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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Typical Downstate Agenda: Correctional Officers Take Note

In the special session this week downstate Democratic Senator Martin Connor calls on the Senate to close upstate prisons in order to help balance the budget.

Their agenda is clear, Senator Marty Connor and the majority of Democrats in the Senate who are from New York City, want to balance the budget on the backs of hard working Northern New York folks.

Connor, who is in a heated primary with Dan Squadron, appears to be a marginal member in his own party. Squadron has gained the Working Families Line along with the endorsements of Senator Schumer and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

So where is Darrel Aubertine to defend the prison jobs? Darrel Aubertine should have had no hesitation in a comeback if he was fighting for us in the Senate.

Darrel's web site states:
"Since being elected to the Assembly, Darrel has ensured that we have a voice at the table"
"And, Darrel knows that we need good jobs in our region, for today and for future generations. ...-- saving real jobs, and helping real families. "
Where is that voice? Is Aubertine not concerned about the correctional facilities in Northern New York? At no time during the session did he respond.

More on the Democrat's Senate Agenda.
Watch this video, pay close attention beginning at the 39 second mark where he talks about "new Senate leadership," he is referring to Democratic control of the Senate and then, "bring the money back to New York City and take care of our school funding..."

After you watch these videos, do you think the North Country will be better off with a Democrat controlled State Senate?


Anonymous said...

How come the Times never covers any of this stuff? These Democrats in Albany are getting ready to gouge us, pouring more and more of our tax dollars into NYC while they reject sensible ideas like a tax cap and any real effort at responsible spending.

Sure, they let Darrel Aubertine off the hook for now, but does he really have the moxie to fight for us when the Senate is dominateed by downstate and NYC Democrats with an agenda like this?

Thanks, IV, for trying to keep them honest -- and for letting us know what's really going on doen there.

Anonymous said...

Darrell will be a weak voice in the Senate if it is controlled by the Republicans or Democrats. The good news is there will always be someone for Darrell to blame

Anonymous said...

Where would they find a job in the upstate area that pays $55 to $100K? They might have to start living like the rest of us.

TF said...


Anonymous said...

I watched the video...this guy says nothing about closing prisons in northern new york....he is talking about closing empty ones, which anyone from around here will tell you WE DON'T HAVE....therefore, logic implies NOT OURS.

am i wrong? where do you get your videos like this anyways?

Anonymous said...

Does everyone remember when a downstate Senator questioned NNY needs for homeland security money???? Put that youtube up. Jim Wright stood up, spoke up, and made everyone proud. He didn't need to take days to formulate a response, he knew what was right.

But now we have Darrel. What an embarassment.

Anonymous said...

# 6, are we talking about the same Jim Wright? You know... the one who left us for a multi-million dollar a year job lobbying his former colleagues....AFTER his lame attempt to get his 2nd ex-wife Lisa a commissioner-ship failed?? I just want to make sure we are talking about the same Jim "your former boss" Wright.

Anonymous said...

Are the upstate prisons un-necessary as the he says. Here is a novel thought...could NYS be more efficeint and house more inmates in less prisons? Perhaps a study of the most efficeint prisons could be done, and close the least efficeint ones...upstate or down...just a thought

Anonymous said...

The Times never covers it and Darrel doesn't respond because the ramblings of one colleague do not mean that this is a reality. I thought you didn't care about unions IV? Now you're using the comments of one man to make it seem like Darrel is part of some plot to shut down our prisons. Get a life.

pguston said...

A very high percentage of inmates housed in the upstate prisons are from downstate. So who wants who to take care of the dirty laundry.

Anonymous said...

Democrats across the state are now starting to use this "shut Upstate prisons" as part of their platforms. This is definitely NOT the rantings of one downstate Dem, as anonymous above suggests. Rather, it appears to be part of a scripted Senate Democrat campaign strategy. Don't be so quick to dismiss it if you haven't done the research.

Go to www.wben.com and listen for yourself.

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