"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Further Breakdown of the Obama Poetry

This is a snippet of the analysis from Politico.com. on points Obama made in his DNC speech the other night

I will cut taxes — cut taxes — for 95 percent of all working families. Because in an economy like this, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class.

The “95 percent of all working families” formulation is new, and a nice turn of phrase. It contains, though, one of those lawyerly caveats Obama often slips into his speeches, this one (“working”) allowing him to boost the percentage who’d benefit from his proposal for a permanent $500 tax break for workers — not so much greater than Bush’s $300 rebate checks, which he has derided as insufficient.

Also notable in its absence was any mention of his proposal to undo the Bush tax cuts.

I'll help our auto companies retool, so that the fuel-efficient cars of the future are built right here in America. I'll make it easier for the American people to afford these new cars.

There’s also a dog-whistle to Michigan voters in “I'll help our auto companies retool, so that the fuel-efficient cars of the future are built right here in America.” While most listeners keyed in on "fuel-efficient cars" — Obama first promised automakers $4 billion in tax credits and loan guarantees while insisting on dramatic increases in fuel efficiency in a tough-love speech in Detroit — those staked to the auto industry just heard “I'll help our auto companies retool.”
Now is the time to finally keep the promise of affordable, accessible health care for every single American. If you have health care, my plan will lower your premiums. If you don't, you'll be able to get the same kind of coverage that members of Congress give themselves.

The Obama campaign says the plan will save a typical American family up to $2,500 a year and will cost $50 billion to $65 billion a year (about $200 per American) once it’s up and running. The Tax Policy Institute estimates his plan will cost $1.6 trillion over 10 years — while stressing that’s their best guess based on what is, after all, campaign poetry, not governing prose. 

Now is the time to finally meet our moral obligation to provide every child a world-class education, because it will take nothing less to compete in the global economy. Michelle and I are only here tonight because we were given a chance at an education. And I will not settle for an America where some kids don't have that chance. I'll invest in early childhood education. I'll recruit an army of new teachers and pay them higher salaries and give them more support. And in exchange, I'll ask for higher standards and more accountability. And we will keep our promise to every young American: If you commit to serving your community or your country, we will make sure you can afford a college education.

Few items here have specific dollar amounts attached to them (how large the “army of new teachers” would be, for instance, isn’t clear).

As with almost all politicians, the how-I’ll-pay-for-it bit is understandably less verbose than the what-I’ll-buy-you list.

And, business groups would add, changing laws to increase revenue amounts to a business tax hike by another name.

Finally, two other notable omissions: His speech made no mention of his call to eliminate tax breaks for oil and gas companies or to create a new windfall profits tax for them.

Has it dawned on the Democrats?

The more they make the correlation between their perception of Sarah
Palin's inexperience and Obama's inexperience, then they are actually
recognizing and validating his inexperience at the top of their ticket!

They validate Obama's inexperience with remarks such as yesterday when
Ohio Rep Sherrod Brown warmed up the crowd for them and said "Obama
showed better judgment by choosing Biden" as if it meant, hey he
didn't have the experience but he chose someone who does.

As Governor, she actually has executive experience.

Obama with his inexperience is at the top of the ticket versus the
second slot.

Obama has spent half of his time (2 out of almost 4 years) in the
Senate campaigning for President.

Clinton, Clinton and Biden have all acknowledged Obama's inexperience
during the primary and Bill even as recently as last week during his
speech with his mention that Biden adds experience to the ticket.

Obama is smart enough not to get into the experience debate, by taking
a different tone on the Palin selection than his campaign staff.

That should tell you something!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Just How Much Were The Democrats Caught Flat Footed


This is a shot of the DNC home page labeled "The Next Cheney."

Oh look closely, not even a bit of speculation on Palin. You know for McCain being 71 years old, he just put a move on Democrats that, might we say, left them lacing up their sneakers. How do you like the 'ol man now? He is quick, smart and aiming for change!

Here is there list and click here for the link.

Bobby Jindal
Mitt Romney
John Thune
Tom Ridge
Tim Pawlenty
Carly Fiorina
Charlie Crist
Fred Smith
Eric Cantor

More Feedback On Palin

Former Vice Presidential Candidate and Democrat Geraldine Ferraro had this response to Sarah Palin.

This Might Do It for McCain

By Geraldine Ferraro
Former Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate/FOX News Political Contributor
It’s going to be a very interesting campaign. I must say that several months ago I said that it would be great if there was a woman on the ticket — that I felt that John McCain would have to pick someone, especially if Hillary was the nominee. But without Hillary being the nominee it’s really quite equally as important because people are looking for a smart campaign and I think this might do it.

There are a lot of women who are disaffected by how Hillary was treated by the media, by how she was treated by the Obama campaign, by how she was treated by the Democratic National Committee — [Democratic party chairman] Howard Dean not speaking up when sexism raised its ugly head in the media. They’ll be looking to see what happens now.

McCain Pump Fake, Dynamic Pick

McCain and his campaign have been pump faking everyone this week with media talking about Pawlenty or Romney, which either would have been considered a safe pick. In the end, McCain makes a smart bold move with Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska.

Democrats will be 2 weeks pouring through her bio looking for something on her. It is quite the contrast from the curmudgeon Biden. 

Here are two email reactions just received and both from females.
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told you he had to pick a woman to get Hillary supporters when Obama picked Biden. Real good chance he'll win now! Even though I liked Romney. 
And another!

Just heard the official word on the news. This will make for an interesting election season. Senior citizen and soccer mom, hmmm where if the apple pie?

DNC - Obama

It was a spectacular setting and it appeared to come off without a hitch, and of course Obama is a skilled orator so his delivery was excellent.

Experts say Obama had to deliver a state of the union style speech, but the speech was not state of the union material. He preaches of a new kind of politics while he is on the campaign trail, but the speech clashed with his definition of a new kind of politics. It was expected to have great details of his policies, but it was a laundry list hitting several "buzz word" topics.

Barack Obama, after paying brief respect to John McCain's service to our country, spend nearly a one third of the speech on an anti McCain message, not exactly his new kind of politics. He spent a great deal of time on anti George W. Bush, which is fine, but Bush is not the candidate, and McCain, contrary to the Democrats talking points, is not Bush. McCain is very much a different man with a different set of ideals and philosophy, such as government spending.

Barack Obama spend a great deal of time probably about one third of his speech with his standard soaring rhetoric with little substance.

