"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Date Night - They Deserve It

President Obama and and his wife deserve to be able to get a away and do things they enjoy such as; dining out and going to a show on Broadway. They deserve it just as much as any other couple deserves to go out do the things they enjoy together.

Unfortunately the position he holds as leader of the free world warrants a huge contingent of people to follow along, he can't move easily without large staff and security, which is a downside for him, but one that should not restrict his movement.

Regardless of whether or not someone agrees with his policies, he is our President, he deserves and needs to be protected, which should not stop him from doing the things that he and his wife enjoy.

Don't be petty and begrudge him some free time away from the job.

You Asked - Open Thread

Several commenters here have asked for an open thread, so here it is. Anything flies, but as the Mayor says - "within the bounds of good taste."

Talk; state, local or national politics, talk POTUS or SCOTUS, address or ask questions of Dan Francis or Hermit Thrush, even talk about how ugly the parking garage sitting so close to Washington St looks at SMC.

It is all yours, have at it today!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Curtain Call For June O'Neill ?

The rumors are flying around the capital again that June O'Neill is set to get the heave ho from the chairmanship of the State Democratic party. Governor David Paterson is trying to desperately bolster his chances to change his status from accidental to elected Governor. 

Hold These Thoughts Chuck!

You hold the cards this time Chuck, hold these thoughts and question Obama's nominee thoroughly and thoughtfully, remember she will become a judge for all people, not just the liberals.

Interesting note, Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's brother, Dr. Juan Sotomayor, is a physician in North Syracuse, whose practice doesn't accept Medicaid or Medicare - programs for the poor and elderly - according to its Web site.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

AJR Was For It, Before She Was Against It

Is she having second thoughts? Did she not pay attention to the budget bills? Or are her votes on this notorious budget catching up with her?

Whatever the situation is Addie Jenne Russell voted for the floor tax during the budget votes, now in some sort of herculean move she is circulating a petition opposing the measure.

Russell has created a website petition to gain support to repeal a tax that she voted to enact, the so-called floor tax (a form of double taxation if there ever was one) required wine and beer sellers to pay a higher levy on product already in stock and already taxed at the earlier and lower rate.

The double tax drove retailers nuts, both because it was an administrative nightmare, and because it's blatantly unfair! And its driving sales down!

Now Addie is feeling the heat from store owners and is trying to look like a savior. But there's no chance her proposal will pass. So what is she trying to pull?  Perhaps the wool over voters' eyes.

BTW-- Darrel voted for it too, and isn't even pretending to have second thoughts.

This is lame Addie, really!

See: Gouverneur Times

NOM Speaks

National Organization for Marriage is talking back! They will introduce their own ad campaign to fight against the SSM issue.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


While New Yorker's are split on the issue of legalizing same sex marriage according the latest Siena Poll, advocates are filling the airwaves by dumping hundreds of thousands into an ad campaign to sway people's opinion. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last To Leave...

...New York turn the lights out.

For those who dismissed Mr. Golisano move as just raising the political rhetoric here is another fine example of exodus caused by New York Democrats tax and spend policies.

And this business owned by a family of 3 is courting 21 employees with them to Florida.

Three-quarters of small-business owners pay taxes through filings as S-corporations or limited liability partnerships. That means company profits are taxed as part of their personal income. But the Bells say the money reported as income doesn’t go to their bank accounts. A large part goes to federal and state taxes, and then about 40 percent is driven back into the company to hire more people and buy equipment and expand.

So of the five family members involved in the business, the state tax rate for two will rise to 8.97 percent from 6.85 percent because their S-corporation filing lists their incomes at more than $500,000, and three others will pay more because their incomes exceed $200,000.

“So there will be less to invest in the business,” Aaron Bell said. 

Read the Buffalo News Story: Heavier tax load drives company from state

Monday, May 25, 2009

Councilman Clough - In or Out?

The Jefferson County Legislature is up for election this year along with 2 of the 4 Watertown City Council seats. The are seats currently held by Jeff Smith and Peter Clough and neither have announced their intentions, nor has anyone else expressed interest in the seats.

Speculation is that Clough may not seek reelection and that speculation was fueled when a loyal attendee of the Council meetings reported that Councilman Clough's house is for sale!

