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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pelosi Dances With Thoughts Of Sugarplums.


Dan Francis said...

Great timing, IV, on this post.

Allow me to wade in ... first and foremost, I am not a Nancy Pelosi fan and never have been, and I have said so in many venues. But I do stand on the side of right and wrong and facts vs. political BS. We are knee-deep in political BS right now.

* The GOP practically en masse is accusing her of lying ... about the fact that she was/was not briefied on EIT's (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques) and in particular, water-boarding, when she was briefed ONCE on 9/4/02 along with former Rep. Porter Goss.

* New facts have come out today that indicates strongly from many new media sources that the expression 'EIT' was not used at that time, and in fact it was NOT used until about June 2004 - two years after Pelosi was briefed.

That story Pelosi May Not Be Lying at All.

If this story pans out, then a whole lot of people owe Speaker Pelosi an apology, big time, from the RNC on down the line and right through Fox News.

We must ALWAYS stand with the facts and truth no matter how painful that may be, and everyone has to be man or woman enough to own up to the truth.

So, buckle up - it will be rough the next couple of days.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

try the war criminals in an international court. what goes around comes around. we executed Japanese military for waterboarding, then we use the idea ourselves. then Bush says we don't torture and people believe him. But what the hey, if you're the pres and you're willing to listen to religious scripture as a justification for an invasion, and you are willing to watch over 4000 of our brave men and women come home in body bags, what's a few foreigners, eh?

Dan Francis said...

Anon. 4:58 --- I'm not that cynical, but I agree with most of what you posted --- I'll leave it at that.

My chronology on torture is up to date. Torture Trail: A Dead End

Anonymous said...

Yup, you guys are right on this one. Great thinking. I heard we actually put bugs in the room with these guys to try to scare them. I'm so glad there are people like you around with the moral fiber to put a stop to it. If I were you, I would be very happy that I lived at this time in history. Foolishness is not only tolerated, it is celebrated.

What a wonderful world.

Anonymous said...

I am happy I live in this time, and I am saddened by all the righteous Christian believers who are God Certain that everyone outside the fold is a terrorist, and should be annihilated. By the way, we were told for years we didn't torture. I don't care about bugs or dogs. I care about our legacy as a free world example.

Anonymous said...

I don't know of any Christian who feel anyone outside the fold is a terrorist.That must be something you heard about on network TV. I missed that. Maybe you have it confused with the Muslims who seem to feel all non-Muslims are infidels, fair game for beheading, stoning, and the murdering of Christian children. I realize my story isn't as fashionable as yours but it is much closer to the truth. The only thing that interferes with our legacy is people like you, so focused on the reasonable things we have done to defend ourselves. It wouldn't matter whether these methods worked or resulted in mass deaths. You and yours would be right there to second guess extremely difficult decisions.

Anonymous said...

Your thinkin with yer dipstick nancy.What a dipsh**

Anonymous said...

what is our legacy? killing the Indians? slavery? running barb wire around the perimeter like we were Russia? which legacy are you talking about? the Christian legacy of molesting all those Catholic children in Ireland? In Boston and elsewhere? the Inquisition, which lasted until 1860? the Jim Crow legacy? the Nisei internments? the bracero programs? which legacy?

Anonymous said...

Yup, we're a terrible bunch. Why, my good man, if we are such a bad nation, are so many willing to risk everything to come here? And I'm sure you wouldn't consider leaving. Too many fashionable parties to attend where you can find real deep thinkers like yourself.

I'd debate you but folks like you always seem to have things all figured out. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

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