Then the run on the issues; he touched them all during his change and promises portion of the speech. He mentioned: a change in the tax code to reward small business and workers, elimination of capital gains taxes for small business and high wage start ups, cuts taxes for 95% of working families, invest billions in renewable energy, education and recruit an "army" of new teachers and pay them high salaries, affordable, accessible health care, with his plan providing lower premiums,  paid sick days and family leave, changing bankruptcy laws to protect pensions and protecting Social Security and he touched upon equal pay for an equal day's work.

He spent several paragraphs of his speech on a gloss over of these issues, then he had one paragraph, a brief mention of paying for all these grand pandering ideas by "by closing corporate loopholes and tax havens that don’t help America grow," and eliminating programs in the federal budget or making them cost less. Obama has proposed a lot of spending for just the little means he proposes to pay for it.

One item conspicuously absent from Barack Obama's speech last night was the federal deficit, and how he plans to deal with it. It is going to be difficult to spend like he is proposing and eliminate our deficit.  

While Barack Obama was offering tough talk on being Commander in Chief, he made a very interesting comment.
For while Sen. McCain was turning his sights to Iraq just days after 9/11, I stood up and opposed this war, knowing that it would distract us from the real threats we face. When John McCain said we could just “muddle through” in Afghanistan, I argued for more resources and more troops to finish the fight against the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9/11, and made clear that we must take out Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants if we have them in our sights.
Let the record be clear, he was not in the Senate to stand up. Actually in 2000 he lost a race for the House of Representatives, and was not elected to United States Senator until November 2004 and began serving in 2005.

Later Add:
Hey DD, just found this article on line
Read Here

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do You Want The Sizzle Or The Steak?

Obama; only three years in the US Senate, most of which has been spend campaigning for President.

You May Recall - Senator Parker Still Has Not Learned

You may recall the time when Senator Wright vigorously defended his district against a downstate Democratic Senator whose diatribe proved his ignorance.

In case you missed it, here it is again. It is worth the watch.

Well, it is obvious Senator Parker is a slow learner, if he evens learns at all. Here is the arrogant *&^% again.

Here is a link (click here)of this guy telling a reporter how important he is, maybe in his own mind.

Remember, this guy is part of the Democratic leadership in the Senate, therefore, in the unfortunate event of a flip in control he will have impact on the North Country. God help us then, we will need it.

Video Metaphor of Obama vs. McCain

A great video metaphor of a Obama versus McCain match up. Obama is the guy with the dazzling moves, while McCain is a bit more focused.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC: 3 Nights and Finally

Bill Clinton finally delivered the speech! Clinton passed the torch without burning down the house on his way out.

Clinton backpedaled on all his remarks, such as the "a roll of the dice," comment made during the primary and he delivered an arousing speech for Barack Obama, a speech, that everyone previous to him has failed to deliver. It took the master of the Democratic party to remind everyone how it should be done, and he did not disappoint the crowd.

After a brief entry into his speech, he vaulted into Hillary, a moment that had to have everyone holding their breath that he would continue on a, why not Hillary campaign, but he regained his composure and quickly plowed into why Barack Obama and with plenty of repetitions.

The next breath holding moment came when Clinton referred to Joe Biden as the person of experience on the ticket, as he clearly left Obama outside of that attribute.
With Joe Biden’s experience and wisdom supporting Barack Obama’s proven understanding, instincts and insight, America will have the national security leadership we need.
Then as expected, he reverted back to his Presidency to offer a litany of issues in an attempt to compare and contrast with as he said where we are today. The list issues was some of basic reality, which can be debated, and some hyperbole.  
People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power.
Comparing Barack to him, Clinton reminded people of what some said of him,
"I was too young and too inexperienced to be commander in chief.'
His final close out was with a play on Barack's theme, 
So if, like me, you believe America must always be a place called Hope.
Hope, Arkansas is the birth place of Clinton.

Clinton made the most comprehensive argument and the framework for Barack Obama.

Three days into a four day convention, is that too late?

Gallup: No Bounce

Gallup is saying it is official, no bounce from the Biden announcement.

48th and 118th Actions

From the 118th Assembly race.

The Cantwell campaign is having another news conference to talk about issues and there have been several reports of Bobby Cantwell going door to door, campaigning in the city of Watertown.
118th Assembly District candidate offers vision to boost North Country's economy
With Labor Day approaching, Bobby Cantwell, Clayton Town Councilman and 118th Assembly District candidate (Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties), will announce his new plan to bring more local jobs to Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties. Cantwell's Jobs Plan consists of several initiatives including creating a fuel cooperative for farmers, capping property taxes, enhancing cross border partnerships with Canada, workforce retraining, and giving tax incentives to lure companies and manufacturers to establish headquarters in the North Country.
The press conference will be held tomorrow, Thursday, August 28th at 10:30 a.m., at Timeless Frames, Inc., 22419 Fisher Road in Watertown.

From the 48th Senate race.

A new mailer from the Renzi campaign!

The Republican candidates appear to be working hard while there is little to no sign of Addie Jenne Russell or Darrel Aubertine on the campaign trail as of yet.

Mr. Celebrity (UPDATED)

Will Obama's speech and setting have more pomp than substance?

What will this do for his celebrity status?

Someone was able to get a picture of Obama rehearsing his speech.


The DNC took a sharp turn yesterday toward a little stronger message than the previous day. The night was highlighted by the prime time speech of Hillary Clinton, who entered the Pepsi Arena to a thunderous applause.

If you are a Democrat you certainly liked the codswallop that was erupting from the podium. It was every bit anti-McCain, as in "No way, No How, No McCain." Hillary emphasized McCain being just 4 more years of President Bush and spoke about the SCOTUS being in a right wind head lock.

Her message contain a heavy allotment of unity, saying she is a strong and proud supporter, referring to Barack Obama as her candidate, and time for the party to unite.

Conspicuously absent from the message though, during her more than 10 mentions of Obama, did she convey; what kind of a president she thought Barack Obama would be, how well prepared he is to be President, or provide any emphasis that he would be a great President. Her message on Barack Obama was very generic, lacking of personal praise and short on a character reference.  

It was a good speech by an energized Clinton but a bit of an encrypted message.

Read an analysis here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On Your Dime Folks!

If it looks like a campaign mailer, and reads like a campaign mailer, then it is a campaign mailer! Unless you are short on cash like the Senate Democratic committee and then they call it a newsletter and mail it out with your tax money.

Nothing Like reform! He is not complaining about partisan politics when they are giving him money for a mailer!

SD 48, Is The District Better Off Today?


All along the thought of Golisano keeping his greedy power hungry paws out of the Senate 48th district was just a mere dream. Every resident of the 48th Senate district should be so relieved today to know that billionaire Tom Golisano really cares about the North Country, so much so, that he has contributed to Darrel Aubertine's campaign.