If Smith runs and just has not announced yet and Clough does not seek another term, there is an empty seat and no one interested.

No one interested in the non partisan council seats and the two local parties have a difficult time finding people to run for local offices.

These races are just another example of bowling alone.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

They Sacrificed Their Tomorrows

The 30th day of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet church-yard in the land. In this observance no form of ceremony is prescribed, but posts and comrades will in their own way arrange such fitting services and testimonials of respect as circumstances may permit. 

If other eyes grow dull, other hands slack, and other hearts cold in the solemn trust, ours shall keep it well as long as the light and warmth of life remain to us.

Let us, then, at the time appointed gather around their sacred remains and garland the passionless mounds above them with the choicest flowers of spring-time; let us raise above them the dear old flag they saved from his honor; let us in this solemn presence renew our pledges to aid and assist those whom they have left among us a sacred charge upon a nation's gratitude, the soldier's and sailor's widow and orphan. 

Memorial (Decoration) Day created by the Grand Orders No. 11, Washington, D.C., May 5 1868

Another Opinion

Last week it was written here about Obama meddling in NY politics (Omnipotent Obama) and it was stated Obama put himself in a position to help Paterson.

It of course was pooh poohed by some of the Democrat readers here, but let me share another opinion written by PolitickerNY and NY Democratic member of Congress.

Read it here: Is Obama going to do something about Paterson too?

Friday, May 22, 2009

JC Legislative Races

Jefferson County Legislature seats are up for election this year, while most expect the incumbents to seek re-election, there is an open seat.

Robert Boice in district 11 is not seeking re-election and the Democrats are looking to former city councilman and current district 11 resident Paul Simmons. Simmons a former mayor candidate who ran against Jeff Graham and was defeated before moving into District 11.

District 15 long time incumbent Jim St. Croix is likely to face opposition from "The General Store" operator Anthony Doldo.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Albany's Assault

Albany's Assault on Gun Owners

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Official

Cheryl Lane officially announced her candidacy for Jefferson County Clerk. Cheryl is pictured here speaking with Jefferson County Legislator Barry Ormsby and others at Wednesday night's GOP spring dinner.

The expected opponent, Staten Island native Gertrude Karris, has yet to officially announce her candidacy. 

Also announced tonight; there is a potential candidate for the Legislative District 15 currently held by Jim St. Croix

Budget Woes

Possibly the worst budget in New York State history just got more bad news, revenues cannot support the foolishness of the Democrats increase in their spending of nearly 10% this year.

A fiscally irresponsible budget that did little in the way of spending cuts and a lot in the way of increased taxes is at a crossroads and the so called leaders of this state will have to find ways to perhaps actually cut spending, or continue to do what they do best - raise taxes.

Faux conservative Governor David Paterson now wants to set a mandatory spending limit on state spending, but that appears just a political attempt to raise his sagging poll numbers. If he was serious he would have imposed it on the budget this year, no legislation should be necessary to do the right thing.

Tax and spend Democrats in the Senate are opposed to spending limits, if they were serious about controlling spending, legislation like this would not bother them.

One Democratic Senator who understood the plight of taxpayers in this state or finances could have voted no on this budget and single handedly stopped this bad budget.

More bad news on state budget or  
Revenue fell 44% or  
It's worse than we thought

Unshackle Upstate

You have to watch this, if they are truly committed to this grassroots movement this could be powerful! An upstate voice that is missing now in NYS government.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pelosi Dances With Thoughts Of Sugarplums.

Paterson Is In La-La Land!

Does anyone really think Governor David Paterson could make these remarks with a straight face or without his fingers crossed behind his back?

This is response to Golisano leaving for the sunshine state and lower taxes.

Governor Davide Paterson-
"Well, I'm sorry Mr. Golisano feels that he hs to change his residence at this time. I understand that people moving out of the state is one of the reasons that we don't want to raise personal income taxes as we did."

"(I) was able to cut the period to three years, so I'm hoping when it sunsets in three years that Mr. Golisano will come back. But just also to remind everyone, we did have to cut $21 billion over the last three or four months, and we upset a number of other people who probably can't afford to leave the state right now."

