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Monday, May 11, 2009

Credit Where Credit Is Due - Kudos Aubertine

Don't fall out of your chairs folks!

Darrel Aubertine finally has used his political muscle in the razor thin New York Senate majority of 32, where any 1 Senator can hold up legislation for a demand that their constituency be appropriately considered.

We have been shouting out loud for months for Aubertine to stand up and be counted and quit the practice of being a wall flower who is just lockstep voting with a majority of people because of politics.

We have posted many disagreements with Aubertine's policy positions, nothing personal, just strongly oppose the Democrat majority positions.   

But Darrel Aubertine responded and he deserves a good ol'fashion north country slap on the back along with a hearty congratulations.

Moves like this one get the political bi-partisan blood percolating today!

From the NY Times Article
Finally, there was the North Country One: a lone Democrat who demanded that any plan to save subways and buses downstate also guarantee money for roads and bridges upstate.


Anonymous said...

Aubertine Appointed Acting
Chair of Energy Committee

Anonymous said...

Way to go, D! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

That is so he can help his windmill company get the approvals they need.

Anonymous said...

Now that he's broken the ice, he needs to stand up against the NYC idiots doing the gun control dance. He does that, and he's senator again, and again.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Aubertine can run for Congress and fill that 'no' hole in the the 23 District. He couldn't be any worse then the 'no' guy.

Anonymous said...

IV you have stunned me today. I am not always in lockstep with Aubertine either but you are correct he deserves some credit. Nice job in findin the story.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your point, 4:16
We don't need any more pols that bendover to out of control spending and vote yup when someone tells them to.

I don't understand your yup mentality. Presumably you didn't teach your daughter the same way.

Dan Francis said...

So, are high-fives in order? I mean is the deal done? Or just pending?

The proof as they say will be in the proverbial pudding...

Optimistic, yes I am; always, but as the old Persian proverb says, "Trust in Allah, but tie your camel tight."

Anonymous said...

Dan is right. But there's reason for hope. Independent thought and a backbone to stand up to NYC fools.

Life is better than it was yesterday. Good job, Darrell.
Today, you're one of us.

Wouldn't it be great if this turns out to be what the guy is all about. The NY Times is writing about the nerve of this upstate dude.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your point, 9:00PM
We don't need any more pols, deaf, dumb and blind, to controlled and regulated spending and vote 'nope' when someone tells them to.

I don't understand your 'nope' mentality. Presumably you didn't teach your daughter the same way.

Anonymous said...

No independent thought there.

It's about bad economic policy. Don't borrow too much.

I appreciate the fact that you enjoyed my humor. Next time, contribute some of your own.

But then again, your a Dem. You believe all should be provided by others. No problem, I'm here for ya.

Anonymous said...

What a farce! There is no Upstate highway funding in the MTA bill.
Darrel didn't stop anything and now he's trying to get credit for something that didn't happen?

Get along-go along. That's what we got in electing Senator Aubertine.

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