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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here We Go...Again - Myths and Reality

The Democrats are pretty quick to wail about political campaign tactics while failing to see any of their actions as anything but glamorous, including their class warfare attack they employed the last campaign in the 48th Senate district.

It is well documented that their state party chair, June O'Neill, is one of the most ruthless aggressive attack dogs who is able to sling mud as good as anyone and her minions at the local level fall right into line with her actions.

Attack #1:

Danger Democrat attempts to put the Renzi campaign on the defensive regarding some supposed poll in which Danger Democrat labels as a push poll. Typical tactic, anytime a poll is in the field and it mentions issues which may not favor Aubertine they will attempt to blame it on Renzi and call it a negative push poll.


Whether or not a poll was done, PIV has no proof of it, but polls are reality in the business and discussing issues in polls whether they favor your candidate or not is also reality.

Attack #2:

Letters to the editor written by shadow campaign writers and signed by local residents friendly to the campaign are a tactic that was widely used by the Aubertine campaign in the last election to attack Barclay and start a negative buzz in the campaign. See the mythical letter in today's paper. It is nothing less than their campaign message and what they have been saying for over a month now. Pretty soon the letters will begin appearing with a negative tone toward Renzi.

Dear Mrs Burrows, please enlighten the readers on why Darrel Aubertine did not sponsor legislation during his 5 years in the New York State Assembly to provide equal treatment to the Republican members of the New York State Assembly?

Ahhh the answer! Because it did not benefit him politcally, such as having Dede Scozzafava near him with equal powers, it did not concern him that consitituents in the 122nd were treated differently than neighbors in the 118th.

The very structure you so carefully pointed out that exists in the New York State Senate, exists in the Assembly and ten fold, kindly ask Dede or Bob Nortz. Mention the ice storm; Speaker Silver would not even entertain a discussion with Bob Nortz, how is that for partisan dysfunction.

You mention; "level the playing field and hone his skills." Mr. Aubertine has had 5 years in the majority of the Assembly to level the playing field and hone his skills, if he has not produce results yet then time is up.

The letter in today's paper is simply bogus and Danger Democrat's claim of some push poll is bunk!

Thank you to the campaign worker who wrote the letter and thank you Mrs Burrows for signing a letter.


Dan Francis said...

IV posts this in part:

"It is well documented that their state party chair, June O'Neill, is one of the most aggressive attack dogs who is able to sling mud as good as anyone and her minions at the local level fall right into line with her actions."

I will lose points with some hardcore DEMS who don’t know the facts after they read this post. But if one knows me, they would know I don't care what they think, it's the truth that matters:

The story...

I spoke to the St. Law DEMS on May 28 seeking to sell myself to them for the upcoming primary. Mr. Oot also spoke, as did several other candidates for other offices.

June O'Neill, the NYS DEM chair is also is the St. Law Co. DEM chair, stood up publicly and told everyone, including the media and public, that they would not endorse or support anyone for the 23 CD race until after the primary ... in short, “let the process work.”

After some further research on another matter, I happened to discover that the NYS DEMS - June's committee - had already disbursed $5,000 to Mr. Oot on May 20 - a week before her public statement in Canton on May 28.

She being aggressive is one thing that I understand that about politics; but lying in public, or lying period, is a serious matter.

She should be replaced.

As a matter of record, I send a protest to the NYS Committee and to AG Andrew Cuomo. To date, no response from either about my request. Her efforts may have helped keep me off the ballot – as I only received 25 or so signatures from St. Law County.

In a word: We do not know what she did behind closed doors, or what instructions she may have issued to committee members about circulating petitions, and we need to know.

However, we do know she lied publicly and that she had already authorized $5,000 to Mr. Oot a week before she said “let the process prevail.”

BTW: Ted Ford and Sean Hennessy were in attendance and heard June's remarks.

This is a big issue in my mind; maybe not for others, but to me it’s big. Why? “Working to keep one off the ballot” is a serious matter; especially for those in the center of the process for making sure the process works.

Anonymous said...

Political IV, is (are) your
life(s) dedicated to bringing down Aubertine? You poor, poor partisan hack(s). I am a huge Aubertine supporter, not because i am a dem. Quite the contrary actually, but because i have seen and felt the difference Aubertine has made since joining the legislature. I must say, I truly pity you.

Anonymous said...

Unless you have received a political appointment through Darrel what difference has he made?

Anonymous said...

I received a "push poll" call as well. Call it what you want...it's bad politics. By the way, who is running for senate: Renzi or his wife. She's EVERYWHERE! Yikes, pushing the "family man" image a bit???

Anonymous said...

Anon#3: Another 'tactful' tactic... attack the family/spouse, not the candidate. Another one from the playbook.

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