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Friday, August 15, 2008

Dysfunctional, Partisan Politics: Assembly Democrat's Style

Senator Darrel Aubertine has made quite a fuss over supposedly being mistreated by the Republican majority in the Senate, a lot of which is in question as to his ability to follow proper procedure. There is very little doubt that his campaign message will focus on his version of partisan politics.

So, meet the New York State Democratic majority in the Assembly, which he was an active participant for 5 years and that is 5 years without calling for any reform in the way they do business.

The Governor has called a special session for next Tuesday and the Democrat majority of the Assembly has been huddled in New York City deciding what they will do next week. Not a single Republican present and decisions regarding New York's fiscal dilemma and public's property taxes being made behind closed doors.

Would this be former Democrat Assemblyman and now State Senator Darrel Aubertine's definition of democracy; close doors partisan meetings, absent of any public input or disclosure, decisions made in advance of any formal session? 

It would be shallow and naive thinking on the part of Aubertine to think he can possibly run a campaign based on reform when he participated in such a mockery of the democratic process, such as that of Sheldon Silver and his Assembly Democrats.


Voter's should ask him his position on the way the Assembly has done business while he has been there for 5 years.


TF said...

Holy cow! Your party isn't supposed to caucus. Wow. I guess you'll have to knock off those
meetings of Republican only Jefferson County Legislators.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Sounds a lot like the JeffCo Repub caucuses to me, too.

You know, the meeting every other December, when the board chair is chosen, and committees divvied up, all without any public sunshine.

Sooo, this sort of thing is a crime, heh?

Anonymous said...

Dirty Darrel operates behind closed doors regularly. Look how he engineered the wind turbine development in Cape Vincent while having a signed contract. Hopefully Cuomo will continue his investigation and spread if form Franklin County to Cape Vincent and Albany. Why Albany ...Dirty Darrel sat on the Assembly Energy Committee for years while having a signed contract with Accionna. Love to see the discussion and voting record from 2002 til 2007.

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