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Monday, August 4, 2008

Renzi Opens Oswego Office

Dave Renzi opened his Senate Campaign office in Oswego this past Saturday.

Renzi brought his "Change Albany" to the people of Oswego, an effective message for Renzi, while opponent Darrel Aubertine has been a player in the dysfunctional Albany atmosphere for the past 5 years as a member of the majority in the Assembly.

Renzi brings a fresh perspective that will encourage action. “I want to be a strong voice for the communities and residents of Oswego County, and I’ll deliver change and results — not excuses,” he vowed.

Photo from article in Oswego County Today


Dan Francis said...

Family Values at play, I see.

Is he holding his Oswego Rep?

Look I love kids as much as the next guy and I've got a bunch around me from time-to-time... but enough with the photo Ops with them ...

A family photo on the webpage is fine or in a brochure ... but keep them off camera and out of the limelight. We get enough of that from Paris and Brittany and Johnny Mac's attack Ads ... and now it's Obama's turn.

Let the kids grow up untouched by the limelight...

Anonymous said...

So Dan doesn't like kids. What else, Dan? Keep the wifey at home! Politics is a man's game, so only manly men need apply.

Speaking of Oswego reps, does anyone else see any irony in that Dave Renzi opens an oswego office, fully staffed and ready for battle, about the same time Darrel Aubertine announces an Oswego office without phone service and only a vague promise of future staffing?

Easy to see who's more committed to Oswego County voters this time...

Anonymous said...


You've dropped out of mayoral and congressional races just in past 2-3 years, who the hell are you to tell ANYONE how to run a campaign?

Dan Francis said...

"Dan doens't like kids?"

Why such a flat-out lie - can't you read or do you enjoy pissing off others here with wild-ass posts?

1. I didn't DROP out of any race - the Mayor's race you mention: I ran and lost - pretty simple. In fact I have NEVER dropped out of any race, period.

2. Congress this time around: no party support. That's not the same as getting in and then dropping out, now is it?

Those pesky facts, still bothering you I see?

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