He is dreaming if he thinks this tax will sunset!

Monday, May 18, 2009

County Clerk Showdown!

The race for office of the County Clerk appears to be shaping up, the Watertown Daily Times reported long time NNY resident Cheryl Lane from the Brownville/Dexter area is interested in the office now held by soon to be Republican JoAnn Wilder.

The Lane family is a very active family in the area and Cheryl with 18 years experience in the clerk's office should be a formidable candidate against Staten Island native Gertrude Karris, who is the current Sackets Harbor village clerk.

Let the fun begin!

More On Golisano

This is a lift from a post on The Neighborhood Retail Alliance. It is an interesting perspective on the issue and the Working Families Party Dan Cantor's "selfish" remark. WFP has tight reins on the Senate Democrats; they are large contributors financially as well as providing ground troops for Senate Democrats during campaigns and thus control some of their agenda including the tax increase that caused Golisano to flee NY.

And here is another take on the Golisano issue by E.J. McMahon, read Golisano Gone

Posted by Neighborhood Retail Alliance.

Tom Golisano is taking his leave of New York State and his departure, while failing to conjure up any real feelings of loss and regret, does make an important statement: "New York billionaire Tom Golisano is taking his big bucks elsewhere. Furious over a new "millionaire's tax" that could cost him an extra $1 million this year, the Rochester-area resident and three-time gubernatorial candidate says he's fleeing the state for Florida's Gulf Coast."

You see, when you continue to raise taxes on the wealthy-not to mention all of the businesses taxes and fees-it is bound to eventually create the kind of blowback that Golisano's departure represents. You can gnash your teeth all you want about this, but it doesn't change a thing. These kinds of policies are counterproductive-no matter how self righteous their proponents are. And, speaking of self righteousness, how about the reaction to the Golisano going from the WFP's Dan Cantor: "Working Families Party Executive Director Dan Cantor, who championed the tax hike, called Golisano's move "selfish." "It's a disgrace that this is how he pays back the state where he was presumably educated and that's been so good to him," Cantor said. "Taxes are the price you pay for civilization. He's moving to a space where there's a little bit less civilization."

How sour are the grapes here? Golisano has been a major philanthropist in New York; and he's repaid by the confiscators for his generosity with additional levies needed to compensate for their public profligacy. As the Business Council's Ken Adams tells the Post: "What kind of message does it send when a self-made entrepreneur, incredibly successful billionaire, throws in the towel on New York state?" said state Business Council President Kenneth Adams. "He's a bold-faced name making a bold move, but he follows hundreds of thousands of people who have already done the same thing."

Yes, we're driving the wealthy and business out of the state. And we have a politics that is driven by the WFP folks who, if allowed to get their way, will soon have us repeating the debacle of the 1970s; trying to run a socialist government in a capitalist economy. It appears that those sober lessons haven't really been learned.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Omnipotent Obama

New York State is a fiscal train wreck and Governor Paterson's approval ratings for his job performance reflect the state of affairs of our government.

Given the mess NYS is in, Obama has sent a strong signal he will protect Governor Patterson. A clear message was delivered to Congressman Israel, don't get in the way.

Read: Israel won't primary... or Steve Israel stands down or Israel Not Running

Patterson bungled the Gillibrand appointment and now Obama is out to protect him. Paterson's poll numbers took a sharp downturn after the appointment of Gillibrand and a primary for Gillibrand will only result in more blood shed in his poll numbers. This is the second time Obama has inserted himself into New York politics and you have to wonder how Obama will insert himself into the Governor's race and what message is in store for Andy Cuomo.

What choices do New Yorkers have, Republican or Democrat? We only get Obama choices?

Of course the strategy is simple a bad Democat is a better Democrat choice than any Republican.

Let's hope the people of New York State are smarter.

Economy In The Crapper

You might say Zo the plumber presents a good metaphor of our economic recovery plan. The best part of video comes later after the toilet bowl skit. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Going Going - Gone

Hey Tom, how are those Senate Democrats that you so heavily invested in doing now?

No so good, Golisano is fed up with taxation in NYS and this year's budget which brought taxation to a all new high. He is moving his residency to Florida, a move that will save Golisano $13,800 A DAY!

