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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last To Leave...

...New York turn the lights out.

For those who dismissed Mr. Golisano move as just raising the political rhetoric here is another fine example of exodus caused by New York Democrats tax and spend policies.

And this business owned by a family of 3 is courting 21 employees with them to Florida.

Three-quarters of small-business owners pay taxes through filings as S-corporations or limited liability partnerships. That means company profits are taxed as part of their personal income. But the Bells say the money reported as income doesn’t go to their bank accounts. A large part goes to federal and state taxes, and then about 40 percent is driven back into the company to hire more people and buy equipment and expand.

So of the five family members involved in the business, the state tax rate for two will rise to 8.97 percent from 6.85 percent because their S-corporation filing lists their incomes at more than $500,000, and three others will pay more because their incomes exceed $200,000.

“So there will be less to invest in the business,” Aaron Bell said. 

Read the Buffalo News Story: Heavier tax load drives company from state


Anonymous said...

It's no secret that by electing a democratic majority in state government we have sold out upstate to the social engineers in NYC. They don't recognize the existence of regions north of Westchester - except Albany where they have to treck a few days a month. Look where Patterson's, and Silvers offices are.

Anonymous said...

Tax the rich even more.

Anonymous said...

The problem with our bitching about this is the fact that none of us can claim surprise about what has taken place. Only a fool or a partisan would have expected anything different. We got ourselves into this mess by out of control spending. Fine. Both parties, and most all special interests, as well as the voters are at fault. Fine. But when we made the recent decision to go with one party rule, and when they decided to up spending by 9% with this last budget, we lost control. I'm not sure we have any right to gripe. We had to know this was coming. We can rationalize it any way we want, but we have met the enemy and it is us. We did this to ourselves and our children. Until we elect politicians who have the nerve to bring spending under control, we have no right to complain. Shelly is a crook, but he's the kind of crook we wanted.

Anonymous said...

Last to leave NYS. Ha!!!

How about the last to leave the Republicant party, just light the match and burn down the house.

The only spanish speaking party members who will be left to vote republican, after this Sotomayer affair will be the ones who don't believe that their really hispanic.

Anonymous said...

Gee wasn't Mr. G offering up to $500,000.00 to the race for State Senate??

Anonymous said...

What is that to him? Half a mil.
Not a big number to him.

Anonymous said...

maybe Goli can buy a seat in Fla. Maybe he'll hook up with Katherine Harris, bless her heart.(I bet she sleeps warm.) I think he's "leaving" because his $$ didn't do far enough politically.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Like the exodus from New York just started when the Democrats took charge! Get REAL !

Despite its prominence as a destination for immigration, NYS has been hemorraging population for decades. Decades during which the Republicans also had their shift at the steering wheel.

In fact, the current welfare-nanny state had its roots during the ROCKEFELLER Era.

Seems there is no one of sufficient competence to turn this State around: as an analogy, look at the sorry leadership of Watertown. Jeff Graham, Peter Clough, Jeff Smith, et al? These are the best that can be selected for Council? These people would not have been given a second look 20 or 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

3:41 PM
How in hell can we elect good polititions when as soon as schumer gets hold of them they are lying spineless sons a bitches? The old gaurd needs to be ousted starting at the top.Question is how? When better than half the state is welfare,public assisted,state employed or are school employed. Guess that leaves we taxpayers the chattering minority right? The bright side is we will likely find someone we know in Florida.

Anonymous said...

The "Old Guard" will never be ousted, witness the recent "power play" at DANC. Old politicans don't retire they just work for an Authority.

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting poll that came out today about all the people in NYS who would consider leaving. Not pretty. And our man Shelly Silver says the results would be the same in all states. The man sees no problems. For a generation we've sent our best away. Shelly has no problem with that.

As NYers, we deserve everything we are getting.

Anonymous said...

Golisano is a hypocrate. He's got more money than God's got. He can afford to pay everyone's taxes.

Anonymous said...

Jasper, I'd agree in some ways. But that Golisano guy was involved in politics on both sides, supporting Dems heavily on the last election. He also has a record of giving away a lot of money. I believe what he did was based on principle.

Just because someone has a lot of money doesn't mean they are obligated to support stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter who is at fault?

We have to acknowledge the problem and fix it. It is made harder by the fact that we have created a culture of entitlement. Politicians cater to them in hopes of winning votes.

What will happen when the only voters are those that work for the government or are on the dole?


Dan Francis said...

Last one to leave, turn out the light? Hell, they get stuck with the bill - what then?

Anonymous said...

Exactly right, JJ. This isn't about blame. Both parties share the blame. But the last budget, passed by Thug Sheldon and a new legislature shows we have turned a page on this continuing problem. And we've not a thing in the process. But I agree, both parties got us into this mess.

Dan Francis said...

This kinda ties in here - regarding spending, taxes, and stuff:

The JeffDem is is giddy about their headlines showing a happy smiling face of Sen. Gillibrand and story about she and Schumer announcing $445,000 from HHS for the Trudeau Institute at Saranac Lake for TB research from the TARP kitty. (I remind you and note: McHugh voted "No" twice for the TARP bill).But, I still have two points about this deal:

1. Who worked to get this money? I suspect is was NOT McHugh, so Schumer and Gillibrand get the credit that is fodder for their reelection lit next year?

2. I pulled the Trudeau financial sheet from their homepage; take a look.
Trudeau's $$$ StatusGranted they have done good work in the past and probably will in the future, but that is not my concern.

My basic Q is: "Why do they need taxpayer's dollars in these tough times while they have $59,000,000 in the bank?"

I think that's a fair question, isn't it?

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Yup, it does tie in Dan. It confirms that you think, when the dust and rhetoric and partisanship clears away, the McHugh did the RIGHT thing by voting against the money shoveling bills of the Great One.

A belated admission but one graciously accepted by all of us here on PIV.

It's the same in my bidness. Let 'em talk long enough and they hang themselves.

Just teasin'. You know I love ya.

Dan Francis said...

My last, kinda comprehensive point on Obama-Bush plans for the country's economic woes:

Obama's 2009 plan vs. Bush's 2008 plan:

ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act): Feds will spend $787 billion - see breakdown below to restart the economy:

- Tax Cuts - $288

- Healthcare - $147.7

- Education - $90.9

- Environment - $7.2

- Social Welfare - $82.5

- Infrastructure - $80.9

- Energy - $61.3

- Housing - $12.7

- Research - $8.9

- Other investments - $18.1

BUSH: TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) gives the U.S. Treasury $700 billion to buy up mortgage backed securities (MBS) from institutions across the country, in an attempt to create liquidity and un-seize the money markets.

IMHO: Bush continues "trickle down" fix the big guys and they will help the "little guys."

Now, who has the country's best interest in mind from top to bottom, err... bottom to top?

Anonymous said...

Dan, this one is too complicated for me to understand. You say Bush is continuing trickle down, well, I thought Bush was a private citizen.

All I know is you said TARP was really bad, then you said McHugh was bad for voting against it. You can't have it both ways. And when you get called on stuff like this, you go into your "my last point..." stuff. I'm a simple man. Please keeps things simpler for me and people like me. Enjoy the weekend. Dog show in Clayton.

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