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Saturday, August 2, 2008

McHugh: Legislation Enhances Border Efforts On Drugs

Congressman John Mc Hugh introduced legislation that will enhance federal law enforcement as well as funding an effort to combat drug trafficking at our borders. The NY/NJ High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Expansion Act will extend the area to include; Clinton, Franklin, Jefferson, and St. Lawrence Counties into the existing HIDTA program.
 "Clinton, Franklin, Jefferson, and St. Lawrence counties are literally on the front lines of our nation's efforts to combat drug trafficking.  The vulnerabilities that exist along the northern border are readily apparent and cross-border drug trafficking poses a very serious threat to our local area and, ultimately, throughout the country.  Through extensive contacts with good leaders like Franklin County District Attorney Derek Champagne, I have determined that the incorporation of these four counties into the NY/NJ HIDTA is one of the best things we can do to effectively meet that threat," said Congressman McHugh.  "Our local leaders and law enforcement are doing tremendous work combating the drug trafficking coming through our counties, and I will continue in my efforts to help them be even more effective by securing this designation and the accompanying additional federal resources."
The program is designed to enhance local efforts to combat drug trafficking and facilitate cooperation among federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies. The program coupled with McHugh's announcement early this week of $3.71 million in homeland security funding for the same counties will improve efforts for a secure northern border.

In that announcement, the following funding awards were made for enhancing law enforcement.  
  • Jefferson County - $1.63 million
  • Franklin County - $1.47 million
  • Clinton County - $330,000
  • St. Lawrence County - $280,000


Dan Francis said...

Didn't see the "bill introduction date," so it may be "nice timing" in theis election, John - nice timing. So, I wonder how long this has been in the hopper?

Like more "grant" announcements.

Anonymous said...

I suppose Andrew Wylie, Clinton DA, Cindy Intschert, Jefferson DA or Nicole Duvé, St Lawrence DA, aren't "good leaders."

Let's see, what to these have in common for John McHugh to insult them. Oh yes, they're either Democrats or they're women. Of course, they can't be "good leaders." Typical John McHugh.

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