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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Golisano Stunts Continue

Tom Golisano, three time candidate in losing campaigns for Governor had another press conference yesterday. Responsible New York, which may be more about Golisano putting his face in front of the press than about true reform, held a press conference yesterday to "unveil" his 35 question sheet for candidates to fill out.

Golisano said about the potential candidates to receive support.
“We want candidates who will not just talk about reform, but who are actually willing and able to do something about it.”
That is a fair statement, but how do you measure it, only an incumbent, such as Aubertine who was in the Assembly majority for 5 years, would have had an opportunity to produce real reform. The statement by Golisano rings hollow, beyond any specific incumbent legislation it really is just talk.

Case in point, he does not support the 4% tax cap proposed by the Governor and supported by the Senate Republicans, he wants the cap to 1% or even zero, a tighter restriction that is certainly not going to be supported by opponents.

He does not support the so called "millionaires" tax that is heavily support by the Democrats. He claims and it is the same claim made here, "it would hurt investment in the state by the people who have the “resources” to do so." 

Thus far, Golisano is shallow; he appears to be using Responsible New York as a front.  

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Jacob said...

If here were serious about "reform" he wouldn't give anything to any incumbent. They're the problem, not the solution.

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