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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Apple Doesn't Fall....

The Democrats often want to claim they are the victims of negative attacks, but reality is their leader is one of the best when it comes to negative campaigning. State and St. Lawrence County Chair June O'Neill is known to be rude, crude and negative when it comes to politics.

The apples do not fall far from the tree, the recent special election in the 48th Senate district saw Aubertine's campaign as negative, showing pictures of personal residents, resurrecting issues that were not pertinent to New York State government and dealt with Barclay's father.

It would be nice if the Democrats could stay positive this campaign season and debate the issues. Yes, debating issues can sometimes appear negative, but issues are fair game. By the tone of a New York Times article it does not appear that will be the case this year either.

Here is an example: this is the Congressional race in the 13th district, Staten Island, and O'Neill attacks the Republican candidate about a 1982 lawsuit where there was no guilt. The Democrats call this leadership?

O'Neill's attack
“It is impossible to believe that Mr. Straniere, whose behavior has led him to be fired from numerous positions, is qualified to serve as a member of the United States Congress,” Ms. O’Neill said, in a statement. “New Yorkers in the 13th district deserve a leader with more integrity someone they can trust to stand up for them.”
Candidate Response
“Law partners have disagreements from time to time and this was simply one such disagreement,” Mr. Straniere said. “And there was no finding of guilt in that case.”
Mr. Straniere said that the Democratic chairwoman’s statement was “an obvious sign that the McMahon campaign is in a panic mode.” He added “I served with distinction as an effective member of the New York State Assembly for 24 years. And I’m not going to be sidetracked by this kind of nonsense.”


Anonymous said...

First, June O'Neill is a friend of mine. Second, she has done more good for the North Counrty (where she has served in government and volunteer positions advocating for education, jobs, and healthcare) than most anyone that you could name. And third, June is neither "crude" nor "rude", but a lady who speaks truth to power. If the party in power doesn't like to hear that truth...too bad.

Dan Francis said...

IV - nice run down.

TO: a certain ANON: June O’Neill may be your friend and the things you said, but I know firsthand that she is conniving, underhanded and not truthful.

Case in point: I spoke to the ST. LAW committee on May 28, along with Mr. Oot and several candidates. She specifically stated at that public meeting that the committee would not endorse until after the Sep 9 primary...

A little research on my part reveals that she approved $5,000 to Mr. Oot on May 20th - a week before her public statement...

Now, you tell me - honest or deceitful?

The truth always comes out ... she is a phony, and I have told her and the state committee and Andrew Cuomo, too - I believe she and others worked hard to keep me off the primary ballot - that money deal is a great example.

Worse, Mr. Oot never mentioned that support, either, and he was very, very eager to mention and advertise all DEM support over me up to that time - he was silent.

TF said...

I too know June O'Neill and have for years. As Chair of the New York State Democratic Party she is the partisan-in-chief. I have never know her to be crude and certainly not rude. Is she a talented political chess player? You bet. You know that old line about who would you like in the fox hole with you. I'ld pick June.
She would figure out a way to charm us both out of the hole.

Dan Francis said...

tf posted: ”You know that old line about who would you like in the fox hole with you. I'l pick June. She would figure out a way to charm us both out of the hole.”

Charm? Ted, my dear old friend, you sat in Canton on May 28 and heard her say “no endorsement or support until the primary was over.”

But, she had already given Mr. Oot $5,000 from the NYS DEM kitty on May 20th.

Charming you out of the foxhole - well, maybe, but right in the
"Line of Fire.”

I’ve been in foxholes, in the line of fire, and in real combat, and I damn sure don’t want a liar next to me.

She and those like her are what's wrong with politics today, and subscribing to it as easily as you do, doesn't help make it honest. A lie whether a political one or not, Ted, is still a lie.

Honest politician is an oxymoron, but in this case, maybe just plain moron fits.

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