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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hizzoner vs. DANC

The Mayor and members of Watertown City Council quizzed their representatives from the Development Authority of the North Country, DANC Board of Directors.

According to the City Council Minutes via Newzjunky , the city sent their representatives on the board away with a very specific message.
... it would be nice to pass the revenues on to the residents of the City and the County by reducing the tipping fees
Frankly, the Mayor and City Council has it right! The revenue from the landfill and any affiliated operations should be utilized to reduce tipping fees. Unless DANC lacks management capabilities it should not need to hire a "consultant" to tell it what to do with revenue generated from operations.
Mrs. Fipps commented that using the revenues to lower tipping fees might not be the best option. She advised that DANC has hired a consultant to determine what should be done with this revenue.
What in name of... was DANC created for? To specialize in these exact types of operations as so called "experts." Is Juravich, Sauter and crew not capable of doing their job? A consultant and any subsequent study will only be used to justify more of their runaway bloated operation at taxpayer's expense.

The only thing the landfill has more of than seagulls, is money, use it to benefit the public.


Anonymous said...

DANC is not accountable to the taxpayer (AFAIK), and they represent what is being called "parasitic capitalism." The board is comprised of business leaders, which concentrates decision-making, but not in favor of the taxpayer or the trash hauler. Revenues will certainly remain with DANC, and not returned to us.

Anonymous said...

DANC is a public benefit corp. They are not about cut tipping fees when they can use the profits to build unneeded housing throughout the city.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hizzoner and PIV should talk to the business manager at DANC, the wife of legislator Gray, if they're unhappy with the finances. Hmm, small town.

Anonymous said...

what was danc's original purpose ?
garbage period. now they are into water/sewer, internet cable and what ever else they want to get into. So how is it that they can go against the original charter and no one , i mean no one, is willing to rein them back into the original wording. So, that being said, they will do what ever they want too, until such time that they are called upon the carpet by the city,county and state and explain why they are NOT passing the savings onto the tax payer.

Dan Francis said...

The problem with "so-called public agencies" like DANC or the FDRLO is that they start out with good intentions - but seldom without public approval or input ...

Then they start to grow, grow and grow, and along the way, they keep asking for and receiving tax dollars just for asking (FDRLO $100k to make a bunch of videos and flyers about protecting Fort Drum), or to sell a new sewer project proposal ... the one main thing lacking in most of their deals?

* Accountability back to the public.

Anonymous said...

dan, danc was not suppose to be into the sewer business. the bonding should have been done by village,city,county or township in which it is being installed. in fact, i believe that they are breaking the law by going into other ventures. Unless the original charter has been revised by the state without any input from the public. these people should be investigated by the A.G.
as far as fdrlo, that is another story in itself, just look who is on the board and that will speak for itself.

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