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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Attribute John

John McHugh is considered one of the most bipartisan colleagues in Congress according to a survey by the The Hill.

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By contrast and not much of a surprise to many is that Nancy Pelosi is considered one of the most ruthless and partisan members.
"Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) is the most partisan Democrat in the House ... Pelosi has developed a reputation for keeping her forces in line, rewarding loyalty, punishing dissent and sticking it to her Republican opponents"
For McHugh, this is a good attribute and it speaks volumes for his ability to get the job done and his years of accomplishments for the 23rd Congressional District.
"Republicans who made the most-bipartisan list included Reps. Mica, Ron Paul (Texas), Jones, John McHugh (N.Y.) and Steven LaTourette (Ohio)."
So if McHugh ever says on the campaign trail that ideas are not the proprietorship of Republicans or Democrats, you can trust he means it.

With McHugh it is about getting the job done for the people of his district.

He puts 
PEOPLE Before Politics!


Anonymous said...

if he's so smart why can't he figure out the usda stimulus formula?

Anonymous said...

"John McHugh is considered one of the most bipartisan colleagues in Congress according to a survey by the The Hill." As published by 'The Hill' newspaper is a subsidiary of News Communications Inc., a publicly owned company by wealthy Jewish Conservatives. Glad to see that old money still knows how to party in the Hamptons and Georgetown. McHugh's geting pretty beat up by both Libs and Wingnuts for his stupid decision not to buy a ticket on the Infrastructure Gravy train. Shame to see him blow his career, by voting with losers.

Dan Francis said...

Mr. McHugh is bi-partisan ON SOME issues when it benefits him and/or those he signs on with to show bipartisanship. He has always been that way.

But, the bottom line with him and all representatives and our senators is and must remain, their voting records ... not how nice they are, how neat they dress, how silver-tongued they are, or how much money they can raise (whether in the district or outside).

They are in office to represent us and our interests in this CD and nowhere else.

His record simply does not support that contention; and more recently his votes against the stimulus bill for the country shows that clearer than any other vote he's ever made, or apt to make from here on out.

He lock-stepped with every GOPer in Congress and just said "No" when the country needed a "Yes" vote.

I document some of his voting record here for anyone interested in recent those events: McHugh Votes Explained.~ dmf

Anonymous said...

So now that everything else has failed to ignite the masses, (Family Values 101 taught by Bristol Palin, Gov't Ethics 102 taught by S Palin, "gays are queers" by Joe the Plumber -ouch-), now the GOP is going for the bipartisan high ground!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan, you keep coming back to that stimulus vote. As I see it, voting to borrow this huge amount of money will prove to be a huge mistake. Now it won't kill you and me, not with our government retirement and all, but the average guy's goose is cooked.

For you to offer the simplistic "we needed a YES vote" carries no weight whatsover. McHugh was right to resist this borrow and spend program. It was too much. Time will prove him right.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 8:14 - you have a point, except Mr. McHugh didn't resist Mr. Bush's wild-ass (trillions in debt and borrowing - mostly from China, India and others) that was left to Mr. Obama to clear away - so - what, that doesn't count?

Sorry, anonymous, that doesn't fly.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:33 for once. This is scary. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

Tony says happy mother's day.

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