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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

As Guv P Slides He Admits Republicans Are Right

Governor Paterson continues his slide in public opinion polls. Marist polling reported today identical results to a Quinnipiac poll from a month ago. People also indicated they would prefer client #9 over the accidental Governor.

An overall 19 percent of voters view the Governor as doing a favorable job, while only 22 percent from his own party approve of his job performance.

Paterson's choice for US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is not faring a whole lot better either as she trails former Governor Pataki in a head to head match up.

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Meanwhile, the Governor is reaching into the GOP bag of ideas by proposing a cap on budget spending, although he never supported the measure in the years that the Republicans have been proposing the cap. And he did not seem too concerned as he was allowing the Senate and Assembly Democrats to run away with spending in this year's budget. Now he wants to attempt fiscal discipline?

Paterson admitted the Republicans were right.

“Senate Republicans made a very good point about the spending and the need to limit it and I think they arrived at that point certainly before I did.”

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Good luck Guv, the Democrats in the Senate and certainly in the Assembly are not likely to hitch their wagon to your plummeting poll numbers, and they will not stand up to the special interest either. But, you are finally on the right side of an issue!

E.J. McMahon questions Patersons's timing - here.


Dan Francis said...

It is demeaning for you to post a photo of a Saturday Night Live comedian (playing our Gov.) and passing it off as part of the article you post....

It looks like you grabbed that photo frame from here SNL cast member Fred Armisen as Gov. PatersonShame on you, IV...

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's demeaning, Dan. Obviously you haven't been around for the last eight years.

Patterson's idea of a budget freeze is a good one, in my opinion. Should have been proposed previously. It is the only way to approach the unions and thugs that run this state.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 4:13. Think what you want but the photo was NOT Gov. Paterson and the story didn't match the photo... it was demeaning and misleading to boot.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just don't see it.

Did you see that film clip of the White House press corps jumping to their feet when the Great One entered his latest press conference. Then they showed clips of the last 10 press conferences, dates included, with that same press corps ignoring GW as a entered the room. Funny stuff, Dan.

And you talk about demeaning treatment. Get over yourself and throw in a little balance to your analysis. You're starting to sound like Kermit, the guy who believes in a balanced media.

Anonymous said...

I think the illustration fits -- David Paterson is a joke.

Dan Francis said...

So, if I post a photo of any Anon with a caption about your most recent post that reads "A-hole posts at IV" on a daily basis, then that's okay, too?

~ Sorry guys, I love humor and serious and funny stories, too, but a serious story with a caption that like this one is neither funny nor serious, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

But the Politicans love the union endorsements and Money, right Addie??

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