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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle's Speech

Michelle Obama delivered her obligatory speech last night at the DNC. Obligatory not by the fact that it has become tradition for spouses to deliver a speech, obligatory in the fact that she had to take the elitism down a notch with her speech.

She portrayed Barack (as a man with a funny name) and her family as an average family, she exposed her roots growing up in the south side of Chicago, she portrayed herself as someone who "loves America," she portrayed herself as caught in the "cross winds" of the accomplishments of a woman and a black. She paid her respects to Martin Luther King and made note of Hillary Clinton's 18 million cracks at the glass ceiling. A speech largely about herself and her family, all of this was a certain obligation to show who she is, but what she failed to do was really move the ball forward for Barack.

Michelle was eclipsed by two events of the night, Ted Kennedy's speech and her daughters coming on stage and saying "Hi Daddy" and asking their father a second time where he was, because he misspoke where he was the first time.

Here is what James Carville had to say.


Dan Francis said...

IV: Come on - give us a break - when someone, anyone makes a great speech and hers was, give them credit.

Speeches are not policy anyway.

She did a great job and when Romney dropped out and supported McCain, he too made a great speech.

Come on, give credit where credit is due ... or is that not covered in GOP training manual?

Or does it go against the rules in the GOP playbook by Karl Rove: "Keep it negative no matter what the facts show otherwise?"

Political IV said...


I described the speech and specific items she mentioned and the only comment made was that I did not think she moved the ball forward for Barack.

I thought the speech was an interesting story, but one she had to deliver due to her own comments on the trail.

I thought she was decent on the delivery, maybe a tad too much of an attempt to make it flowery, but did well.

She did not convince me that it was a speech from her heart.

hermit thrush said...

i think michelle did a great job of "moving the ball" for barack. her job was to introduce her husband to a country still largely unfamiliar with him, not to play attack dog against mccain and the republicans. there may well be something to the carville/begala critique that the the dems should have spent a lot more time and effort criticizing mccain last night, but if any of that had come from michelle, all the talk today would have been about how un-first-lady-like her speech was.

and iv, what planet are you on regarding michelle's "elitism"? what on earth has she done or said that seems elitist to you? she didn't take anything down a notch last night -- that rang out as the true michelle to me, from the heart all the way.

Dan Francis said...

IV: sorry - we see it differently - it was a great speech...

So, if she had cried, that would'a convinced you it came from the heart? LOL

Dan Francis said...

One last point: James Carville IS NOT running...

Or, should I now cite Limbaugh as the voice of the authoritative voice of reason for the GOP?


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