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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spokesman Pays Price For Boss

Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith made a very egregious error the other day at a golf outing. He had the audacity to tell lobbyist to buck up for the campaign as if it were an initial stock offering and this was the only way to gain access.

"He said we should get in early because then it doesn't cost as much. The longer you wait to get in, he said, the more it will cost you and if you don't get in at all, then it will be painful after November, after the Democrats win the majority," the lobbyist continued.

Someone is paying the price for his error and it is not him.

Communications Director Curtis Taylor - FIRED!

Smith describes his loose lips as a "bad joke," but must be Smith is guilty of more than a just stupid mistake, if not an illegal one at that, or he would not have fired someone for a "bad joke."


Dan Francis said...

As I said, if Smith indeed said what he said, joking or not, he must not be the majority leader...

Saying it's a joke is the coward's way of ducking the seriousness of the issue (and the truth) - hey, I was just joking...

We all laugh at jokes, right?

Well... who's laughing now?

Anonymous said...

Great! We select Renzi and now it appears that he was one of the lawyers trying to screw us by attempting to dip into the NYS retirement fund.

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