"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Do Nothing Democrats ??

The "Do Nothing Democrats" are taking a page from their national leadership and not showing up for work for the special session in Albany.

The Democrats in the Senate minority are attempting to make this a fiscal restraint issue on their part, while it is nothing but obstructionism. They can return, debate and pass much needed relief for property tax payers in terms of the school property tax cap and mandate relief for local governments.

The Democrats candidates for State Senate have no business campaigning on a reform if they are a member of the state legislature and they allow this type of partisan politics to occur.

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Anonymous said...

When will you blog about Republican obstructionism in the US Senate?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this DEMOCRAT Gov. Paterson's tax cap bill that the Senate is trying to pass? So the Governor's fellow Democrats think its fiscally irresponsible to provide property tax relief? This in an election year? C'mon!

Anonymous said...

The Governor called a special session on the 19th for BOTH houses. No bill can pass without both houses. Also, aren't you the same guy that trashed Aubertine's property tax relief bill just a few weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

The Governor's special session is on the state budget. The Assembly Dems, led by Shelly Silver, refused to pass Paterson's property tax bill in June. They refused to return to Albany this week to pass the tax cap.

They will only return later this month after being ordered by the Governor.

The top issue on voters' minds right now is NOT the state budget, but their own. And Albany Democrats won't address THAT issue at all.

The Silver-Aubertine sycophants here can sharpen their scud-like attacks on the GOP-led Senate, but voters will be able to weed through the lies and distortions to see who tried to do something -- and who tried to do nothing!

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