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Friday, May 15, 2009

Gorman On The Wilder Switch

WDT Editor Bob Gorman has weighted in on the Wilder move to the GOP with an interesting perspective. He discusses the validity of Clerk, Treasurer, Sheriff, etc being political party elected jobs. Even the county administrator is appointed and there probably is more merit to electing a county administrator/executive than to electing these positions.

Read more: Rough Draft

Gorman's perspective has merit, but he also failed to mention one other aspect of these elected positions, and that is from an administrator's point of view. An administrator, who is ultimately responsible for all county operations, has considerably less control over these departments. Can you imagine running a company where a handful of several departments could do a 180 on your objectives and operate independently? 


Anonymous said...

" Can you imagine running a company where a handful of several departments could do a 180 on your objectives and operate independently? "

So are you saying loyalty is as important as doing the job effectively?

It is sad that her move was leaked on here and created all the stir. Since she will remain Dem. until after the election, anyway, her endorsement would have had a greater impact on the voters. The leak did no good for the Republicans.

But then, perhaps that was your intent all along since you had Jeff Graham in mind and Republicans don't want him.


Anonymous said...

CL said, "But then, perhaps that was your intent all along". Good point.

PIV failed to leak the important fact that the party switch did not take place until after the election. That was irresponsible since PIV is all knowing and sees all, he must have known that.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference whether we find out here, on PIV, or through the rumor mill, or seven weeks later through the local newspaper?

Why are some people's feelings so hurt by the fact that a story was broken here on this site?

We found out. We are debating it, which is much more than we could do on some scripted site run by party hacks like Shawwn Henessssi.
Life is good. Be happy.

Anonymous said...

"Jeff Graham in mind and Republicans don't want him."

Crimany!! That guy was busted for illegal handling of the states quick draw. Imagine what he could do with county records.

CL said...

Anon. above said:

"Why are some people's feelings so hurt by the fact that a story was broken here on this site?"

First, it has nothing to do with feelings. It has to do with good political sense. If you are only interested in the negative side of local politics or if your purpose is achieving a vendetta then I can understand why you would say that and continue to insult people by failing to recognize their proper name. If you can't handle a simple thing like a person's name, then how can you be trusted to handle a scoop? How could anything you say be even considered?

The site you applaud is an anonymous site written by a person so insecure with his political standing that he does not dare to be accountable for what he posts. Anonymity, no matter how hard you try, does not garner the same credibility as a person like Robert Gorman and a professional newspaper such as the WDT. Case in point: all of the great bloggers, lefty loser or wacky right, back up their convictions with an identity.

Your type of anonymity is especially suspect because you use it to insult, incite, chide, mock and deride. You never use it for anything purposeful.
The best description for your type of anonymity is, Chickenshit.


Anonymous said...

Well, CL. We are in a snit. First off, I didn't handle anything. I had nothing to do with this.

It just seems your motivation is twofold. First, you must hate all that has to do with Republicans. As Wilder has made a decision the other way, you are now obligated to hate her. You do that well. Why, I have no idea. I thought she was a good lady before, and I think she's a good lady now.
Secondly, because this blog leans right, you are obligated to hate this site as well. You don't care how the story came out, you just don't want credit being given to this site. You're stuck on the hate thing again. And again, you do that well.

I don't understand your frothing. I get news from all over the place. The only place I can't get it is at sites that don't allow give and take. You know, the ones that you defend. Shawnie's site. The one that Ted used to run and the one that used to encourage discussion. Remember that? Or has your hate interfered with your memory?

As far a being anonymous. Guy, or girl, plant, whatever you wanna be, just try to calm down. If you didn't allow your life to be driven so much by hate, you'd be fine with a little jabbin' now and then.

LiberalLaugh said...

Hey Anon. are you the troller or the trollee?


CL said...

"You know, the ones that you defend."

Talk about anger. You have a good memory. I did once comment that local Republicans were in need of a good local website endorsed and written by local Republicans to compete with the Dems in Oswego and Jefferson. I was in no way defending them and could care less if a new Republican site had comments or no comments. We need a site that keeps our voting public up to snuff with the POSITIVE things we accomplish and the direction we are taking.