Report From WHEC or LoHud

"Golisano spelled it out. The new state budget would have cost him $5 million this year in income tax alone."

"Golisano blames Governor Paterson and leaders in Albany for passing a budget that raised taxes and increased spending by 9 percent."

Yet, NNY still has state legislators that think this budget was ok!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gorman On The Wilder Switch

WDT Editor Bob Gorman has weighted in on the Wilder move to the GOP with an interesting perspective. He discusses the validity of Clerk, Treasurer, Sheriff, etc being political party elected jobs. Even the county administrator is appointed and there probably is more merit to electing a county administrator/executive than to electing these positions.

Read more: Rough Draft

Gorman's perspective has merit, but he also failed to mention one other aspect of these elected positions, and that is from an administrator's point of view. An administrator, who is ultimately responsible for all county operations, has considerably less control over these departments. Can you imagine running a company where a handful of several departments could do a 180 on your objectives and operate independently? 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spotlight Shines Bright On McHugh

Moderate voice for Republicans...

Obama sought out McHugh when he unveiled plans to withdraw from Iraq. 

One of the Republicans' leading figures...

A serious voice on defense and budgetary affairs...

He is the right person at the right time...

Chairman Ike Skelton (D-Mo.) has been impressed with McHugh’s approach and says his colleague gets results.

“I cannot ask for a better partner than John. We agree on many issues, and I respect his decision-making and candor on the committee,” Skelton said recently.

An impressive article on McHugh.

See  McHugh Moves Into Spotlight, He's Now A Major GOP Voice On Policy

Albany: Do As We Do - Secrecy is OK

Gov. Paterson, one-time leader of "reform" Democrats who, as Governor, has single-handedly turned back the clock on even the smallest semblance of openness and transparency in state government, has vetoed a new law aimed at opening up government to the public.

Paterson nixed a bill that would fine government agencies that fail to follow the state's 30-year-old Open Meetings Law.

The bill was championed by nearly every major editorial board in the state, including the Syracuse Post Standard: (Read: Open Up May 4)

"Too often, government bodies -- city councils, village, town and school boards and the like -- either try to circumvent the (Open Meetings Law) or blatantly ignore it. At their worst, they act as if they are running private companies and have the right to keep their deliberations under wraps.

"Even when public officials are told they are violating the law -- by Robert Freeman, the executive director of the state Committee on Open Government, for example -- they sometimes shrug off his opinions.

"They know there is no real penalty for holding secret meetings or for failing to notify the public about a meeting in a timely manner. ...

"The expanded law would put some teeth into the openness requirements. It would give the court the authority to stop an action that was taken or deliberated during a gathering that violated the law.

"Importantly, the court also would be able to levy fines of up to $500 on public bodies that violate the law."

Of course, Paterson already lost any right to the claim of Albany reformer when he negotiated the bloated and unbalanced state budget behind closed doors with only the three Democrat men-in-a-room from NYC.

He did again when he hammered out a deal to reform the state drug laws and, just this week, when he announced agreement on a new plan to bail out NYC's subway system.

Democrat leaders of the Legislature willingly came along for the ride, and rank-and-file Democrats share the blame for failing to stand up and criticize the renewed secrecy.

It's an especially hard blow for Senate "reform guru" Dave Valesky, our neighbor from the Syracuse area to the south who sponsored the bill, but did little to advance its chances with the Governor, as well as Sen. Darrel Aubertine, who promised to sponsor a similar bill, but never did. (Read; Open Up March 18)

Paterson defended his veto, saying the $500 fines might be too much to bear for local governments.
Simple solution? Don't break the law and you don't have to pay the fines.

Read Paterson's veto message and more information the story here: Paterson's-veto-message

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jefferson County's First Wind Farm

Jefferson County's first wind farm is up and running, no public subsidies, no transmission lines running through farm fields, just a good clean project.

Watch - 2:00+ minutes


Hey things were getting too serious here, so we have to change the mood around Jefferson County. The Democrats have a major dump in their diapers and their mood is bad, so we needed a little humor. 


Never do today what can be put off 'til tomorrow!

This seems to be the answer the downstate Democrats use to appease their 5 upstate Democratic colleagues.

