it were truly necessary to produce a balanced budget.  However, as the New York Times noted in a news analysis piece yesterday, the budget's 8.7% spending increase "could hardly be called austere."
If you are looking for a list of 3,558 pork projects included in this budget then click here, hardly anything that represents the severe times that we face.

It is laughable to watch Sens. Aubertine and Valesky, as well as their staff, attempt to defend this budget, they appear to be shouting in a phone booth when so many from their own party are decrying this budget as disastrous for upstate.

Simply put - they put party politics ahead of their constituents!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Is This A First?

The race for the 20th Congressional seat in New York is tied, and that does not mean give or take 20 votes either way.

TIED, EVEN, ZERO Votes separate the candidates.

Uh Oh!

It appears the Jefferson County Webboard is gone!

The word, according to an anonymous source, is the operation has been shutdown, the carpets rolled up and the gypsies have left town!

This is what you get when you type their address in the computer.

Page not found

The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Drug Law Reform Debate

This video is from last night's debate on the "Drug Dealer Protection Act" (so-called by the NY Daily News). This should have been stand alone legislation, it had no business being included in the state budget bills.

Sen. Ruben Diaz seems to be ridiculing the issue with his demonstration, holding up two glassine envelopes of what he later said was sugar, but the debate turned serious when Sen. Marty Golden, a ex-NYC cop, reminds Senators that street sales of heroin directly threaten the safety of children.

Had the packets Diaz holds up actually contained two ounces of heroin, they would have had a street value of up to $2,000, and been sufficient to provide 16 or more individual doses of the drug, according to the federal DEA.

Democrats were ramming through a sweeping drug reform plan as part of the state budget, but local law enforcement, including Sheriffs and DAs from the North Country, warn that the plan goes too far, and could lead to higher crime, not to mention the loss of correction officer jobs in the region.

Darrel Aubertine, who opposed these rollbacks in crime prevention in his years in the Assembly, voted in favor of them in the razor thin majority of the Democratic State Senate. 

(Diaz, recall, is one of the original "Gang of Four" New York City Senators who led a brief revolt that threatened Democrats' takeover of the Senate. He represents a South Bronx district that is a haven for drug dealers.)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Right On Dave

Dave Males, General Manager of Newswatch TV 50, nails this editorial. He finishes by asking people to remember at election time which is 2 years from now who voted in favor of this disastrous budget.

Ditto on those remarks Dave!
(mouse over the video and then scroll through the video line at the top until you reach the General Manager pictured)

Smart Democrats (and Brave Ones Also) In The Assembly (UPDATED)

The following upstate Democrats voted NO on the New York State budget understanding that it is not a good budget for any of the state, much less upstate.

Dennis Gabryszak, D-Cheektowaga
Robin Schimminger, D-Kenmore
Sam Hoyt, D-Buffalo
Bill Parment, D-Jamestown
Joseph Morelle, D-Monroe County
David Koon, D-Monroe County
Joan Christenson, D-Syracuse

And Amy Paulin, D-Scarsdale who voted NO on all but 3 budget bills. 
“We need to scale back and we spent too much money,” Paulin said. “I’m worried about the economy of the future.”

The Buffalo News did a piece today on this topic - read more here

STAR Rebate - Buh Bye!

Among the many ways that you will pay for the Democrats desire to spend money that New Yorkers do not have, there is one way in which you will lose money also.

STAR rebate -- The budget eliminates STAR rebates that were worth hundreds of dollars to many homeowners. Seniors got 40% more than non-seniors. Effectively, our Senator has voted to raise your property taxes by taking away your property tax rebate

This link takes you to a website that allows you to see the actual value of your 2008 STAR rebate check. For instance, a senior citizen couple in Sandy Creek on a fixed income of less than $90,000 will lose more than $400 in their rebate!!

Online Tax Center

Be sure to drop a note and thank Senator Aubertine Aubertine@senate.state.ny.us

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fellow Democrat DiNapoli Critical Of State Budget

The one party Democrat control of New York cannot even escape criticism from their own party members. Democrat Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli criticizes the budget in a press release shown below.

The Senate Democrats and their operatives can attempt to defend this mess anyway they want, but they were just thrown under the bus by one of their own, which speaks volumes about the reality of this budget.

Also, here is the link to the Democrats' report on the budget. The information on the page numbered 2 is misleading. It's the chart that reporters race to in order to represent the spending growth in the budget. True to form, many reported spending growth at the 8.65% listed here.

But the actual growth in spending has to be measured from the actual spending levels of the prior year -- not from the Governor's pie-in-the-sky proposal.

The true spending growth for this budget is 10.2%, the difference between the $131.8 billion in this enacted plan compared to the $119.6 billion closeout from last fiscal year.

You will also find all the nifty fee and tax increases starting on Page #8

Parts of the DiNapoli's press release have been highlighted.
                          ON 2009-10 STATE BUDGET

New York faced an extraordinary challenge to adopt a 2009-10 State Budget
in the context of a daunting recession. My preliminary review of the budget
indicates it does not adequately respond to today’s economic realities.

The budget is not a long-term solution to New York’s propensity to spend
more than the state can afford. While the budget proposes to close an
unprecedented gap, it does so by an over reliance on non-recurring federal
stimulus funds and new tax revenues projected to materialize at a time of
declining tax receipts.

This is essentially a buy-time budget, based on a hope that the economy
recovers quickly. It’s a very fragile basket to place all the taxpayers’
eggs in. Instead of using the Federal stimulus to restructure the financial
and match projected revenues to long term growth in spending, the
budget uses stimulus funds as a short-term fix.

The danger is that New York could end up right back where we started, with
huge budget gaps and an unsustainable level of spending. I will provide a
more detailed review of the enacted budget shortly.


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