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Monday, August 11, 2008

Convention Themes

The Democratic National Committee has released their themes for each night of their convention, and while the Republican National Committee has not yet released their themes, they have been leaked.


Democrats: One Nation

Republicans: Service


Democrats: Renewing America’s Promise

Republicans: Reform


Democrats: Securing America’s Future

Republicans: Prosperity


Democrats: Change You Can Believe In

Republicans: Peace

Thoughts on the themes?

Obviously the last night's theme are centered around the candidate and Wednesday night is the VEEP's night, so the themes are potential clues to the VEEPS and Clinton speaks on Tuesday night.


Dan Francis said...

Thoughts on the themes - the GOP got my attention:

S - service
R - reform
P - prosperity
P - peace

Say it slowly:
S R Pee Pee ..." ooops.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats seem to have a much better command of the English language.

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