Candidates do not need his money and should not accept it. What the candidates of the 48th Senate district need is to appeal to the hard working people of the district and ask them for their support. We do not need a billionaire, millionaire or anyone other than the candidate to decide how to vote.

If Golisano is building his friends of reform with his war chest, then how could he possibly support an incumbent of the system who has been in the majority for 5 years and failed to bring nonpartisan reform.  

Voters - stay focused, don't buy Golisano's crap!

(p.s. Where are the memos? They are still being talked about by Aubertine, yet not produced.)

Michelle's Speech

Michelle Obama delivered her obligatory speech last night at the DNC. Obligatory not by the fact that it has become tradition for spouses to deliver a speech, obligatory in the fact that she had to take the elitism down a notch with her speech.

She portrayed Barack (as a man with a funny name) and her family as an average family, she exposed her roots growing up in the south side of Chicago, she portrayed herself as someone who "loves America," she portrayed herself as caught in the "cross winds" of the accomplishments of a woman and a black. She paid her respects to Martin Luther King and made note of Hillary Clinton's 18 million cracks at the glass ceiling. A speech largely about herself and her family, all of this was a certain obligation to show who she is, but what she failed to do was really move the ball forward for Barack.

Michelle was eclipsed by two events of the night, Ted Kennedy's speech and her daughters coming on stage and saying "Hi Daddy" and asking their father a second time where he was, because he misspoke where he was the first time.

Here is what James Carville had to say.

Another 3 AM Phone Call

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cantwell Calls Former Chair Off Challenge

Phyllis Turner, who is the former chair of the St. Lawrence County Republican party, is considering a challenge to petitions filed by candidate Donald Lucas of Massena.

This is a delicate balance for candidate Cantwell. The St. Lawrence Republicans are a bit of a fractured group, Turner is not viewed favorably by current chair Janet Kelly or former chair Joe Gray, but Turner still holds enough of a following to be a factor.

Bobby Cantwell rightfully has made a public plea to abort the challenge of the petitions and let the unabridged process take place and allow the voters to decide.

Can You Picture Danger Democrat In This Commercial

The star of this commercial has been booted from the Democratic convention.
Bartoshevich’s move has led to her ouster as one of Wisconsin’s delegates at the Democratic National Convention. But maybe she’ll find friends at a “Happy Hour for Hillary” in downtown Denver tonight.
Odds are that she ends up on Hannity and Colmes.

Pre Convention Polling

CNN released their first post Biden VP announcement presidential poll and it is a dead heat.

Obama and McCain knotted at 47% each.

Gallup Daily Tracking poll of registered voters has McCain and Obama knotted at 45% each.

Rasmussen Daily Tracking of likely voters, which is post Biden announcement, is showing a slight lead for Obama at 48% to McCain 45%.

USA Today/Gallup poll of likely voters has Obama up by 3% with a 48% to 45% lead over McCain. This poll was conducted with only one of three days of the Biden announcement, the first two days were before the announcement.

Of the 11 Battleground States:
Obama is up in 6 states McCain is up in 4 states and one state is a tie, the electoral vote count for each in those states are; Obama at 66, McCain at 63 and the state they are tied in holds 13 electoral votes.

Heading into the conventions this race is as tight as can be, the announcement of Joe Biden as a running mate only slightly boosted Obama's numbers, while other VP announcements have improved numbers, he at least did not harm Obama.

Biden netted 7%.
Lieberman boosted Gore by 12%.
John Edwards gave Kerry a 17% boost.
Jack Kemp was responsible for 18% to Dole.
Gore gave Clinton a large 25% jump.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biden Joins a New Club

Joe Biden has been officially tapped as the Vice Presidential candidate and with that selection brings him into a new club.

Biden is anything but a representative of change. He is seeking his seventh term as a United States Senator and that brings him into an elite club. Senator Dan Quayle went 2 for 2 in his simultaneous election to the Senate and Vice President, Joe Lieberman went 1 for 2 being re-elected as a Senator but losing VP. What will Biden do?

There is a question as to whether the Delaware constitution will allow Biden to run for both offices at the same time, the Attorney General may have to issue an interpretation. Joe Biden may be familiar with the AG in Delaware, his name is Beau Biden, his son.

More on the selection;
  • The choice of Biden is somewhat of an admission of guilt from the Obama campaign on the issue of his lack of experience, even Biden acknowledged that point. 
  • Joe Biden is the consummate Washington insider, that which Obama is running against. 
  • Joe Biden finished last in the primary, only garnering 9500 votes during the primary which was .0005 % of the votes that Hillary captured so he is not exactly a riveting figure to the electorate.   
  • Joe Biden and Barack Obama considerably disagree on foreign policy. Biden said he would not meet unconditionally with some foreign leaders, Biden strongly support the Iraq war and called Obama absent from the debate.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Presidential Politics: Challenge On Who Is Less Connected

McCain on Obama

Obama on McCain

Biden Choice

Joe Biden is Barry's choice VP.

Biden is anything but a representative of hope or change, he simply plays to what the polls have identified as Obama's weakness - experience. Obama could not run the risk of picking a running mate that was an on the edge type of candidate, or a dark horse, or pick someone from an important state, nope, the polls say one of the biggest drawbacks of Obama is experience. So, Obama went with an ornery old male insider with a big mouth and ego to match.

Here is an excerpt from a meeting with staffers that illustrates this guys foreign policy experience.
At the Tuesday-morning meeting with committee staffers, Biden launches into a stream-of-consciousness monologue about what his committee should be doing, before he finally admits the obvious: "I'm groping here." Then he hits on an idea: America needs to show the Arab world that we're not bent on its destruction. "Seems to me this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran," Biden declares. He surveys the table with raised eyebrows, a How do ya like that? look on his face.
The staffers sit in silence. Finally somebody ventures a response: "I think they'd send it back." Then another aide speaks up delicately: "The thing I would worry about is that it would almost look like a publicity stunt." Still another reminds Biden that an Iranian delegation is in Moscow that very day to discuss a $300 million arms deal with Vladimir Putin that the United States has strongly condemned.
This guy is a gaffe-o-matic, he will add to the campaign trail and draw attention with his remarks.
"If I'm the nominee, Republicans will be sorry.... The next Republican that tells me I'm not religious I'm going to shove my rosary beads down their throat.... And we have played into the hands of the Republicans. We've allowed so-called social issues to be so divisive."--Joe Biden, October 22, 2005
Or watch these.

