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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unshackle Upstate

You have to watch this, if they are truly committed to this grassroots movement this could be powerful! An upstate voice that is missing now in NYS government.


Anonymous said...

This is total crap. None of this should come as any surprise to anyone who is breathing. We KNEW what we were getting when we put one party in charge, and we did it anyway. So many people in NY are vested in the system remaining as it is. That won't change. We've come to a point where dishonesty is fine as long as it supports what is good for our chosen special interest. Case in point, check out our one contributor who claims high taxes haven't caused people to leave the state. If you can say that, and he's not alone in saying whatever suits his interests, you can say anything. Until we are ready to be honest and make reasonable cuts in our spending habits, our future is gone. This guy making this ad is kidding himself. Shelly Silver and his ilk run this state and they will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

He's going to count votes and make a report. Are you scared yet Mr, Silver.

Anonymous said...

He shouldn't be. Half the state doesn't pay income taxes. They feel they have no interest in how the government spends. Why should they, all that matters is what comes back to them.

Shelly will run this state until he dies. And before he does, he will likely be in position to hand pick the person who takes over his job.

Anonymous said...

7:27 PM Who said people are'nt leaving the state? Half of my relatives left in the last two years.5 to Texas 2 to S.Carolina and 7 to Florida. They all tell me i'm nuts to stay here. I'm starting to think maybe they are right.

hermit thrush said...

anon 7:27,
forgive me the indulgence of assuming i'm the "one contributor" you refer to. apparently i didn't make myself quite clear enough before, so let me try again.

of course some people have left nys on account of high taxes. but the actual data say that the number is small. consider:

"I kind of clench my teeth every time Paterson says people will leave," said Edmund J. McMahon, director of the Empire Center for New York State Policy, a conservative-leaning research group that has advocated for sharp cuts in spending to balance New York’s budget.

"It is the selling point. It’s also a dumb point," Mr. McMahon added. "Nobody says your wealthy enclaves will shrink dramatically. What they say is that your economy will suffer."
to reiterate, that's a guy from a right-leaning think tank. and he was happily quoted by moore and laffer in the wsj editorial that was mentioned by another commenter. if you want to complain that higher taxes will lead to a lower growth rate, then please go ahead -- you'd even be right! if want to complain that people are leaving upstate, then please go ahead -- you'd again be right! but the evidence plainly suggests that, in the large, people are not leaving because of taxes.

Anonymous said...

Yup, you were the one I was talking about, Kerm. And I commend you for coming out of your shell and facing me again.

Listen guy, if you maintain that we haven't lost citizens, opportunities, and youth due to taxation levels, there isn't much I can say. I can only imagine you are so vested in keeping our corrupt NYS system intact that it has limited your reasoning. The only other possibility is fundamental dishonesty. I have no other idea of what your motivation could be. As I've said, I guess it doesn't change things for me. I'm old enough where continued governmental dysfuntion passes me right on by. My work days are pretty well over. But I sure feel sorry for them kids. You know, the ones that, according to you, aren't losing opportunities for a reasonable future. You must be all set too. Otherwise, you couldn't lie like you do.

hermit thrush said...

And I commend you for coming out of your shell and facing me again.

good grief, come on down from that high horse. it's not complicated: you referred to me in a reasonable way above (i couldn't even tell it was you), and i responded. and now you're back to your childish names and petty insults and have proved yourself a troll yet again, which means there's no point in continuing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I got so excited, Klemit. Its just that for so long, you know, since the great NY budget and the Pelosi lies and the Obama earmarks and bs about war criminals and the "nobody left NY" statements of yours, you've been hiding under a rock. Not that I blame you. It has to be a tough situation to constantly defend foolishness. It's a crazy time for you. You and yours have won every election in sight. But to keep it going people have to keep believing your bologna.

Like closing Gitmo, ya just can't keep up the crap forever. It's fun watching you croak. Now that you're not ignoring me, I guess I'll get more personal treatment. I'm so relieved.

Anonymous said...

When I retire I'm taking my NYS pension to Tennessee.

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