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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, August 11, 2008

Quid Pro Quo

Sheldon Silver is determined to prevent the tax cap legislation from reaching a vote in the Assembly. He is adamantly opposed to it and he has the backing of the powerful New York State United Teacher's union (which proves the union does not care what you pay in taxes) as well as many Assembly Democrats from New York City.

The problem is the tax cap is overwhelming supported by a majority of New Yorkers and is the centerpiece of the state's top Democrat, Governor David Paterson and Silver does not want to appear to be in a battle with Paterson, nor does Paterson want the image of battling with another Democrat.

Here is the trade off:

Assembly Democrats want to raise taxes: they want taxes on incomes above a million dollars to be raised from 6.85% to 7.7%, but that is unlikely, as it will not be supported by the GOP Senate, nor does Paterson, who wants to be seen as a fiscal moderate, want to pass it.

In order to get the tax cap passed in the Assembly it is likely to take increased spending and it will come in the form of home heating subsidies for low income, elderly, and disabled. This is likely to get the Assembly Democrats off the mark and pass a tax cap if they are able to get this assistance package passed.

If you have listened to Addie Jenne Russell on the campaign trail, she is toeing the party line of the Assembly Democrats.

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