McCain takes advantage of Biden gaffe

Typical Downstate Agenda: Correctional Officers Take Note

In the special session this week downstate Democratic Senator Martin Connor calls on the Senate to close upstate prisons in order to help balance the budget.

Their agenda is clear, Senator Marty Connor and the majority of Democrats in the Senate who are from New York City, want to balance the budget on the backs of hard working Northern New York folks.

Connor, who is in a heated primary with Dan Squadron, appears to be a marginal member in his own party. Squadron has gained the Working Families Line along with the endorsements of Senator Schumer and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

So where is Darrel Aubertine to defend the prison jobs? Darrel Aubertine should have had no hesitation in a comeback if he was fighting for us in the Senate.

Darrel's web site states:
"Since being elected to the Assembly, Darrel has ensured that we have a voice at the table"
"And, Darrel knows that we need good jobs in our region, for today and for future generations. ...-- saving real jobs, and helping real families. "
Where is that voice? Is Aubertine not concerned about the correctional facilities in Northern New York? At no time during the session did he respond.

More on the Democrat's Senate Agenda.
Watch this video, pay close attention beginning at the 39 second mark where he talks about "new Senate leadership," he is referring to Democratic control of the Senate and then, "bring the money back to New York City and take care of our school funding..."

After you watch these videos, do you think the North Country will be better off with a Democrat controlled State Senate?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Message To Senator Aubertine

You keep preaching about partisan politics getting in the way of your actions while some contend it is your inaction that has resulted in the home rule debacle.
  • You speak after session is over, instead of applying pressure leading into or during the session. 
  • You issue "prepared statements" instead of holding a press conference and dealing with the issue directly.
  • You seldom if ever speak on the Senate floor on behalf of the 48th district issues.
  • You claim partisan politics is to blame, yet, you sat in the Assembly majority for 5 years and did NOTHING to promote equal treatment for constituents of majority or minority members. 
So here is the deal to get this issue off your back;
  1. You have a press conference and discuss the issue of home rule legislation yourself, not Drew or anyone else, yourself!
  2. You produce the memos you have written to move this legislation forward.

Deal or No Deal?

Renzi Mailer in SD 48

A new mailer is out in SD 48, and it features a nice family shot of David, Jessica, the children and family dog. Special mention is given to Jessica's blog.

Jessica is an asset to Dave in the campaign for the 48th Senate District, she is intelligent and articulate and able to campaign and represent Dave well in one part of the district while he is campaigning in another part of the district. They have emphasized family values and are demonstrating it while she participates in the campaign.

Morning Musings

Fresh Air Possible For DANC
Robert Juravich has announced his retirement from his $123,279.00 a year executive director's position in the alpha male dominated Development Authority of the North Country (DANC) organization.

A memo to the board: hire fresh new blood for the next executive director, do not hire from within. The organization needs to move away from the ego driven organization it is now to one that is responsive and accountable to the public.

SD 7
Craig Johnson, first term Senator, 7th district and moral caucus partner of Darrel Aubertine, is in some tough sledding for his Senate race. He lost the Independence Party line to his opponent Barbara Donno, he is knocked off the Working Families Party line for invalid signatures and now Golisano bails on him.

SD 48
Darrel Aubertine continues his whine about being politically mistreated and a reporter continues to take the hook, line and sinker. Yet, Aubertine and staff continue to fail to produce those memos as proof that he was on top of the job of passing the 4 home rule bills when the time was appropriate. The Aubertine hypocrisy: 5 YEARS in the Assembly and he did nothing to change partisan politics with regard to treatment of minority members and their constituents in the Assembly.

Meanwhile, David Renzi, instead of complaining, is focused on what good he will do for Northern and Central New York with his economic announcement found on Newzjunky

Feel the Pain - Budget Cuts
The North Country with its heavy population of prisons is likely to feel some impact from the Governor's cuts, prisons are one of the priority cuts on the hit list of the Governor.

VEEP Pick Humor

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Presidential Homecomings

McCain on Obama

Obama on McCain

McCain Version Of Texting

Obama is announcing his Veep choice via text message and John McCain freely admits his technological shortcomings.

Nate Beeler, The Washington Examiner

Morning Musings

Tax Increase:
It would be interesting to watch a political campaign based on the premise of taxing and spending more, not quite sure if anyone has been successful with that campaign theme. The Working Families Party, which has endorsed Senator Darrel Aubertine and Addie Jenne Russell, is proposing just that kind of theme. Read here.

The tax increase is opposed by Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg. Critics have said it would drive wealthy New Yorkers from the state and inflict further harm to the economy. Mr. Skelos is supporting a cap on property taxes that would prevent bills from rising by more than 4% each year, which the Senate approved earlier this month.

Is a cut really a cut?
Not when leaders, such as Democrat Sheldon Silver have tucked so much of your money away they can cover any potential pain inflicted by the recent cuts to pork member items. Read Your Pork Is Safe, Silver Tells Pols. This is enough to make your blood boil, Silver has been socking away your hard earned money for years in anticipation of such a down turn as New York State is experiencing now.
 Another Democrat who attended the meeting said Silver told the group the house could manage up to $100 million in pork-barrel cuts.
"He said he budgeted for this eventuality," the lawmaker said.
This type of governing mentality has to go if New York is ever going to turn itself around. Not a single candidate for office should endorse this type of mismanagement. Where do the candidates for the 118th Assembly District stand on an issue like this?

Governor David Paterson is winning big!
He has been on a steady path of cutting spending since he became Governor. He cut Client #9's budget right out of the gate, then ordered a state agency cut of 3.35% and now this round of cuts, which will result in $2 million less in spending over a couple of years. He is headed in the right direction and showing true leadership. Read here

Silver Screws Property Tax Payers
Democrat Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's insistence on raising taxes was the cause of death for the school property tax cap. Read here 
Indeed, so crushing has New York's tax load become - and so hot an issue - that this year a liberal governor from Harlem, David Paterson, and a state Senate usually beholden to labor's pro-tax demands finally agreed to act.
Paterson proposed capping future hikes at either 4 percent or 120 percent of inflation, whichever is lower. The Senate's already on board.
Silver, unfortunately, is on board with the teachers union, which calls the important shots in the Assembly - and which violently rejects the cap.

There are many reasons for the Senate to remain in GOP control, but one main reason is;

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Bon Jovi Says "Raise Your Hands" - A Must See

Spokesman Pays Price For Boss

Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith made a very egregious error the other day at a golf outing. He had the audacity to tell lobbyist to buck up for the campaign as if it were an initial stock offering and this was the only way to gain access.