Just this morning while having coffee on the square I was asked what was going on with the Republicans. Wouldn't it be nice If i could say, "Go to our website".


Anonymous said...

Awwww CL you are just jealous because PIV gets secret inside information from being on the Jefferson County Board and you don't.

Anonymous said...

Well he has inside information on who the republicans are running for clerk and he won't allow it on here. CL is is protecting you well.
He don't mind throwing everyone elses name out there but won't let anyone post the name of Joann's pick. Nice that the republicans let Joann pick there candidate.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Cheryl Lane!!! You are going to need it with Political IV and Joann backing you!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about any of this secret stuff. All I know is a lot of people read this site, as compared to that scripted thing. Why would it surprise anyone that news would break here first?

CL, as far as the Republicans needing a site to compete with the donkeys, I don't see it that way. The fact that Henessie presents one side of the argument shows the difference betweent he parties. The elephants should just continue to allow him to make a fool of himself. In my opine.

hermit thrush said...

i know this is an old saw of mine, but the continuing comparisons between piv and jeffersondemocrat.org are, and have always been, silly to the point of stupidity. jeffersondemocrat is a party-sanctioned and -backed site, so of course it doesn't allow comments. if you want to compare it to something on the gop/conservative/right wing side, then the appropriate thing to look at is jeffgop.org, not piv. and upon looking there, we learn that there's an "upcoming meeting" for the jefferson county republican committee on december 3, 2008! and there sure aren't any comments around! so i don't think jeffersondemocrat is doing so badly.

if you want something on the left to compare to piv, then look at rwiley's blog -- comments aplenty there! though rwiley tends not to allow gratuitous personal attacks, so things like telling other commenters to seek counseling might not go over so well there.

Anonymous said...

Rwiley won't allow anything that questions Aubertine-period.it isn't just personal attacks that he blocks.
I've had a number of comments blocked that were critical of him from a political point of view and wiley blocks them.

Anonymous said...

Hey CL, The best description for YOUR type of anonymity is, Chickenshit.

Anonymous said...

CL at 8:09 a.m.: "So are you saying loyalty is as important as doing the job effectively?"

Yes, that is exactly what he is saying.

CL at 5:04 p.m.: "Just this morning while having coffee on the square I was asked what was going on with the Republcans..."

Loyalty is more important to them than doing the job effectively, THAT is what is going on with the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

CL you crap all over this blog for being anonymous, yet your posts are anonymous under the guise of CL.

What the heck is that all about?

If you are man (or woman) enough why don't you post under your full name like Dan Francis or give it a rest.

I post under anonymous and complain about postings, but I don't complain about what they are posted under, I stick to the content.

What's up, post your name.

Anonymous said...

Geeze, I'm the chief butthead and I feel left out. I think Klermit is right. Comparing PIV with Shawn's site isn't sensible. But Kerm, why would I read a site where the guy is so in the bag for the donkeys? That's why I stay where I can read DF and guys like that. Here.

Guys like you and Wiley are who brought NY to where it is. Soon enough, you'll do the same damage to the country. You see party above all else. Sorry, but that's the way I feel.

Anonymous said...

I guess Jim Wright was "elected to the DANC position.

Anonymous said...

Nope, Jim got the job given to him by that Johnson guy who runs the newspaper. It wasn't an election, it was a present. For what occasion I have no idea.

Hey. One other thing. Mr J was quoted in his paper as saying if DANC doesn't vote to expand the landfill in Rodman then Watertown won't have a place to put garbage. That may be true. But I wish he would have added that if DANC had not lied and expanded the area from which it accepted trash AFTER TELLING US THEY WOULD NOT, we wouldn't have been in a position to have to expand in the first place. We shouldn't be accepting trash from all over the northeast. Rodman folks warned us DANC was lying. They were right. Mr J left that out of his simplistic statement.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jim, fron the taxpayers.

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