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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Union Endorsements

The NYSUT is poised to "suspend" their endorsements from candidates who supported the tax cap and indications from AFL-CIO President Denis Hughes that they will possibly "withhold" endorsements from the 38 Senators (including Darrel Aubertine) who supported the tax cap proposal.

To begin with, what does withhold or suspend mean in an election, are they going to get it back after the election, win or lose?  Withhold or suspend implies it is temporary but, how can it be temporary when they either endorse or do not endorse every election, so essentially their endorsements or no endorsements are always temporary.

The candidates should take this cue from the unions and advance it one step further. The candidates for the 118th Assembly and 48th Senate district races should sit down at a public venue and sign an accord not to accept ANY union endorsement or campaign contribution. Call for a campaign free from all special interest, an agreement that every voter should be treated equally and individually.

How about it? If an incumbent is truly interested in reform, this would be a step in the right direction!


Anonymous said...

IV you are such a joke. Wow, I am shocked that you think none of the candidates in the 118th or 48th should take any of the Union endorsements or accept donations. I am guessing you would feel differently if your candidates were in line to recieve most of the endorsements. Go ahead and deny it, but lets face it you are nothing more than a partisan hack.

Political IV said...


So you think special interests are more important than individual voters?


Anonymous said...

If you really cared about special interests, you'd be supporting Obama who has taken zero from lobbyists. You'd be calling on McHugh to do the same. Where was your comment when Barclay got Union support?

The truth is that only since the same unions that Renzi sought support from ended up supporting Aubertine did you decide to call for this. Where were you last month?

TF said...

Mr. IV
Does that mean that the special interest money recieved from the NYS Republican Party by David Renzi in July would have to be returned?

Anonymous said...

NYSUT did not endorse Aubertine last time, and it clearly didn't make any difference.

You were very happy when Barclay got all of the union support earlier this year.

Come on, show some principle.

Anonymous said...

For the last 4 elections, I have made my decision on who to vote for by union endorsements. The one who gets the least number of endorsements gets my vote. Especially NYSUT and SEIU.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong IV do you not like it when everybody sees through your partisan crap. I guess NYSUT and NYSCOBA and all of the unions are just fine when they support your guy? But when it appears they are leaning the other way they are simply special interest groups that are corrupted. You are so bad you make DD look neutral.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean "cue, not que". Unless you're attempting to mix some Francais into your posts.

It's not too late to sign up for some writing courses at JCC for the fall semester.

Anonymous said...

IV made a simple mistake in his writing? Unbelievable he should be crucified, the same as he does to others who make simple mistakes.

Political IV said...

Thanks, correction made.

The fuss with all the Democrats here it appears they are unable to wean their guy or gal from the unions.

So much for the average voter.

Anonymous said...

The fuss is your guys are trying to get union support, but are not getting it this time. So in return you are trying to villainize all of the unions. I am a member of a union and i consider myself an average voter. Are you now saying that only people who have no affiliations with unions are average voters?

Anonymous said...

"Thanks, correction made." - Political IV

Let's keep that in mind when other people make slips, how's that sound?

Dan Francis said...

Ask John McHugh the same question and watch him blush... he takes Union/Labor money more than anyone else in this region... but, in the final analysis, he only supports them about 45% - go figure! LOL

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