There's considerable confusion about whether Sen. Aubertine actually got a commitment for funding to rebuild crumbling Upstate highways in exchange for his support of the NYC subway bailout.

Aubertine says he did. The Buffalo News says maybe not.

More and more, it appears that the issue of Upstate highway rebuilding is just one more that downstate Democrats are promising to deal with another day.

Other save-it-for-later issues include Democrats' pledge to restore STAR rebates that they eliminated in the state budget. Read Restore STAR.

Earlier this week, they announced creation of a 29-member commission to study ways to fix their Empire Zone reforms that cut thousands of businesses out of the program, and resulted in small businesses extending no-interest loans to Albany until officials there can work out which companies qualify for job-saving tax credits and incentives and which don't. Read Companies furious over tax changes.

And after railing for years about unfair treatment at the hands of the GOP, now Majority-Democrats have yet to adopt the legislative reforms proposed last month by Senate Rules Reformer Dave Valesky and his $100,000-a-year staff advisor on reform, Andrew Strengel. Instead, they will continue to study the plan and possibly make changes next year. Read A fraud on the public.

Studying problems to death and presenting plans that go nowhere is de rigeur for the Senate Democrats. Consider this:

Back in 2007, when their quest for the majority and the reins of power was still only a dream, Senate Democrats rolled out a $1 billion plan to rebuild the Upstate economy, dutifully reported by blogger Philip Anderson, who is now a Senate Democrat staffer. Read TAP Right-NY. 

We're still waiting for that investment, and chances are we'll be waiting a long time for Democrats to fulfill their other promises too.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

County Clerk Wilder Registers GOP

County Clerk Jo Ann M. Wilder has just minutes ago registered as a Republican.

Jo Ann intends to support the Republican candidate for county clerk. An announcement of the candidate is expected soon.

Jo Ann is a hard working county clerk, who has always been admired by members on both sides of the aisle is sure to be welcomed by the GOP in their efforts to gain the county clerk seat this fall.

One Issue - Two Views

The NY Times reported yesterday that one lone upstate Democrat, unnamed - but it was Darrel Aubertine, who held up the MTA legislation that was passed in the Senate last week for increased funding for upstate roads.

The article is here

Today, the Buffalo News editorializes that upstate is being ignored with the latest MTA/transportation legislation. See the article: Upstate gets crumbs...

Which is it?

If in fact Darrel held out and it resulted in promises for funding for upstate roads as part of a deal for his support of the MTA legislation, then he needs to come forward and tell his constituents what they can expect and what the fruits of his hold out produced.

It is called transparency in government.

Albany's Meltdown

The Albany meltdown with Parker, Monserrate and Espada heats up as the week began yesterday.

CBS 2, who orginally exposed Espada, puts the spotlight back on him with this reporting.

And Senator Sluggo continues his headlines as well. NY Post is unlikely to give up on this guy any time soon, read more here and they chronicle his problems here.

Hizzoner Celebrates

If you see Mayor Graham today be sure to wish him a happy birthday. 

Leave a birthday greeting for him.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Credit Where Credit Is Due - Kudos Aubertine

Don't fall out of your chairs folks!

Darrel Aubertine finally has used his political muscle in the razor thin New York Senate majority of 32, where any 1 Senator can hold up legislation for a demand that their constituency be appropriately considered.

We have been shouting out loud for months for Aubertine to stand up and be counted and quit the practice of being a wall flower who is just lockstep voting with a majority of people because of politics.

We have posted many disagreements with Aubertine's policy positions, nothing personal, just strongly oppose the Democrat majority positions.   

But Darrel Aubertine responded and he deserves a good ol'fashion north country slap on the back along with a hearty congratulations.

Moves like this one get the political bi-partisan blood percolating today!

From the NY Times Article
Finally, there was the North Country One: a lone Democrat who demanded that any plan to save subways and buses downstate also guarantee money for roads and bridges upstate.

State Senate 29-30?

The Senate Democrat majority currently stands at 32 to the minority Republicans 30. This could all change if the Democrats stood on any principles and cast aside their dead weights.

