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Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spam Anyone?

Senate bill S3252 would allow for the Board of Elections to begin collecting email addresses from voters on a voluntary basis and use the email address to communicate with voters as well as by traditional mail.

The intent of communications from the Board of Elections is to notify people on issues of voting and validate voters, which cannot be done by email address. Email addresses cannot verify what Senate or Assembly district or even state or country that you live. It would not contribute anything to preventing fraud in voting.

This is a "buyer beware" situation! Anyone knows the more you give out your email address the more susceptible you are to spam. Giving your email address to the Board of Elections would be a HUGE opportunity for political campaigns, who garner all the information on who votes; party affiliation, how often and where, thus you become the target for all the political mailings, robo-calls, door knocks and now email spam or other annoyances necessary to win a campaign.  

Sometimes snail mail has its place and this is one. Emails serve very little purpose here, the claim is so they can communicate effectively, yeah right, maybe on the campaign trail.


Northstar said...

That's great! Now we'll get YouTube video of Darrel patting himself on the back delivered right to our home and office computers!

Dan Francis said...

There is NO need (and right now compelling government-related reason ) to GIVE government at any level our Email address (just like no reason to give private cell phone number) -- they are both private) -- UNLESS the individual freely gives them up, period. Besides a lot of people, many older citizens, I would argue DON'T EVEN HAVE AN EMAIL.

And, we must resist any government effort to try and "tie access to our Email (and/or cell phone numbers) as part of them "doing business for us."

If they were to attempt such a take over, then I say, revolt and burn the bastards as the stake...

Oops: A bit harsh there, Danny Boy (um ... we don't burn at the stake anymore, right?). I think (hope) you get my drift? LOL

Footnote: "Allow government and /on a Voluntary basis for citizens?" = duck! What duck?

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

hey DF You bring the gas I'll gladly toss the match. What we should have is a database that states every lie and scandal a politition has been in with dates and who was involved. Kinda like U TUBE but in print form for dial up users.And security has to be high to keep the gov'nt hackers out. The bigger the corruption the higher on the list.Or a point system 5 points they are fired.It May be one way to get them to listen without guns or gas.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 12:04... nice suggestion, but with gas prices creeping up (again), let's wait until primary season and then go git 'em? And, yes, the gas is on me... what? I'm not a gasser! Damn you Anon 12:04... LOL ...

Anonymous said...

Your post and the Senate bill states that eMail addresses will be collected on a voluntary basis.

The solution for a Republican would be to not give them your eMail address and then you would not get information about your child's education and what the school is doing to your child's mind, what with Evolution and Global Warming and reading maps.

So keep your child home, hand him or her a bible and watch the Flintstones on Video tape. All that damn book learning is for queers anyway.

Anonymous said...

OK 6:57. So a government official gives the average person a form that asks for all kinds of personal information, including email.

You suggest that they read the enacting legislation, then parse the language and read between the lines to understand that by providing the requested information, they are also signing up to be barraged with political tripe from their friendly Democrat State Senator?

The intent of the bill is clear -- and it's not to save taxpayers money or provide for more efficient operation of our elections.

It's to create another area for self-promotion for members of our dysfunctional legislature.

Thanks PIV, for calling it what it is!

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