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Monday, August 25, 2008

Cantwell Calls Former Chair Off Challenge

Phyllis Turner, who is the former chair of the St. Lawrence County Republican party, is considering a challenge to petitions filed by candidate Donald Lucas of Massena.

This is a delicate balance for candidate Cantwell. The St. Lawrence Republicans are a bit of a fractured group, Turner is not viewed favorably by current chair Janet Kelly or former chair Joe Gray, but Turner still holds enough of a following to be a factor.

Bobby Cantwell rightfully has made a public plea to abort the challenge of the petitions and let the unabridged process take place and allow the voters to decide.


Anonymous said...

So he got her to be the objector, then realized Lucas's petitions were good, then publicly called for her to step down....nice....I hope no one really buys this.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1...where do you get your information from? Please back it up...

Anonymous said...

Turner is yesterday's news and a bitter old lady. She can't help Cantwell and he should get the hell away from her.

We all know the jokers from RACC (your good buddies Political IV, guys like Brian Nevin, remember?) hauled the old fool Phyllis out for the protest then realized they stepped in their own pile of doo. Now they send Cantwell out to call her off but the damage has already been done.

These are more of the same RACC idiots who gave the race to Aubertine seven years ago. This year they stupidly scared off people like Phil Reed and others in favor of their top poller Patti "Listen to Me Whine" Ritchie. But again, she left them at the altar.

If they continue with their Albany BS, Cantwell unfortunately will go down in flames as well.

Anonymous said...

This year they stupidly scared off people like Phil Reed


Phil Reed and his band of whiners can stop anytime now. If Phil wanted the job he should have stepped forward (just like Bobby Cantwell) and said, I want this job and I am willing to do whatever it takes, primary and all.

But no, Phil just wanted to be anointed.

Anonymous said...

If Phil Reed was "scared" of RACC, would he have been the right candidate? What else would he be "scared" of? Bobby Cantwell had the courage and support to say to RACC stand beside me, behind me, but not in front of me.

pguston said...

Cantwell wants a fair campaign. It is just that plain and simple. His philosophy is basic: use the complete Democratic Process to determine who the people want in that seat.

Political IV said...

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