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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Poll - Another Deadheat Reported

In a race that by all accounts should have been, and was predicted to be a blow out, John McCain shows his tenacity and remains close to the Messiah. This race is the "chosen one's" race to lose and as of now the more he becomes known the more difficult it is for him to hang on to the lead. 
LA Times/Bloomberg poll results show the race is a statistical dead heat with the Messiah at 45% and John McCain at 43% which for Barry is down 12 points from June.
The survey highlights Obama's vulnerability on the question of his readiness to lead the nation. Less than half of the registered voters polled think the first-term Illinois senator has the "right" experience to be president, while 80% believe McCain, a four-term senator, does.
McCain seems to be charging up his base, but this could be deflated with a pro-choice running mate. Barry, on the other hand, is having a difficult time firing up his base and this will not get any easier with Clinton's desire to be nominated next week, this is only going to continue to cause the Messiah more problems.

McCain's ads are working perfectly, the ads are moving Obama's numbers and McCain's numbers remain intact.

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Dan Francis said...

One thing about polls, they are usually only good in Poland.

We in the military used to say about the Geneva card we were supposed to carry in time of war: "They are only good in Geneva."

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