"He said we should get in early because then it doesn't cost as much. The longer you wait to get in, he said, the more it will cost you and if you don't get in at all, then it will be painful after November, after the Democrats win the majority," the lobbyist continued.

Someone is paying the price for his error and it is not him.

Communications Director Curtis Taylor - FIRED!

Smith describes his loose lips as a "bad joke," but must be Smith is guilty of more than a just stupid mistake, if not an illegal one at that, or he would not have fired someone for a "bad joke."

Here We Go...Again - Myths and Reality

The Democrats are pretty quick to wail about political campaign tactics while failing to see any of their actions as anything but glamorous, including their class warfare attack they employed the last campaign in the 48th Senate district.

It is well documented that their state party chair, June O'Neill, is one of the most ruthless aggressive attack dogs who is able to sling mud as good as anyone and her minions at the local level fall right into line with her actions.

Attack #1:

Danger Democrat attempts to put the Renzi campaign on the defensive regarding some supposed poll in which Danger Democrat labels as a push poll. Typical tactic, anytime a poll is in the field and it mentions issues which may not favor Aubertine they will attempt to blame it on Renzi and call it a negative push poll.


Whether or not a poll was done, PIV has no proof of it, but polls are reality in the business and discussing issues in polls whether they favor your candidate or not is also reality.

Attack #2:

Letters to the editor written by shadow campaign writers and signed by local residents friendly to the campaign are a tactic that was widely used by the Aubertine campaign in the last election to attack Barclay and start a negative buzz in the campaign. See the mythical letter in today's paper. It is nothing less than their campaign message and what they have been saying for over a month now. Pretty soon the letters will begin appearing with a negative tone toward Renzi.

Dear Mrs Burrows, please enlighten the readers on why Darrel Aubertine did not sponsor legislation during his 5 years in the New York State Assembly to provide equal treatment to the Republican members of the New York State Assembly?

Ahhh the answer! Because it did not benefit him politcally, such as having Dede Scozzafava near him with equal powers, it did not concern him that consitituents in the 122nd were treated differently than neighbors in the 118th.

The very structure you so carefully pointed out that exists in the New York State Senate, exists in the Assembly and ten fold, kindly ask Dede or Bob Nortz. Mention the ice storm; Speaker Silver would not even entertain a discussion with Bob Nortz, how is that for partisan dysfunction.

You mention; "level the playing field and hone his skills." Mr. Aubertine has had 5 years in the majority of the Assembly to level the playing field and hone his skills, if he has not produce results yet then time is up.

The letter in today's paper is simply bogus and Danger Democrat's claim of some push poll is bunk!

Thank you to the campaign worker who wrote the letter and thank you Mrs Burrows for signing a letter.

Another Poll - Another ... McCain Lead??

Yes, John McCain has taken a 5 point lead in Reuters/Zogby Poll released less than an hour ago.

McCain 46% to Obama 41%, which erases a 7 point Obama lead in July.

See the full Reuters article here.

Another Poll - Another Deadheat Reported

In a race that by all accounts should have been, and was predicted to be a blow out, John McCain shows his tenacity and remains close to the Messiah. This race is the "chosen one's" race to lose and as of now the more he becomes known the more difficult it is for him to hang on to the lead. 
LA Times/Bloomberg poll results show the race is a statistical dead heat with the Messiah at 45% and John McCain at 43% which for Barry is down 12 points from June.
The survey highlights Obama's vulnerability on the question of his readiness to lead the nation. Less than half of the registered voters polled think the first-term Illinois senator has the "right" experience to be president, while 80% believe McCain, a four-term senator, does.
McCain seems to be charging up his base, but this could be deflated with a pro-choice running mate. Barry, on the other hand, is having a difficult time firing up his base and this will not get any easier with Clinton's desire to be nominated next week, this is only going to continue to cause the Messiah more problems.

McCain's ads are working perfectly, the ads are moving Obama's numbers and McCain's numbers remain intact.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Special Session Results

Here is the scorecard for today's special "economic summitt" of the state legislature.

The Assembly passes a circuit breaker and higher income earners tax increase combo bill. This measure does not match the Senate school tax cap, so both are one house wonders, unless a compromise is worked out. 

No school tax cap passed by the Assembly means any home heating assistance measure is being held hostage.

$50 million in member item "pork" money is being swept away from lawmakers.

The Senate talk is about a 6% reduction across the board in state spending; legislative programs, certain aid to municipalities, excluding education, HCRA.

Paterson's mistake - proposing $1 billion in cuts and saying he would accept $600 million, which was the first signal to the legislature he would take less than that, so they may hit $400-500 million. He should have left it at $1 billion period!

Mr Responsible Is A Facade

Tom Golisano, Mr. Responsible for a better New York, who claims his start up $5 million for his political action committee was a non-partisan effort for better government, is merely a facade.

Golisano has now committed $1 million to the Democratic Party's convention.

This guy is artificial, his point guy in Responsible New York is Steve Pigeon and he is a former Democratic party chair and now a member of Obama's finance committee.
Mr. Pigeon is the former chairman of the Democratic Party in Erie County and joined the Obama campaign’s finance committee a few weeks ago; he subsequently played a key role in soliciting the donation from Mr. Golisano.    
If anyone in their right mind believes Golisano's efforts are non-partisan, then you probably believe Karl Rove is non-partisan also.

Special Session

It was mentioned yesterday in a post here that it is likely the legislature will not accomplish the Governor's intended budget cuts.

Today, the New York Post is reporting the legislature is at about $200 million in cuts, which is $400 million short on the goal. The Governor rightfully points out they are not cutting spending at all, they are cutting growth in spending, therefore $200 million should be absolutely unacceptable.

Meanwhile, according to Newsday, the Assembly is positioned to pass a school tax cap with a circuit breaker paid for by an increase in taxes on higher income earners. This is a gimmick, nothing more than a tax shift by the Assembly.

The circuit breaker in the Senate, which was supported by Senator Darrel Aubertine, was defeated because it eliminated the STAR rebates. The Assembly version does not eliminate STAR, but it does raise taxes. 
A bipartisan coalition of senators defeated a circuit-breaker amendment put forward by their Democratic colleagues because it would have eliminated STAR rebate checks for many homeowners. The Assembly bill doesn't touch STAR, instead raising the necessary $2.6 billion with more tax on people...
Shifting the tax burden does not solve problems, it simply disguises them and reduces private sector capital available to be invested in New York for jobs. Funding government with a different revenue stream is not the answer to the economic woes the state faces.

