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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SD 48, Is The District Better Off Today?


All along the thought of Golisano keeping his greedy power hungry paws out of the Senate 48th district was just a mere dream. Every resident of the 48th Senate district should be so relieved today to know that billionaire Tom Golisano really cares about the North Country, so much so, that he has contributed to Darrel Aubertine's campaign.

Candidates do not need his money and should not accept it. What the candidates of the 48th Senate district need is to appeal to the hard working people of the district and ask them for their support. We do not need a billionaire, millionaire or anyone other than the candidate to decide how to vote.

If Golisano is building his friends of reform with his war chest, then how could he possibly support an incumbent of the system who has been in the majority for 5 years and failed to bring nonpartisan reform.  

Voters - stay focused, don't buy Golisano's crap!

(p.s. Where are the memos? They are still being talked about by Aubertine, yet not produced.)


Dan Francis said...

Some reports say his $5 mill spread out equals about $100+k per candidate ...

My advice to Aubertine: "Don't take a penny of it."

Now, I'm sure Mr. Aubertine will follow my advice, right? Like candidates are whores when it comes to moneyed sources?

I call it "wink and nod" policy.

Still it is not right or left to take Golisano's money ... not a penny. It's the worst kind of graft in my view: trying to buy more power - as if Mr. Golisano needed more power than his current billions?

Anonymous said...

Golisano can't give a penny to Aubertine according to what I've read. Golisano's group is a 527c, so he's going to buy ads as he pleases, but none of them will say that Darrel Aubertine approved the message, because he can't.

He's choosing Darrel because Darrel is the best guy to clean up Albany. Besides I remember Renzi begging for this endorsement on Channel 7!

Yet again, IV, Renzi is denied an endorsement he desperately wants (see the unions) and when he gets turned away, you try to poison the endorsement.

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