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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spotlight Shines Bright On McHugh

Moderate voice for Republicans...

Obama sought out McHugh when he unveiled plans to withdraw from Iraq. 

One of the Republicans' leading figures...

A serious voice on defense and budgetary affairs...

He is the right person at the right time...

Chairman Ike Skelton (D-Mo.) has been impressed with McHugh’s approach and says his colleague gets results.

“I cannot ask for a better partner than John. We agree on many issues, and I respect his decision-making and candor on the committee,” Skelton said recently.

An impressive article on McHugh.

See  McHugh Moves Into Spotlight, He's Now A Major GOP Voice On Policy


Dan Francis said...

In all fairness, where was that "spotlight shining bright on him when Bush, et al, lied us into Iraq on false pretenses that has now cost us billions, prestige lost that may never be recouped, and the:

KIA: 4,294

WIA: 46,132 (all categories)


MIA: 1

And, now his knowledge of waterboarding and the destruction of the CIA videotapes -- that amounts to "covering up crimes."

* Give me a break - stop the PR game and talk facts, those pesky facts.

* Politics SHOULD never take a backseat to the truth, period.

Anonymous said...

McHugh's motto:
(ref dmf above
"And, now his knowledge of waterboarding and the destruction of the CIA videotapes -- that amounts to "covering up crimes.")

"ya gotta go along to get along"

Anonymous said...

That's BS Dan. I wish you would get over this illness that you and other Dems seem to have about the war and what led up to it. Intelligence from AROUND THE WORLD was wrong on those weapons. Bush made the call, and asses, excuse me, donkeys like you want to relive and relive it again and again, figuring a lie told often enough becomes part of accepted history. Then you have the ba, nerve to preach to us about the truth.

I can't believe you can be so foolish about these things. But then again, you're a baby killer. Isn't that the BS we heard from people a generation ago? I guess all are free to pump their crap, so carry on.

I get so sick of this partisan BS.
But I know what turned you on. Somebody said something nice about McHugh and that set you off, again.

And you lecture about politics and the truth.

LiberalLaugh said...

Dan you are trying dealing with anon's ignorance here. You can't deal with ignorance by stating the facts.

The only way you can deal with ignorance is to set fire to a bag of dog shit, put it on his porch, ring the doorbell and run.


Dan Francis said...

Anon: 5:09... Wow, I hit a nerve, didn't I? It's funny how the truth has a tendancy to do that.

One thing I am not - I am not a rabid partisan on all issues; some, of course, if you think I am, that's your prerogative, but you obviously have not read much of my stuff closely ...

Otherwise, you'd see that I show no political mercy for anyone ... from either camp. I'm an equal-opportunity watcher of their BS.

FYI: As a retired combat infantryman (Marine Corps in VN twice) I never killed one baby and resent your remarks otherwise.

But, you just keep hiding behind ANONYMOUS, Anonymous ... it seems to suit you just fine!

Anonymous said...

No, I've calmed down. I'll let you and 6:11 continue to squat.

I hate pres bush. I hate john mchugh.I'm like you guys. That's all I know.

I noticed there was no factual retort, just crap. Not a word about WORLDWIDE intellegence. Just the same old. I hope you guys aren't going to apply for one of those civil unions.

Anonymous said...

Use your head, Dan.

Baby Killer was used as an example of ignorance. Don't prove my point by throwing it back as a "pretend" argument. If you're serious, you're not as smart as I've given you credit for being.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 9:23. Don't apologize to me for your ignorance - I already detected it. "Pretend argument?" What the hell is that? Make yourself clear and maybe clarity will shine through - that or sober up and try again!!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody apologized. Not to you anyway. You've been going along, thinking, for so long. Now someone yanks the McHugh string, and you go nuts again. Predictable. PIV complimented McH, and you reguritated donkey pablum. Goodie. I'd come to expect better.

I don't think it's an ignorance thing. I'd guess it's a basis for counseling. Get some.

Dan Francis said...

Anonymous 9:56. My last word on this: FYI, and as you posted in part: "PIV complimented McH, and you reguritated donkey pablum."I didn't and don't reguritate any DEM policy per se; I'm an original thinker in that regard mot of the time:

In my post (1:46 above) I stated some facts, public facts and you went nuts about me commenting our Rep. in Congress, who just happens to be Mr. McHugh ... who else would I talk about in the House on critical issues except McHugh - he's there, nitwit; so he gets the kudos and heatseeking missiles, too.

As for as counseling, as you also suggest: It is not me in need. I don't hide behind monikers like "Anonymous" posters do at this trough of enlightenment.

I come out in the open, speak my piece, right or wrong depends on the reader, and then I try to move on ... but I will defend myself and my views against those who spin me and those views differently.

And, I don't hide or lurk in the shadows afraid of letting people know who I am, or where I stand on any issue like you do.

~ finis

Dan Francis said...

FYI: Instead of this intense spotlight, spotlight (on Mr. McHugh or me or any Anonymous posters), we'd better be tuned into the future and possible redistricting in our 23rd CD...

This piece is pretty good on that subject, but it is not official, yet it makes some sense.

McHugh out? Arcuri in?As for me, I hope not.

John may step aside next year, no one knows, yet. If he were, I'd tell everyone (who would listen) that we'd better get someone local to fight for and protect and know about this upper region and Fort Drum and military issues and critical stuff on going, and NOT fall back on an incumbent already in office ... we need fresh ideas and new leadership.

That would be paramount for anyone to try and sell.

~ Hang on, it could get rough.

Anonymous said...

