"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Morning Musings

Tax Increase:
It would be interesting to watch a political campaign based on the premise of taxing and spending more, not quite sure if anyone has been successful with that campaign theme. The Working Families Party, which has endorsed Senator Darrel Aubertine and Addie Jenne Russell, is proposing just that kind of theme. Read here.

The tax increase is opposed by Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg. Critics have said it would drive wealthy New Yorkers from the state and inflict further harm to the economy. Mr. Skelos is supporting a cap on property taxes that would prevent bills from rising by more than 4% each year, which the Senate approved earlier this month.

Is a cut really a cut?
Not when leaders, such as Democrat Sheldon Silver have tucked so much of your money away they can cover any potential pain inflicted by the recent cuts to pork member items. Read Your Pork Is Safe, Silver Tells Pols. This is enough to make your blood boil, Silver has been socking away your hard earned money for years in anticipation of such a down turn as New York State is experiencing now.
 Another Democrat who attended the meeting said Silver told the group the house could manage up to $100 million in pork-barrel cuts.
"He said he budgeted for this eventuality," the lawmaker said.
This type of governing mentality has to go if New York is ever going to turn itself around. Not a single candidate for office should endorse this type of mismanagement. Where do the candidates for the 118th Assembly District stand on an issue like this?

Governor David Paterson is winning big!
He has been on a steady path of cutting spending since he became Governor. He cut Client #9's budget right out of the gate, then ordered a state agency cut of 3.35% and now this round of cuts, which will result in $2 million less in spending over a couple of years. He is headed in the right direction and showing true leadership. Read here

Silver Screws Property Tax Payers
Democrat Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's insistence on raising taxes was the cause of death for the school property tax cap. Read here 
Indeed, so crushing has New York's tax load become - and so hot an issue - that this year a liberal governor from Harlem, David Paterson, and a state Senate usually beholden to labor's pro-tax demands finally agreed to act.
Paterson proposed capping future hikes at either 4 percent or 120 percent of inflation, whichever is lower. The Senate's already on board.
Silver, unfortunately, is on board with the teachers union, which calls the important shots in the Assembly - and which violently rejects the cap.

There are many reasons for the Senate to remain in GOP control, but one main reason is;

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Anonymous said...

Respectfully IV, I do not think the pain has become great enough for the people of NY to demand spending cuts. Shelly Silver's supporters are living off others, whether they be teachers, welfare bums, or criminals. Most are good, dues-paying union members. Despite their claims, they have no concern whatsoever about "the children". Neither does Shelly. There are too many people who go along with this kind of greed. Thousands of NYers makes their living off the backs of others. They don't have to do it too much longer, as they near retirement age. Here's the plan. People of NY, stay stupid just a little bit longer. Keep talking about how important our children are and how we need to invest in them, and keep saying it just a little bit longer. When the state melts down, blame Washington. When we're 49th in job creation and the leader in tax rates, blame Washington. And above your toilet, right where the fan blows, put up a framed photo of the two folks most responsible for our pile of mud, Shelly Silver and JQ Public.

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