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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, May 4, 2009

Griffo to Aubertine - "Playground Politics"

This is a follow to an issue that was featured here a couple of weeks ago.

Senator Aubertine accused the Republican majority last year of taking legislation and removing his name in order to pass it and followed up during the campaign by stating these are the issues that need reform.


Senator Reformer did the same thing as he accused others of doing with the ATV/UTV legislation by stealing Senator Griffo's bill. 

Read the coverage here by the The Gouverneur Times.

And his reasoning for such action, Albany is broken and do not expect them to fix it overnight.

Senator Aubertine - 
"It’s a broken system that grew increasingly dysfunctional over the past 40 years and especially the last 15. It’s not realistic to expect all of its flaws to have been corrected in four months, but the new majority is committed to reform and the bi-partisan committee on Rules Reform has given us a means to move forward.”
Of course not, but do not perpetuate the problem Senator, what is the old saying - two wrongs don't make a right!

Side note - no doubt downstate Democratic control is out of touch with upstate. A downstate Democrat, who helps control the NY State Senate referred to these side by side ATVs as "mini tanks."


Anonymous said...

The downstate Democrat was right. But the tanks are less destructive. At least they stay where they belong on Fort Drum.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Sen. Aubertine. He really does sound like a child -- and he thinks we are children too if he believes we'll buy his excuses.

What is it he says, "People over politics"?

That doesn't sound like the case here.

Anonymous said...

Why should Darrel cater to the ATV crowd? They vote Republican if they vote at all.

Anonymous said...

10:10 is right. This is not about the freedom to make choices about recreation. I'm not into ATV's, so why should I care?

This is the kind of country we have become. What's in it for ME?

No sense in thinking the issue through so environmental damage is controlled, and people can make their own choices.

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