Loud mouth and hot head Senator Kevin Parker, who ironically sponsored the "ultimate fight" bill which legalizes mixed martial arts fighting, used some of the methods on a NY Post fotog on Friday and was charged for felony criminal mischief. This is not Parker's first or even his second or third altercation.

Parker is the second member of the elite 32 majority charged with a felony, the other is Hiram Monserrate, who is also charged with a felony assault for the beating he gave to his girlfriend.

The Senate Democrat perp walks and they are not heading into the capital either!

There's State Sen. Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn House of Detention), left, being led to his arraignment on charges he beat up a New York Post photographer.

And that's State Sen. Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens County Jail), right, on his way to face the music for the face-slash of his live-in girlfriend.

And finally this brings us to Pedro Espada, member of the original gang of four (Monserrate was a member also), then three, and now a charter member of the "Next Generation Dems Gang of Three." It was exposed by CBS that Espada only maintains an address in his district in NYC and he actually lives in Westchester County, which is outside his district and Espada is still be facing several Board of Election errors with severe penalties.

Smiling Malcolm has striped Parker of his chairmanship, but not Monserrate, should Malcolm do more even if it risk the 32-30 majority? The razor thin majority will prove to be a barrier to principles, which could swing the count to 29-30 in favor of the Republicans?

Their theme is Politics Before People, which we now know where our Senator gets it from, it is a top down theme of the Senate Democrats.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Say It Ain't So Senator Parker

From the land of hypocrisy another wonderful tale of a Democrat Senate majority member.

Pretty soon the Democrats will not only have to worry about losing the majority to the Republicans; they will be battling against themselves and their members serving time.

Hmmmm ... do you think that is their motive for closing prisons? To keep their members free and able to vote on the Senate floor!
When Democrat State Sen. Kevin Parker talks about the problem of home foreclosures, he knows from whence he speaks. 

Parker, who is paid $100,000 a year as a Senator, hasn’t paid a dime on the mortgage for his $600,000 Brooklyn home in over a year.

Now his bank is (NY Post) threatening to take the property.

Parker is Albany’s leading champion for families threatened with the loss of their home, and he’s even proposed using state tax dollars to help bail out homeowners.

In failing to pay his own mortgage, Parker might claim he’s just following his own advice, contained in a brochure he’s distributed to constituents (but, oddly, which seems no longer to be available on the Senate Democrats’ new super-duper website).

In the brochure, Parker warns homeowners to avoid “common mistakes,” like “Reacting too quickly” (Take a deep breath and assess your situation), and “Giving up” (Do not consider bankruptcy without first considering all other options).

He also rails against “disingenuous lenders” who “tricked people” into thinking they could afford high-priced (like, say, $600,000) homes.

“These are our friends, our neighbors or perhaps, your own family…people who only wanted the ‘American dream.’”

You may recall Parker for his “nothing to protect up there but the silos” tirade against additional funding for North Country homeland security initiatives, which prompted an impassioned defense of our region by our former Sen. Jim Wright (don’t you miss him?).

By the way, don’t ask Parker about all this.

He’s (NY Post) been arrested for allegedly assaulting a photographer who was covering the story.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Albany bails out NYC transit, but ignores Upstate

Democrat-controlled Albany delivered a massive bailout for the strapped NYC transit system, but—for the first time ever—excluded critical and desperately needed funding for Upstate highways, including here in the North Country.
Republicans, who always insisted on linking mass transit and Upstate road funding, to make sure that every region of the state was treated fairly, all voted against the bailout plan in protest.
Sen. Darrel Aubertine and Assemblywoman Addie Russell voted in favor.
“Upstate is being left behind once again,” said Niagara County Republican Sen. George D. Maziarz.
Aubertine (who has made an increasing habit of voting in lock-step with his NYC-based leader) and his fellow Upstate Democrats will tell us that the bailout is being funded by downstate, so it rightly benefits only that region.
That’s half true. In fact, taxpayers in 12 counties—including five counties north of The Bronx—will be hit with a new payroll tax, and higher motor vehicles fees even if the NYC-centered MTA doesn’t service their communities.
And Gov. Paterson has promised to extra state aid to school districts in those counties to make up for the $60 million that they will have to send back to Albany for their cut of the payroll tax. That additional aid for Hudson Valley and Long Island schools will mean less aid for Northern NY and the rest of Upstate.
Paterson promised to revisit the issue of Upstate roads at a later date. Unfortunately, Paterson has a poor track record of keeping such promises, like his pledge to rein in state spending and taxes.
Last month, he approved the biggest budget in state history, with a 10 percent increase in state spending and $8.5 billion in new taxes.
Read more here, here and here
The NYC transit bailout supported by Russell and Aubertine is likely to cost New York State more jobs. What are they possibly thinking by supporting this tax?
Read more here.
Politics Before People!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One For The Hizzoner