Siena Poll results from their August poll clearly points out the public's opposition to raising taxes to pay for budget gaps.
“While voters are divided over what the Legislature and Governor should do this week, they are nearly unanimous in opposing tax increases to close the budget gap, with 80 percent wanting to see spending cut and only 10 percent saying raise taxes,” Greenberg said.

The possibility of very little happening today is real. The desire and will to make cuts is not the nature of the beast, even if it is just slowing their spending habits.
Here is a quote from Governor Paterson and directed at legislators like Senator Aubertine and others in the event very little is accomplished today. 
"Let those who left Albany today explain to the public why we had to come back."

Monday, August 18, 2008

Barry Losing His Luster, Tumbling In New York

Barack Obama is losing his appeal in the Empire State, he lead McCain in June by 18 points, his lead has shrunk to 8 points according to a newly released Siena NY Poll.

Date                Obama  McCain  Don’t Know/No Opinion
August 2008     47          39               14
July 2008          50          37              13
June 2008         51          33              17

His national lead overall is following the same trend, a steady decline.

If John McCain continues to answer questions as precisely and passionately like he did during the Saddleback Civil Forum interview and Barack Obama continues his evasive answers to specific questions, this trend is likely to continue.

All of this is not particularly good news for Darrel Aubertine and the rest of the New York State Senate Democrats who need to ride the coattails of Barack Obama.

If you are interested in playing out different scenarios for the electoral college try it here, this interactive calculator lets you try your political skills for predicting elections results.

Brass B@lls

Does this guy have brass ones or what?

Malcolm Smith, Senate Majority Leader In Wanting, has the audacity to stand up in front of lobbyist and tell them to buck up or no deals next year for their clients. You can say anything you want about Joe Bruno, but he did not even do things like this.

The arrogance of leaders in Albany like this is disgusting at best, and if people think for a minute this guy or his conference of Democratic Senators will clean up and reform Albany, they better think again. NOT A CHANCE!

His actions are illegal.

Here is a quote from a lobbyist at the event, read the rest here.
"He said we should get in early because then it doesn't cost as much. The longer you wait to get in, he said, the more it will cost you and if you don't get in at all, then it will be painful after November, after the Democrats win the majority," the lobbyist continued.
If Senator Aubertine wants to be viewed as independent and reform minded then he should denounce Smith and his actions.

Special State Legislature Session: Deal or No Deal

A quick run down of who wants what in tomorrow's special session of the state legislature. The deal making is taking place in the back rooms of Albany, shielded from the public's glare until it becomes a done deal.

  • He wants budget cuts. He has given the legislature $1 billion in choices, he wants $600 million in results.
  • He wants the school tax cap already passed by the Senate to be passed by the Assembly.
  • They want the school tax cap passed.
  • They want taxes collected on cigarettes sold on Indian reservations worth $400 million in revenue.
  • They want home heating assistance for low to moderate income families, it will cost $550 million, paid for by oil companies, potentially creating a platform for higher prices form oil companies to the public. Essentially it is a tax increase, that they are not passing but forcing someone (oil companies) else to do the lift for them.
  • They want to pass a tax for higher income earning people. 
This session has potential to be a big bust, although there seems to be a will to get something done and to work with Governor Paterson who is likable by all sides and becoming increasingly popular among the people of the state.

Here is the potential:
The Governor get some budget cuts, not as deep as he wanted.
The school tax cap, the cigarette tax and home heating assistance for lower to moderate income all get passed in some version.

The bust:
Income tax on high income wage earners.
Some of the Governor's budget cuts, they will fall short of $600 million in cuts.

The centerpiece of the session is the school tax cap, this is the anchor for all deals. If the Assembly succumbs to the pressure of New York State Teacher's union and Working Families Polical Party and does not pass the tax cap, then watch for the Senate to return the favor on the home heating assistance. Potentially lost in all this negotiatiing will be the budget cuts.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

McHugh To Pelosi - Do The People's Business, Not Your Own

Congressman John McHugh gave a passionate speech the other day on the floor of the adjourned House of Representatives to demand Speaker Nancy Pelosi end her book tour and return the House back into session to resolve issues that plague the public, energy cost and all the associated price increases that go along with high fuel cost.

Excerpts of the speech:
"In my 24 years of elected office, I have never before been to more townhalls, more places – where everyone is more concerned about one issue.  And, it's not just the price of gas, it's the associated rise in prices across the board – the price of a loaf of bread, the price of a gallon of milk.  People in my neck of the woods have already cut back as much as they can – they're carpooling, not taking that summer vacation, cutting out the unnecessary car trips. 
"I cannot for the life of me figure out what the motivation is of the majority to not be here dealing with this issue.  We might not come to a resolution.  But, when the Founding Fathers envisioned this House, they at least expected us to talk about the issues that were most important to this nation.  Yet, the Honorable Speaker has decided that the most pressing issue for her, for her Majority, is to go on vacation…what we ought to be doing is being here right now, meeting the charge of the American people, and debating how to solve this energy crunch and bring relief to Americans across the country.
"I would say to the Honorable Speaker, who is out on a book tour, I understand the responsibilities to your publisher, but you have a responsibility to the people of this nation that, as Speaker, you should be the first, not the last, to help when they are hurting, when they are frightened, when they are challenged.

The Congressman offered to buy 100 of the Speaker's book if she would end her self serving book tour and come back to work to discuss the issue effecting every American.

Ouch, Congressman, bad investment but a noble reason behind the offer, please don't send them out as Christmas presents. Hey, you could donate them as fireplace starters!

The Congressman has been working on important legislation to mitigate energy prices, the HEATR Act has bi-partisan support from Charlie Rangel, several others from the House and Senator Hillary Clinton.

Saddleback Civil Forum: EXCELLENT

The perfect model for a discussion on issues was televised last night. The Saddleback Civil Forum was a two hour forum with Barack Obama and John McCain discussing issues in separate one hour segments. One candidate was on stage while the other was secluded and unable to listen.

The forum was displayed as a relaxed casual conversational dialogue with the Pastor of Saddleback Church, Dr. Rick Warren, who did an excellent job probing each candidate on various issues broken down into categories; Stewardship, Leadership, Worldview, and What Role America Plays in the World.

The program in the church is a series of discussions designed to present civil discourse on various issues.

This would be a good format for the upcoming elections in the 118th Assembly and 48th Senate district seats. It is no secret the candidates disagree on policy and approach, and it serves little purpose for candidates to debate each other when they will not agree, so let the candidates explain directly to the voters how they will view and handle issues that affect them.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Memo, What Memo?