When is everyone going to quit blaming, and talking, about Bush. He is long gone. Bush was a liberal republican on economics and definately was not a great communicator, but you have to admire his willingness to stick with what he believed in. Even with real poor poll numbers, he meant what he said and said what he meant. Can you say the same about the annointed one. Please do not write back about being a party loyalist as I am not a republican and definately not a Bush lover, but this bozo makes Bush look like Reagan. By the way, when McHugh makes it on one the cable show we will know he is going some where.
Don't count on that happening soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya, 5:14.

Dan Francis said...

Blame Bush or Cheney? They had the helm for 8 years ... Butt, yes, I,too, hate to use the word "blame," so let's just say:

"It was they who were in charge of policy when we went to war in Iraq based on a pack of lies, massive deceit, and truck loads of deception."And, then ponder this:
In CHENEY's own Words, not Mine!Listen carefully - you could learn a lot...

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Danny, Danny, Danny,
If you check current history, the war was not even mentioned during the election. It took the overspending of Bush and Dem Congress to get Obama elected. The war alone, probably the man just left of Bush wins.(Mccain)
Then we would at least be a few years from socialism. Of course, then we would hope that huge tent the republicans talk about would collapse in time to find another Reagan.

hermit thrush said...

If you check current history, the war was not even mentioned during the election.

huh? one of the obama campaign's most central planks called for a prudent, expeditious end to the war in iraq and greater focus on the war in afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

Yup, the election mentioned all kinds of stuff. Things like ending the tribunals and closing Gitmo, which we have supposedly done half of and wavered on the other. O spoke of a new openness, but hired tax cheats to head departments. O mentioned getting lobbyists out of government, but bent over. He spoke of the end of earmarks in the budgets, but gave us more than anyone else. He gave us talk of responsible spending, but has given us deficits we will never recover from. Almost forgot the continuing bailouts and the taxpayer's recent purchase of Chrysler for the UAW. Ah well. I guess if I were a party line hack I'd want to talk about Dick Cheney too. Brivitttt.

Hey Frog. What about this Pelosi crap? For years she did the same dance you did about that horrible treatment those murderers got. Now we find out she was sitting there getting briefed every step of the way. When caught in her lie, she claims she wasn't briefed when she was briefed. Sounds like something you'd come up with. Now we hear the head of the CIA, not exactly a party line Republican, defend the agency. What is going on, Mr Frog?
You've BSed long enough about events following 9/11. Now please, kick yourself into the more recent past and explain how these donkey's can lie like this, all with media cover (the same media that you feel is unbiased), and come up looking so stupid. You're one of the few guys I know who could explain such things.

If you ignore me, it will hurt my feeeeelings very much.

Anonymous said...

DMF sez-
"But, you just keep hiding behind ANONYMOUS, Anonymous ... it seems to suit you just fine!"
May 14, 7:16 PM

"And, I don't hide or lurk in the shadows afraid of letting people know who I am, or where I stand on any issue like you do.(11:28)

you mean like this blog owner, Dan?

Tony Facade

Dan Francis said...

* Tony Façade or Facade - how apropos!

I couldn't resist that ... but you probably don't get it?

~ scurry on then.

Anonymous said...

You could offer an explanation, in place of the Frog Dan. But then again you've been pretty balanced in your recognition of what Pelosi is all about. That the difference between you and the Greenie, and that's why your "Bush Lied" speech was particularly disappointing. From the Frog is has come to be expected, not from you.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 2:53. What? Former President Bush DID NOT lie us into war in Iraq?

Damn, I musta been asleep then?

Geo. W.: "Iraq is a gathering threat.

* Iraq's non-existent nuclear program, I surmise?

Rice, "Iraq was an URGENT threat." (March 15, 2004, Meet the Press)

Rumsfeld (many times), "Only a few weeks, months, even, but certainly not years."

And, who can forget these oldie but goodies?

* "We have liberated Iraq from tyranny."

* "We are bringing democracy to Iraq."

* "Iraqis view us as liberators and support our troops being in their country."

* "We have enough troops in Iraq and our lean-and-mean military is capable of whatever needs to be done."

* "We are in Iraq leading a broad international coalition – dozens of countries are participating in the Coalition with us."

* "The United Nations will support our transfer of power, and UN endorsement of the new interim Iraqi government after June 30th [2004] will pave the way for the UN to return to Iraq."

* "Our liberation of Iraq is only the first step in a broad campaign to bring democracy to the Middle East."

* "The overthrow of Saddam Hussein makes America and the whole world safer."

Anonymous said...

Somebody kick him. The needle is skipping.

Dan Francis said...

I leave all you Anonymouses with this:

"When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything."~ dmf

Anonymous said...

How bout that. A liberal donkey quotin' country music.

I never thought I would see the day when hate would control people as I've seen in recent years. Bush may not have been right with the decision to go to war with Iraq. I believe it may be a few years before we know for sure. But I also believe he made the move in good faith. He did what he thought was right. Now we have people who second guess and make their decisions solely on the hatred they have for the ex-Pres. I've come to expect this from some, but it surprises me to hear it from people who have a military mind. I just don't understand it. But they do the same thing with Truman. So maybe it's not just party line hatred. Maybe it's based on something else altogether. Either way, I have no understanding of it.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 8:10... damn, I swore to bail out of this forum topic... but Anon will not let a good thing alone?

Bush: "Made good faith but bad decision on war in Iraq?"

Give me a frickin' break... going to war is the #1 bigget decision any government/country can make... even when attacked like we were on Dec 7, 1941, the decision was an easy one as was the target... but after 9/11, Bush-Cheney needed a target and it WAS not Iraq and history as already proven that... there is little to be written about that farce... only the final outcome.

There is no way on Earth that anyone in their right mind can ever mitigate Bush's wrong decision to invade Iraq ... never, ever as hard as they (mostly the GOP) tries.

~ dmf

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