"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cross Post

This is a must read on Monroerising

The Senate Democrats "hug-a-thug" policy. Read it here


Anonymous said...

Good to see that Darrel Aubertine's Senate Dems have their priorities straight:

Gay marriage
Higher spending
Closing prisons
Get out the ex-con vote

Dan Francis said...

How about a case of irony?

Rep. John M. McHugh voted "No" on TARP, and the RECOVERY BILL and new FY budget...

On principle, I guess?

Today we find out that his hometown the Hamlet of Pierrepont Manor among a few others in Jefferson County will share in part of $560,000.00 set aside from the ARRA funds for projects that include
reconstruction of 1.5 miles of sidewalks and approximately 100 sidewalk ramps to bring them into compliance with federal Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

And, he didn't even have to ask for the money, or EARMARK it, either ... now, that's power, folks, raw power.


Anonymous said...

Dan, that's not power, that's reckless spending. In other words, if you throw our money into the air, some of it will land on YOU.

Stop your bitching. It's what we've wanted for a long time. Spending. Who cares where it comes from or where it goes to.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I agree with you. Thanks for revealing still more Republican hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Hug a thug, thanks to Darrel this great bill that was pushed through the senate. Darrel look around, there are 5 prisons in your district and don’t look next week there will be crack heads and felon offenders in our back yards. All they do is sit home and smoke crack, what’s the problem? Maybe robbery, stealing, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal sale of a controlled substance to your children are the crimes they commit before they are arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Every job counts in the North Country and the prisons have already lost jobs and anticipate more in the near future, thanks Darrel.
Thank you,

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