This issue, like many others that involve Senator Darrel Aubertine, on the home rule legislation in regards to the YMCA in Watertown and in Oswego County with the Towns of Parish and Granby, just keep taking various twist and turns. If Senator Aubertine and his staff would not attempt to cover up inaction on their part, then some of these issues that always swirl around him would clear up a lot quicker.

In all cases of the home rule legislation; it appears Senator Aubertine failed to fill out Senate Form 63, which moves legislation through the chamber, in all cases it appears he failed to pick up the phone and contact the Senator who chairs the specific committee where the bill is lodged. And in all cases Aubertine's spokesman Drew Mangione claimed they sent memos, and each time they are requested to produce the memos, they can not produce them.

Here is a clip from a July 26, 2008 article in the Valley News of Fulton.
Mangione said Aubertine did not file the Form No. 63 but instead issued a memo to the Rules Committee, which he said does not require the Form No. 63.
Mangione said the memo is dated June 4, which is 20 days prior to the passage of the bill in the assembly.
OOPS! No Memos!
The Valley News did some good reporting and submitted a FoIL request (Freedom of Information Law) for the memos and they found NO memos exist. The article also points out Drew Mangione, who appears to be running around in a circular office, is having a difficult time deciding who sent the non existent memo, first it was the Senator, then the Minority counsel, but still NO memo.

A link to today's article, or continue to read the entire article below, it is cut, pasted and highlighted.

Granby Water District: Senate claims no memo exists, Aubertine maintains it does
by Carol Thompson

In response to a request made under the Freedom of Information Law, The Valley News has been advised in writing by the secretary of the N.Y. State Senate that no memo exists in regard to a bill pertaining to the Town of Granby’s No. 3 water district.

The bill never made it to the floor of the senate prior to its summer recess and area State Senator Darrell Aubertine is blaming the majority Republicans, while the Republicans blame Aubertine for failing to file the appropriate paperwork necessary to move a proposed bill to the floor.

The bill in question would amend the public-authorities law to allow the Onondaga County Water Authority to operate and maintain the Town of Granby’s water system, simply by adding the town to the list of towns already authorized to contract with the authority. The failure of the bill to reach the floor of the senate had no impact on the town. The bill has been described as one that would satisfy a quirk in the law.

At the senate’s committee level, in order for a bill to be considered, a Form No. 63 must be filed and that was not done on behalf of Granby. Aubertine said he filed the memo in lieu of the Form No. 63.

Aubertine spokesperson Andrew Mangione said Wednesday, “We did what we were told.” When asked who had told him to file the memo rather than the form, he responded that the majority and the minority counsel had given the advice.

The senate majority denies Aubertine’s claim and further maintains that they never learned of the memo until it was referenced in a newspaper article.

There is some uncertainty as to who sent the memo and what it contained. During a July 24 interview, Mangione said Aubertine issued a memo to the Senate Rules Committee dated June 4 to ask that his priority bill list be added to the priority bill list of the minority.

When told Wednesday of the Senate’s response to the Freedom of Information request, Mangione said the memo was sent from the minority counsel to the majority counsel, and not from Aubertine himself.

The bill passed in the state Assembly by a 139-1 vote June 24 and was referred to the Senate’s Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions Committee, chaired by Senator John Flanagan.

According to the Senate Chamber Procedure Manual, “To request a bill out of Committee, the Member must complete and sign Form No. 63, which may be obtained from Senate Desk Operations.”

It continues, “Attached to the form should be a copy of the bill and a copy of the sponsor’s memo. Since many of the Standing Committees require two sets of this package, it is suggested that three copies of Form No. 63 be obtained for each bill, with one copy being retained on file in the Member’s office.”

For Assembly members, Form No. 99 is used for the same purpose.

“We have a practice and protocol for moving bills in the senate that we always adhere to,” Flanagan said. “Senator Aubertine has never asked to have a request moved through committee.”

While Aubertine is citing political motivation for the failure of the bill to be entertained on the senate floor, one Albany GOP source questioned why Aubertine did not check the status of his priority bills to be sure they were included on the senate calendar.

The senate manual states, “It is vital that those involved with keeping track of the legislation pick up a copy of the active bill list prior to session.”

Copies of the calendar are available at several locations and are placed on the desk of each senate member daily, preceding session.

An Aubertine press release, issued several hours after The Valley News spoke with Mangione, stated, “The senator added that he will also continue pushing for several pieces of home-rule legislation that the Senate Majority has to this point blocked for political reasons. He called on the Senate Republicans to allow his home-rule bills to the floor for a vote.”

“They cannot say they’re working for the people of New York when they let their partisan dysfunction get in the way of bills that would benefit our communities in Watertown, Parish, and Granby,” Sen. Aubertine said.

“I have made it clear to the majority the importance of these bills and I hope they set party aside and step up to do what is right.”

Mangione said Aubertine did file the Form No. 63 so that the bills can be considered in session. Mangione said he could not release the memo, citing confidentiality.

-Valley News

Senator, (or Drew) you can not continue to blame others, use excuses and not accept responsibility. Another common thread here...YMCA, Towns of Granby and Parish along with misccomunications with JCC regarding the timing of submitting their capital budget.

How is this everyone else's fault?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dysfunctional, Partisan Politics: Assembly Democrat's Style

Senator Darrel Aubertine has made quite a fuss over supposedly being mistreated by the Republican majority in the Senate, a lot of which is in question as to his ability to follow proper procedure. There is very little doubt that his campaign message will focus on his version of partisan politics.

So, meet the New York State Democratic majority in the Assembly, which he was an active participant for 5 years and that is 5 years without calling for any reform in the way they do business.

The Governor has called a special session for next Tuesday and the Democrat majority of the Assembly has been huddled in New York City deciding what they will do next week. Not a single Republican present and decisions regarding New York's fiscal dilemma and public's property taxes being made behind closed doors.

Would this be former Democrat Assemblyman and now State Senator Darrel Aubertine's definition of democracy; close doors partisan meetings, absent of any public input or disclosure, decisions made in advance of any formal session? 

It would be shallow and naive thinking on the part of Aubertine to think he can possibly run a campaign based on reform when he participated in such a mockery of the democratic process, such as that of Sheldon Silver and his Assembly Democrats.


Voter's should ask him his position on the way the Assembly has done business while he has been there for 5 years.

The Apple Doesn't Fall....

The Democrats often want to claim they are the victims of negative attacks, but reality is their leader is one of the best when it comes to negative campaigning. State and St. Lawrence County Chair June O'Neill is known to be rude, crude and negative when it comes to politics.

