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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, April 20, 2009

Uh Oh Guv

The Governor's numbers are falling faster than water in a flushed toilet.
63% have an unfavorable opinion of the Guv, that is his worse opinion rating ever. 
What contributed the most to his poor poll numbers (take notes here Senate Democrat reformers) - his negotiating the budget in secrecy. That is what we get for having a single party rule of Albany, an unresponsive government that raises taxes and leads to more dysfunction.


Dan Francis said...

We have heard "Three Men and a Budget" for years ... I guess it's okay only when two of them are GOPers?

Ding: Like Pataki, Bruno and Silver?

Anonymous said...

No, Dan. Budget secrecy wasn't OK just because it was bipartisan.

But the fact is that bipartisan Albany had begun to make strides toward more openess and accountability (witness the conference committees, expenditure reports, televised proceedings).

With one-party control, dysfunctional Albany has retreated even from these modest achievements.

And Darrel Aubertine, Dave Valesky, Malcolm Smith and Gov. Paterson are unapologetic about this sever face-slap to the taxpaying public.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 3:52... tongue in cheek post, my Anonymous friend; tongue in cheek ...

Anonymous said...

No Dan, it wasn't ok then and it appears to be even worse now. If only because it's down to one thug in a room and two waiters.

What has gotten in to you? This is not the best of times for Dan Francis.

I'm not even recognizing your posts. Maybe someone is posting under your name. That's it. I choose to believe that this isn't even our friend Dan.

Anonymous said...

Don’t listen to them Dan, I am with you. The reforms that were put into place when the GOP was in power were nothing more than a dog and pony show to cover up the seriously shady activities that were taking place. The Dems are no better now than they were at the time. People have to start realizing that politics truly are not partisan, politicians are all shady regardless of their political affiliation. They all play the same old political games. If people came together in a non partisan matter to fight politics, not parties and ideals, maybe something would change, until then, the GOP will all cry and the Dems will defend. This website only adds to the partisan politics that cover up the real corruption that takes place behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Check out the photo of Ms California standing next to Ms North Carolina. Pick your winner.

My guess is next time, a candidate will know how to answer the question about whether marriage should be between a man or a woman.

Just check out the photo.
Politics, in a babe contest.
So disappointing.

Hermit, you dodge the question as to whether your a guy or a lady. This should smoke you out!

Humor now. Don't get mad.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 4:59 ... Not quite sure about the thrust of your last post - possibly:

1. You believe, wrongly, that I said "three men and budget was okay," or that "two GOPers and one DEM or vice versa," was okay.
I greatly dislike the way "we" (actulally not we at all) budget in NYS.

2. Nothing has gotten into me; I'm still me... tried to be polite and humorus to you, but that seems to have failed?

3. No one is posting under my name; only I can do that. And, believe me, it's me (Dan Francis).

4. Finally, not sure which ANON you are, but in either case, you are my "on-line, forum-feathered friend." How about that?

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

I have never considered myself anything but your friend, Dan.

We are all different things at different times, but on this blog, you've avoided the simplistic, partisan stuff many are incapable of avoiding. 1:59 was not vintage Francis.

Not a big deal. If the entry was signed by others it wouldn't have surprised me. It was a just that, a surprise.

And in fairness the "tongue in cheek" explanation didn't appear until afterwards.

Anonymous said...

"Hermit, you dodge the question as to whether your a guy or a lady. This should smoke you out!"

That would matter only to you since you are the only one here who makes a person's name or their social standing or even family name an issue. You are the only one here who cares more about what they are and not what they say. You are the perfect example of blind prejudice curtailing learning.

Why is it so important to "smoke one out" to a person who does not even have the courage to identify themselves?

When we are trying our best to improve the image of the Republican conservative movement Junior Ditto heads with ignorant tongues such as yours do us no good.


Not any of the anons above said...

DF -- Had to read your original three times, and still having a hard time spotting the T.I.C.

But taking you at your word is easy, since anything but would show an inconsistency in your usual thought line.

The very fact that it was wrong then to conecntarte so much power in the hands fo so few, makes it even more so now, when the 3-men promised something different.

NYers have good cause to react with suspicion when our new Democratic leaders make promises.

So blatantly abusing our trust is even more reason for mistrust in the future.

Anonymous said...

So much for fun, CL.

Serious liberals abound.

Anonymous said...

I forgot that Babe Contests, Political Correctness, and Sex are issues Libs cannot joke about under any circumstances.

My sorry.

Anonymous said...

Can we flush addie russell & darrel aubertine with the guv?

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