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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mr. Celebrity (UPDATED)

Will Obama's speech and setting have more pomp than substance?

What will this do for his celebrity status?

Someone was able to get a picture of Obama rehearsing his speech.


hermit thrush said...

all right, nobody knows how to play gop ball like iv! obama happens to have generated enough enthusiasm that he can fill up a football stadium for his speech. do you suggest this is a bad thing for him? is the problem with obama that he's popular? is it good for mccain that he can't do the same?

in other celebrity news, john mccain just made his 13th appearance on the tonight show. obama's only been on once. how do the righties keep pushing the line that obama's the true celebrity in this race?

Dan Francis said...

hermit: nice comment.

The GOP motto appears to be:

"Celebrity my ass - not until I win a Tony, Oscar, or get my own radio talk show ... do as we say, not as we say the DEMS do."

I think it's called hypocrisy?


Earthbob said...

The set reminds me of democratic backdrops, like Athens, Rome or Washington, DC.

Decrying a stage setting before the event is similar to decrying what a speaker is wearing for fashion.

After the event people will be discussing what was said, as opposed to the stage backdrops.

Both Denver and Minneapolis should provide plenty of fodder for the wagging tongues.

Dan Francis said...

You GOPers are going nuts already - what will you do on Jan 20, 2009 when Sen. Obama becomes President Obama?

Dare I ask? Wonder in the wilderness for decades I surmise... but before you check out, thank George Walker Bush and Richad Bruce Cheney - they both did a "heck of a job, a heck of a job."

The GOP needs a lot of time to recover from the damage inflicted by this administration - it's gonna be worse than Watergate on election day ... believe me, it is. And, that's sad, too - there are really good GOPers that I like...

Anonymous said...

Perfect setting for the up coming Greek Tragedy!

By by bamba

PCS said...

I've yet to see Political IV write a post explaining exactly why we should vote for John McCain. McCain admits he will continue the policies of GW Bush. Please tell us why we should continue on the Bush track?

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