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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, August 29, 2008

Just How Much Were The Democrats Caught Flat Footed


This is a shot of the DNC home page labeled "The Next Cheney."

Oh look closely, not even a bit of speculation on Palin. You know for McCain being 71 years old, he just put a move on Democrats that, might we say, left them lacing up their sneakers. How do you like the 'ol man now? He is quick, smart and aiming for change!

Here is there list and click here for the link.

Bobby Jindal
Mitt Romney
John Thune
Tom Ridge
Tim Pawlenty
Carly Fiorina
Charlie Crist
Fred Smith
Eric Cantor


Anonymous said...

This is coming from the party that doesn't participate in negative campaigning. If they want to be fair where is the link to all of Biden's ethical issues.

I am tired of the democrat party pounding it into us how they are different. THe problem is that the dumb voters ( i.e democrats) belief them.

TF said...

I wonder what each of those names thinks about Palin?

Dan Francis said...

The GOP chest-thumping is deafening ... settle down, folks, settle down ... ponder this, then resume speed:

* There is no plausible way that McCain could say that he picked Palin [only elected governor in 2006 and whose most extended public service was as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, population 8,471] because she was ready to be president on Day One.

* McCain cannot argue that he was looking for someone he could trust as a close adviser [most people know the staff at the local Starbucks better than McCain knows Palin].

* McCain and Plain met for the first time last February at a National Governors Association meeting in Washington.

* Then, they spoke again — by phone — on Sunday while she was at the Alaska state fair and he was at home in Arizona.

* McCain, in the view of many, has made a mockery out of his campaign's longtime contention that Barack Obama is too dangerously inexperienced to be commander in chief.

* The Democratic ticket boasts 40 years of national experience [four years for Obama and 36 years for Joseph Biden of Delaware], while the Republican ticket has 26 [McCain’s four years in the House and 22 in the Senate].

It may seem like a McCain stroke of genius or coup... it is not.

This choice is probably worse than any Tom Eagleton or Dan Quayle ... giants in experience (not counting the other stuff) than Gov. Palin (a nice woman also under investigation in AK) - now, that really prepares one for DC politics, just ask Cheney, et al.

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