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Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Pump Fake, Dynamic Pick

McCain and his campaign have been pump faking everyone this week with media talking about Pawlenty or Romney, which either would have been considered a safe pick. In the end, McCain makes a smart bold move with Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska.

Democrats will be 2 weeks pouring through her bio looking for something on her. It is quite the contrast from the curmudgeon Biden. 

Here are two email reactions just received and both from females.
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told you he had to pick a woman to get Hillary supporters when Obama picked Biden. Real good chance he'll win now! Even though I liked Romney. 
And another!

Just heard the official word on the news. This will make for an interesting election season. Senior citizen and soccer mom, hmmm where if the apple pie?


Dan Francis said...

"Dynamic pick?"

She seems like a very nice person, a fine woman, great mother, and semi-effective Gov. of a state with a population of less than 700,000 (that's just a little bigger than a congressional district)... give me a break.

Surely you jest or have hit the juice early today...

“Not having experience or being ready to be President or CINC,” has been up to this point the McCain attack on Obama weapon.

Now he picks a little known Gov. who used to be a Mayor of small in Alaska?

Of course her capital just went up 1,000-fold. When they lose, she continues to rise as a "GOP woman first."

She will not help the ticket as far as DEMs are concerned ... Anger about “not HILL” vs. new direction for the country will not cancel out their vote to go GOP ... that you can safely bet on, and win that bet.

TourPro said...

That was one of the more inspiring speeches I've heard in a long time from any politician, let alone a woman.

This is dropping a bomb on the Democrats. And McCain managed to screw with the press at the same time. I love this.

hermit thrush said...

say what you will about governor palin (and i'm sure there will be lots in the coming days and weeks), we now find ourselves in the midst of one of the most remarkable weeks in our nation's history. yesterday, for the first time ever, an african american accepted the nomination of a major party for president. and today, for only the second time ever and the first time for the republican party, a woman was chosen as the nominee for vice president. no matter which side wins, we are guaranteed a truly historic outcome in november! our country still faces its share of problems, some very serious, but today is a day that we can all take great pride in america.

TF said...

You cheerleaders might want to read Sarah Palin's wiki before going too ga-ga. She's under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power.
The Biden/Palin debate might be fun too.
And you people questioned Obama's judgement. Sarah has a lot of Dan Quale potential. Ask her to spell potato(e).

Political IV said...


She will spell potato after you spell Quayle.


Anonymous said...

Ted.....the quickest smear around is the "she's under investigation" nonsense.......

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