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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

48th and 118th Actions

From the 118th Assembly race.

The Cantwell campaign is having another news conference to talk about issues and there have been several reports of Bobby Cantwell going door to door, campaigning in the city of Watertown.
118th Assembly District candidate offers vision to boost North Country's economy
With Labor Day approaching, Bobby Cantwell, Clayton Town Councilman and 118th Assembly District candidate (Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties), will announce his new plan to bring more local jobs to Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties. Cantwell's Jobs Plan consists of several initiatives including creating a fuel cooperative for farmers, capping property taxes, enhancing cross border partnerships with Canada, workforce retraining, and giving tax incentives to lure companies and manufacturers to establish headquarters in the North Country.
The press conference will be held tomorrow, Thursday, August 28th at 10:30 a.m., at Timeless Frames, Inc., 22419 Fisher Road in Watertown.

From the 48th Senate race.

A new mailer from the Renzi campaign!

The Republican candidates appear to be working hard while there is little to no sign of Addie Jenne Russell or Darrel Aubertine on the campaign trail as of yet.


Anonymous said...

I saw Bobby on Ch. 7 earlier today. He's just a good guy and I think will do a great job of representing us in Albany.

Anonymous said...

I like this piece. Fresh ideas. Fresh face. And an overall very positive message.

Let's not forget that Aubertine's been around politics for decades -- and has been part of the problem in Albany for a half dozen years.

He's got lots of excuses, but few results.

Dan Francis said...

"Expand tax credits for more jobs." tried and has failed more than worked ... get the tax breaks, fail, lay off jobs, not achieve the max number they promised, etc. etc.

Government creating jobs? Wow ... I thought the GOP stood for less government, smaller government, and fewer regulations ... not creating jobs - I thought the private sector did that ...

Government can create the way for businesses to create jobs - by knocking down barriers, but tax credits, tax credits and such - um... isn't that kinda like a bribe?

I always thought business was in the business for themselves and their bottom line; not to please or get favors from government?

Hey, maybe I've been wrong all these years? LOL

Anonymous said...

kind of hard to be on the campaign trail when your out at events and meetings that are part of the job.

Addie on the other hand has made a mistake.

Anonymous said...

what events and meetings are that .?oh yes probably at windmill meetings

Anonymous said...

The idean that I'm going to pay for someone's tax break is sickening, Were all on the "Let's help agri-business bandwagon" Did any politican save the family shoe store? or the mom&pop corner store? If everyone paid their fair share and did away with property tax exemptions, reductions, we'd see business locate here.

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