The apples do not fall far from the tree, the recent special election in the 48th Senate district saw Aubertine's campaign as negative, showing pictures of personal residents, resurrecting issues that were not pertinent to New York State government and dealt with Barclay's father.

It would be nice if the Democrats could stay positive this campaign season and debate the issues. Yes, debating issues can sometimes appear negative, but issues are fair game. By the tone of a New York Times article it does not appear that will be the case this year either.

Here is an example: this is the Congressional race in the 13th district, Staten Island, and O'Neill attacks the Republican candidate about a 1982 lawsuit where there was no guilt. The Democrats call this leadership?

O'Neill's attack
“It is impossible to believe that Mr. Straniere, whose behavior has led him to be fired from numerous positions, is qualified to serve as a member of the United States Congress,” Ms. O’Neill said, in a statement. “New Yorkers in the 13th district deserve a leader with more integrity someone they can trust to stand up for them.”
Candidate Response
“Law partners have disagreements from time to time and this was simply one such disagreement,” Mr. Straniere said. “And there was no finding of guilt in that case.”
Mr. Straniere said that the Democratic chairwoman’s statement was “an obvious sign that the McMahon campaign is in a panic mode.” He added “I served with distinction as an effective member of the New York State Assembly for 24 years. And I’m not going to be sidetracked by this kind of nonsense.”

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Renzi asks for debates

Renzi wants the people to hear from each candidate on their positions without the typical conditioned, scripted statements.  Real questions from real people.

What do you think?

Video courtesy of Steve Weed Productions

The Heat Is On

The 48th Senate seat race is heating up and pressure from candidate to candidate along with some miscues highlighted yesterday.

In a press release on Newzjunky candidate David Renzi challenged Darrel Aubertine to a series of debates, unscripted, free flowing conversations on the issues without bussed in extras like props in a movie production as witnessed the last election. The debates were to begin in September when the campaigns go into full swing.

The Senator initially deflected the notion of letting people hear what the  candidates have to say on the issues in a side by side setting by saying he was focused on doing his job and passing home heating assistance, which the only session they have scheduled at this point is next week, not September.

The flip flop: today it is reported he is accepting the debates. Then Aubertine makes the comment that Renzi should have picked up the phone.
"I've not yet seen his invitation," he said. "I think it's regrettable that rather than picking up the phone to call me, he's made it a political issue through the press.
Is this the same Senator who could not pick up the phone to call a colleague, Senator Betty Little to move the YMCA home legislation through?  Who, as an Assemblyman, allowed partisan mistreatment of Republican members in the Assembly (compare his staff to Dede Scozzafava's staff and she was even senior to him) and is now, (see clip art above) about supposedly being mistreated by partisan politics in the Senate instead of picking up the phone and calling Sen Little to move important legislation for a community organization through the channels.

Heads are spinning watching his inconsistencies. 

Senator, you are all over the board;
  • no phone calls, then you demand phone calls
  • partisan dysfunctional politics played when it suited you in the Assembly, now crying partisanship politics is hurting you
  • no debates, now debates ok
  • I was offered the NYPA job, it was a misunderstanding
  • more to come on the memo's, then oops no memo's
  • I voted for the ethics law, then I hired my sister

Then of course, the reminder on how our government operates in general. 

Your press release on Newzjunky calls for the Senate to address the home rule legislation. Minor detail as it may be, but the State Constitution mandates that the Legislature may take up NO OTHER ISSUE in an extraordinary session except for the specific bills that the Governor places on the agenda. The legislation for the Watertown YMCA is important, but it has not risen to the crisis level of the state's looming $6 billion budget gap, it's unlikely that Gov. Paterson will include it in the list of emergency bills.
Art IV
§  3.  The  governor  shall  be commander-in-chief of the military and
naval forces of the state. The governor shall have power to convene  the
 legislature,   or  the  senate  only,  on  extraordinary  occasions.  At
 extraordinary sessions convened  pursuant  to  the  provisions  of  this
 section  no subject shall be acted upon, except such as the governor may
 recommend for consideration.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Union Endorsements

The NYSUT is poised to "suspend" their endorsements from candidates who supported the tax cap and indications from AFL-CIO President Denis Hughes that they will possibly "withhold" endorsements from the 38 Senators (including Darrel Aubertine) who supported the tax cap proposal.

To begin with, what does withhold or suspend mean in an election, are they going to get it back after the election, win or lose?  Withhold or suspend implies it is temporary but, how can it be temporary when they either endorse or do not endorse every election, so essentially their endorsements or no endorsements are always temporary.

The candidates should take this cue from the unions and advance it one step further. The candidates for the 118th Assembly and 48th Senate district races should sit down at a public venue and sign an accord not to accept ANY union endorsement or campaign contribution. Call for a campaign free from all special interest, an agreement that every voter should be treated equally and individually.

How about it? If an incumbent is truly interested in reform, this would be a step in the right direction!

Working Families Party Ad

The Working Families Party supports increasing taxes and more spending, and that is evident if you read their platform. They along with Alliance for Quality Education, have released a new commercial in the Albany, Buffalo, Long Island, New York City, Rochester and Syracuse markets attacking the tax cap.

These are the type of ads you would typically see in the spring around budget time. The tax cap and the budget cuts debate occurring at the same time are accentuating the strength of the grip that special interest holds on Albany. Can the incumbent legislators escape the grip to benefit the voters or do they walk the tight rope during an election?

Renzi Office Opening Today

Dave Renzi For Senate Campaign Office Opening At Noon Today

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hizzoner vs. DANC

The Mayor and members of Watertown City Council quizzed their representatives from the Development Authority of the North Country, DANC Board of Directors.

According to the City Council Minutes via Newzjunky , the city sent their representatives on the board away with a very specific message.
... it would be nice to pass the revenues on to the residents of the City and the County by reducing the tipping fees
Frankly, the Mayor and City Council has it right! The revenue from the landfill and any affiliated operations should be utilized to reduce tipping fees. Unless DANC lacks management capabilities it should not need to hire a "consultant" to tell it what to do with revenue generated from operations.
Mrs. Fipps commented that using the revenues to lower tipping fees might not be the best option. She advised that DANC has hired a consultant to determine what should be done with this revenue.
What in name of... was DANC created for? To specialize in these exact types of operations as so called "experts." Is Juravich, Sauter and crew not capable of doing their job? A consultant and any subsequent study will only be used to justify more of their runaway bloated operation at taxpayer's expense.

The only thing the landfill has more of than seagulls, is money, use it to benefit the public.

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