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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The DNC took a sharp turn yesterday toward a little stronger message than the previous day. The night was highlighted by the prime time speech of Hillary Clinton, who entered the Pepsi Arena to a thunderous applause.

If you are a Democrat you certainly liked the codswallop that was erupting from the podium. It was every bit anti-McCain, as in "No way, No How, No McCain." Hillary emphasized McCain being just 4 more years of President Bush and spoke about the SCOTUS being in a right wind head lock.

Her message contain a heavy allotment of unity, saying she is a strong and proud supporter, referring to Barack Obama as her candidate, and time for the party to unite.

Conspicuously absent from the message though, during her more than 10 mentions of Obama, did she convey; what kind of a president she thought Barack Obama would be, how well prepared he is to be President, or provide any emphasis that he would be a great President. Her message on Barack Obama was very generic, lacking of personal praise and short on a character reference.  

It was a good speech by an energized Clinton but a bit of an encrypted message.

Read an analysis here.


PCS said...

How about a post on what makes John McCain such a great candidate for President? Or isn't such a post possible?

Dan Francis said...

IV posted: "It was a good speech by an energized Clinton but a bit of an encrypted message."

Surely you jest - so which was it? mockery or humor?

It was a dynamite speech - well-written, nicely-delivered, and powerful in context... her very best.

Look like her or not; hate the Clintons or not; whatever, one can still compliment a great speech when they hear and see one.

That was a great speech.

~ Finis

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