Mr. Mayor will just go nuts seeing this ad from his favorite politician.

Now that he twitters is it protocol to refer to him as Mr. Twit or Mr. Mayor. :)

You can caption this picture:
Are those king or queen crab legs there?

Only In New York

Hiram Monserrate, the indicted Democratic Queens Senator, wants to beat (not his girlfriend this time) bedbugs by labeling mattresses new or used.

Read here

And a statement from Democratic Senator Craig Johnson on the MTA bailout plan the requires the state taxpayers to fork over $60 million and increase it accordingly year after year to reimburse schools for the payroll tax increase they passed as part of the plan.
Asked where the money might come from, especially given the state's current fiscal woes, Johnson replied: "It's the obligation of the governor and of other interested parties to come up with the money to protect the school districts."
Ahh, don't worry about where the money is coming from that is a problem someone else can solve. This must be the same mentality they use when passing the state budget and with leaders like Johnson, do not wonder any longer why New York State is in trouble.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Attribute John

John McHugh is considered one of the most bipartisan colleagues in Congress according to a survey by the The Hill.

Read more here

By contrast and not much of a surprise to many is that Nancy Pelosi is considered one of the most ruthless and partisan members.
"Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) is the most partisan Democrat in the House ... Pelosi has developed a reputation for keeping her forces in line, rewarding loyalty, punishing dissent and sticking it to her Republican opponents"
For McHugh, this is a good attribute and it speaks volumes for his ability to get the job done and his years of accomplishments for the 23rd Congressional District.
"Republicans who made the most-bipartisan list included Reps. Mica, Ron Paul (Texas), Jones, John McHugh (N.Y.) and Steven LaTourette (Ohio)."
So if McHugh ever says on the campaign trail that ideas are not the proprietorship of Republicans or Democrats, you can trust he means it.

With McHugh it is about getting the job done for the people of his district.

He puts 
PEOPLE Before Politics!

US Senate

Former Governor Pataki is not the only former Governor considering a run for the US Senate, so to is former PA Governor Tom Ridge.

This would set up a Specter vs. Ridge race, which would be a race to watch.

Read more from Roll Call and the WaPo and Politico

A poll shows the Specter vs. Ridge race a statistical dead heat at 46-43 respectively.

MTA Bailout

Yet another plan that has been secretly negotiated behind closed doors; the Senate Democrats appeared poised to support a poorly conceived MTA bailout plan.

The plan will include a payroll tax, so every business owner in a 12 county region can pay to bail out the MTA. The plan will further put jobs in New York State at risk, thus rippling across the state and making this plan a burden for every taxpayer.

If that was not enough the Senate Democrats and the Governor want to make sure every New Yorker pays for the bailout. They want to hold the school districts in the area harmless from the payroll tax by having the state reimburse them for the added expense, which is just another way of saying we will spread the burden around the state.

Daily Politics reported last

Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith emerged tonight from a closed-door meeting with the two suburban holdouts on the MTA bailout plan - Sens. Craig Johnson and Brian Foley - to announce he has tentatively reached the magic 32 number on a "framework" deal.

Which means that it is politics as usual for our upstate Senators, no say and no reward, upstate just pays.
Politics before people! 

As Guv P Slides He Admits Republicans Are Right

Governor Paterson continues his slide in public opinion polls. Marist polling reported today identical results to a Quinnipiac poll from a month ago. People also indicated they would prefer client #9 over the accidental Governor.

An overall 19 percent of voters view the Governor as doing a favorable job, while only 22 percent from his own party approve of his job performance.

Paterson's choice for US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is not faring a whole lot better either as she trails former Governor Pataki in a head to head match up.

