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Monday, August 25, 2008

Pre Convention Polling

CNN released their first post Biden VP announcement presidential poll and it is a dead heat.

Obama and McCain knotted at 47% each.

Gallup Daily Tracking poll of registered voters has McCain and Obama knotted at 45% each.

Rasmussen Daily Tracking of likely voters, which is post Biden announcement, is showing a slight lead for Obama at 48% to McCain 45%.

USA Today/Gallup poll of likely voters has Obama up by 3% with a 48% to 45% lead over McCain. This poll was conducted with only one of three days of the Biden announcement, the first two days were before the announcement.

Of the 11 Battleground States:
Obama is up in 6 states McCain is up in 4 states and one state is a tie, the electoral vote count for each in those states are; Obama at 66, McCain at 63 and the state they are tied in holds 13 electoral votes.

Heading into the conventions this race is as tight as can be, the announcement of Joe Biden as a running mate only slightly boosted Obama's numbers, while other VP announcements have improved numbers, he at least did not harm Obama.

Biden netted 7%.
Lieberman boosted Gore by 12%.
John Edwards gave Kerry a 17% boost.
Jack Kemp was responsible for 18% to Dole.
Gore gave Clinton a large 25% jump.

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