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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


See what happens when his teleprompter fails him.


Anonymous said...

That's it, that's what you got on Obama.
How about what happens when when the Presidents brain fails.

Dan Francis said...

Telepromter failure - that's squat... how about GOP Sen. Specter becoming a DEM?

That is huge news... two words come to mind:

Last Nail in GOP congressional coffin ...

Actually kind of sad ... wild DEM "leaders" are just as bad as wild GOP "leaders" ... out of control and bent on greedy power ...

Arlen Specter underscores that, and that CANNOT be respected when either side does it.


~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Come on. Give the poor guy a break. Do you really think EVERYTHING he says is scripted?

Anonymous said...

Imagine how you party liners would have reacted if GW would have bumbled along trying to get his handlers to correct his teleprompter? I know, group think.

Specter has never had standards, thus, he has always been a dem.

Anonymous said...

Come on. Give the poor guy a break. Do you really think EVERYTHING he says is scripted?

"Uh umm whaaa uh he eh he heres the thing" Ever heard him talk without it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:55AM.

Yes. He sounds alot like his press secretary. I just thought it was some kind of Dem-code.

Anonymous said...

I am not very old but, how can anyone be that popular. Was JFK?
Why does everyone think he is so smart. Come on, I know you can't memorize every speech but, at least be able to make some sense off the top of your head. If I remember right, Palin had her prompter screw up during the convention and she did fine. Oh, I forgot she is stupid. How about calling a bad apple a bad apple?
Obama reminds me of a preacher. Nothing wrong with that but the preacher isn't making world decisions. My suggestion is simple. Get off the TV and Air Force One and be accountable for what you say. Do not spend four years blaming Busch. If I remember right, we had seven good economic years and all everyone could complain about was Iraq. When Iraq turns positive its the economy stupid.

Anonymous said...

5:54 wow your the only guy I've seen with his memory in at least a year. Now theres two of us not brainwashed.

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