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Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do You Want The Sizzle Or The Steak?

Obama; only three years in the US Senate, most of which has been spend campaigning for President.


Dan Francis said...

Speaking of "Sizzle or Steak?"

John McHugh's 266 PAC's

Note those from NYS (14) and the $5,000 donors from NYC (2) and from DC (5) ...

Neat, eh? That's a lot of steaks...

Dan Francis said...

Well that FEC link crashed - here try this one ... on the FEC page AND under Receipts, click on "Other Committee Contributions" - McHugh's 266 PAC's are listed there - open link to see who gives the most and I assure you, it's NOT New York State folks.

FEC - McHugh PAC list

Dan Francis said...

If that link is broken try this one.... I know it's good - sorry for confusion.

McHugh's 266 PAC's

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