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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


While New Yorker's are split on the issue of legalizing same sex marriage according the latest Siena Poll, advocates are filling the airwaves by dumping hundreds of thousands into an ad campaign to sway people's opinion. 


NNY Marriage Equality NOW said...

It's worth noting, IV, that those commercials are running in the southern half of Darrel Aubertine's Senate district on Syracuse TV.

He's one of three Upstate Dems targeted by gays looking for that elusive critical vote.

Aubertine's been ducking reporters questions in recent weeks on the issue, not wanting to publicly say where he stands.

And the Daily News reports that at least one longtim Senate Democrat-opponent to same-sex marriage, representing the most densely gay district in the state, could face a primary challenge:


Dan Francis said...

The issue of gay marriage is one of "equality and fairness" in our discrimination laws - nothing else.

Personal views aside, it is a issue about equal rights.People opposed to gays, gay relations, gay unions, gay partnerships, gay marriage, gays in the military, or anything else are simply biased against gays as peoeple.

Gays seek fairness and happiness just like anyone else who has ever been discrimated against whehter it was about skin color, race, religion, sex, age, ethnic background, or anything else.

Reflect: No blacks allowed; Whites only; No Jews; No Catholics; No Italians; et al permitted, allowed, authorized, welcome, etc.)

Yes, that used to be all over America, and it was very, very ugly and to some extent still exists today about the gay issue.

There are no simple answers with all the hype and fear and biases blocking common sense and common decency, IMHO.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

We have already established that our legislators in Albany are of little use at times. Why don't we put this on the next ballot as a referendum?

Anonymous said...

Because NY doesn't allow referendum. If it did, we wouldn't have the recently passed, bloated budget, with $8 billion in new taxes that Darrel Aubertine supported.

Anonymous said...

The government should get out of the marriage business and only provide a means of forming social contracts - for everyone. Marriage should retain its social/religious ceremonial status.

Dan Francis said...

NY'ers may be "split," on this issue, but the country as a whole is pretty clear: Latest Gallup Poll/Gay Marriage Question

Anonymous said...

I thank God every day for taking my mother home just before the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal broke. I cannot imagine how she would have been able to watch the nightly news for the past 12 years with the incessant pounding of headlines blasting upside-down sex, lying governments, and all the other moral issues we have been assaulted with. Two World Wars and a Depression must have been difficult enough to get through.
So after gay marriage passes, and the Thompson Park Irregulars can say they're honeymooning in the woods there, what's the next issue going to be? Equal rights for ???????

Anonymous said...

5:57, you and your mother are racist and phobic and probably right wing hate mongers who waterboarded your kids when they were young. I hate you. GOP voter.

There, I just beat the fools to the punch. I wish you and your Mom a happy reunion when that day comes.

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