"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Friday, August 1, 2008

Governor David Paterson, R-New York

It seems there are only a couple of people in New York who are willing to face reality; one is David Paterson. His performance so far dissolves any party label such as; Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative that are affixed to people, the Governor gets a new one and it is an "R", as in he is a realist. 
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is showing his true mindset and is fine with an ostrich type approach. His style of leadership has plagued New York State for too long, he has to go and every candidate running for state office in the 118th Assembly or 48th Senate district should rebuke this type of thinking.
This is a quote that Silver made during a radio interview. 
"Let's sit around for a few more weeks and analyze a little more data before we act precipitously."
The solutions to the problems are not higher taxes on anyone either. Proposing to raise tax on high income earners or Indian reservations does not solve the problem. The epicenter of the fiscal woes for New York State are on Wall St. how would piling more problems onto them help solve the long term fiscal problems.

Raising taxes, passing the burden of programs onto lower level governments, selling state assets or encumbering taxpayers with more debt are not solutions to the problem. Spending cuts are the short term solution, while slowing the growth of spending is the long term solution. Spending growth in the last five years is 45% with another 5% growth expected for next year.

At this point, by his words, the Governor is talking in terms of a realist, while others want to avoid rankling special interest, if the Governor backs up his words with actions, then he can claim he serves all New Yorker's regardless of any party affiliation.   

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