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Meanwhile, the Governor is reaching into the GOP bag of ideas by proposing a cap on budget spending, although he never supported the measure in the years that the Republicans have been proposing the cap. And he did not seem too concerned as he was allowing the Senate and Assembly Democrats to run away with spending in this year's budget. Now he wants to attempt fiscal discipline?

Paterson admitted the Republicans were right.

“Senate Republicans made a very good point about the spending and the need to limit it and I think they arrived at that point certainly before I did.”

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Good luck Guv, the Democrats in the Senate and certainly in the Assembly are not likely to hitch their wagon to your plummeting poll numbers, and they will not stand up to the special interest either. But, you are finally on the right side of an issue!

E.J. McMahon questions Patersons's timing - here.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Griffo to Aubertine - "Playground Politics"

This is a follow to an issue that was featured here a couple of weeks ago.

Senator Aubertine accused the Republican majority last year of taking legislation and removing his name in order to pass it and followed up during the campaign by stating these are the issues that need reform.


Senator Reformer did the same thing as he accused others of doing with the ATV/UTV legislation by stealing Senator Griffo's bill. 

Read the coverage here by the The Gouverneur Times.

And his reasoning for such action, Albany is broken and do not expect them to fix it overnight.

Senator Aubertine - 
"It’s a broken system that grew increasingly dysfunctional over the past 40 years and especially the last 15. It’s not realistic to expect all of its flaws to have been corrected in four months, but the new majority is committed to reform and the bi-partisan committee on Rules Reform has given us a means to move forward.”
Of course not, but do not perpetuate the problem Senator, what is the old saying - two wrongs don't make a right!

Side note - no doubt downstate Democratic control is out of touch with upstate. A downstate Democrat, who helps control the NY State Senate referred to these side by side ATVs as "mini tanks."

D = Dysfunction and Democrat

When the letter trailing the name of a member of the New York State Legislature is a D, it stands for more than Democrat.

The Democrats have always blamed the Republicans for the dysfunction in New York State government, but now that the state has one party rule in the name of Democrats there is no one else to blame.

Unable to pass any major legislation while comfortably passing a huge tax and spend budget thus far describes their session of control in the Senate.
"Lawmakers' penchant for secrecy only exacerbates the situation. Senate leaders are loath to bring a bill to the floor without knowing it will be adopted. So rank-in-file senators aren't forced to take a stand and be subjected to lobbying that could sway votes."
With that mentality of governing, there is not much wondering why our State Senate is so dysfunctional.
And Malcolm Smith says,
"Everybody starts out in a wide area . . . but at the end of the day, they do what we have to do."
Which is another way of saying upstate Senators like Valesky or Aubertine do not have a voice, they must go along to get along. 

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Sunday, May 3, 2009


"Pro football gave me a good perspective," he was quoted as saying. "When I entered the political arena, I had already been booed, cheered, cut, sold, traded, and hung in effigy."

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spam Anyone?

Senate bill S3252 would allow for the Board of Elections to begin collecting email addresses from voters on a voluntary basis and use the email address to communicate with voters as well as by traditional mail.

The intent of communications from the Board of Elections is to notify people on issues of voting and validate voters, which cannot be done by email address. Email addresses cannot verify what Senate or Assembly district or even state or country that you live. It would not contribute anything to preventing fraud in voting.

This is a "buyer beware" situation! Anyone knows the more you give out your email address the more susceptible you are to spam. Giving your email address to the Board of Elections would be a HUGE opportunity for political campaigns, who garner all the information on who votes; party affiliation, how often and where, thus you become the target for all the political mailings, robo-calls, door knocks and now email spam or other annoyances necessary to win a campaign.  

Sometimes snail mail has its place and this is one. Emails serve very little purpose here, the claim is so they can communicate effectively, yeah right, maybe on the campaign trail.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cross Post

This is a must read on Monroerising

The Senate Democrats "hug-a-thug" policy. Read it here

Do You Feel Safer?

Only time will tell whether the Obama diplomacy and foreign policy will work, but for now the public does not think they are less safe under Obama. Let's hope that stays true.

To the Republicans trying to gain traction with this, remember this - its the economy!

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