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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mr Responsible Is A Facade

Tom Golisano, Mr. Responsible for a better New York, who claims his start up $5 million for his political action committee was a non-partisan effort for better government, is merely a facade.

Golisano has now committed $1 million to the Democratic Party's convention.

This guy is artificial, his point guy in Responsible New York is Steve Pigeon and he is a former Democratic party chair and now a member of Obama's finance committee.
Mr. Pigeon is the former chairman of the Democratic Party in Erie County and joined the Obama campaign’s finance committee a few weeks ago; he subsequently played a key role in soliciting the donation from Mr. Golisano.    
If anyone in their right mind believes Golisano's efforts are non-partisan, then you probably believe Karl Rove is non-partisan also.

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Dan Francis said...

* Money talks; bullshit walks.

Pretty simple stuff, really:
name, fame and fortune.

* Leadership - some folks can't even spell it.

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