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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Has it dawned on the Democrats?

The more they make the correlation between their perception of Sarah
Palin's inexperience and Obama's inexperience, then they are actually
recognizing and validating his inexperience at the top of their ticket!

They validate Obama's inexperience with remarks such as yesterday when
Ohio Rep Sherrod Brown warmed up the crowd for them and said "Obama
showed better judgment by choosing Biden" as if it meant, hey he
didn't have the experience but he chose someone who does.

As Governor, she actually has executive experience.

Obama with his inexperience is at the top of the ticket versus the
second slot.

Obama has spent half of his time (2 out of almost 4 years) in the
Senate campaigning for President.

Clinton, Clinton and Biden have all acknowledged Obama's inexperience
during the primary and Bill even as recently as last week during his
speech with his mention that Biden adds experience to the ticket.

Obama is smart enough not to get into the experience debate, by taking
a different tone on the Palin selection than his campaign staff.

That should tell you something!


hermit thrush said...

but there's a more pertinent question: has it dawned on the republicans? look, there's no question that, for whatever it's worth, biden and mccain have more experience than obama. and mccain has chosen to make that a central point in his campaign. in fact, mccain has founded his entire campaign on the premise that obama is unacceptable as president, citing the reasons that 1) obama is too inexperienced and 2) obama is some kind of unamerican cultural elite. mccain's choice of palin reveals 1) to be a wholly disingenuous line of argument and completely undercuts it. what exactly is mccain left to campaign on now?

i think you're probably right, iv, that to the extent experience is an issue in the campaign, mccain benefits. but the point is that the obama campaign can now essentially ignore the issue; for how can mccain creditably bring it up otherwise? i score that a win for obama.

on a final note, iv, you spend an awful lot of energy tearing down obama (to say nothing of other democrats) and making him out to be some kind of scoundrel or monster. yet you have nothing good to say about mccain, aside from slavishly linking to his campaign ads. why isn't mccain just as bad, or worse? why should anyone vote for mccain?

Anonymous said...

You lambasted TF for forgetting the y in Quayle and now you've added the Y to Palin. You're a piece of work and a hack IV.

Will you post this critical message?

Political IV said...

Thank you for pointing that out, it is corrected. Evident that I know how to spell her name when later in the post it was spelled correctly.

Thank you!

PCS said...

McCain gives an example of his judgment.

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