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Friday, August 1, 2008

48th Senate Race Updates

Politics on the Hudson is reporting the Senate Republicans are feeling good at this point about some of their races, including Renzi vs. Aubertine as well as the Dunno vs. Johnson race on Long Island and Feld vs. Oppenheimer in Westchester.

The Post Standard sends up a warning flag for wind development, calling for closer scrutiny and rightly points out the potential conflict with public officials and makes specific mention of Darrel Aubertine's inappropriate vote.
Some elected officials have voted to allow wind turbines in their municipalities even though they personally had negotiated or signed lease agreements with wind developers.
When he was an assemblyman, state Sen. Darrel Aubertine voted to give farmers with wind turbines on their land a property tax break. Trouble is, a wind developer had already approached Aubertine about putting turbines on his own farm.

I'm sure there is a good explanation for that vote though, maybe just another "misunderstanding" which frequently occurs.

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Anonymous said...

I'd say things are looking up for the Republicans in the 48th.

They have a positive and articulate -- and now, apparently, well-funded -- candidate in Dave Renzi.

Meanwhile, the media seems ready hto take a closer look at some of Sen Aubertine's warts, including his obvious conflict with wind power, his seeming inability to distinguish fact from fantasy, and his incompetence as a legislator to get things done for us.

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