"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

They Eat Their Own

Deputy Majority Leader of the New York State Senate - Democrat Jeff Klein speaks candidly about the ability of his colleagues and it is not flattering at all.
“Quite frankly, all of these people shouldn’t be in the majority ... I’d hate to have to be the judge, but they should really be in the minority. Because they’re really not ready to lead, they don’t understand how the legislative process works, that no matter who you are—majority leader, deputy majority leader—you have job to do. Go do it!”
"Some Democrats do not take the time to read their own bills. Then they take offense when someone tries debating their bills on the floor. And others are so out of touch that they think anyone who owns a home must be as rich as Michael Bloomberg. "

"...his colleagues are driven mainly by fear, more concerned with their own self-preservation than public service. Klein paints himself as the rare senator who wants to move legislation forward, but sees no end to slender majorities or Democratic skittishness to take big stands. "

And if you want to know what is wrong with the Democrats in the New York State Senate this is how one of his colleagues describes Klein - “He is titular head of that faction that is all white.” That comment is pathetic!

Read Fallout Boy

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Define Taxes

The Great One fumbles the what the word taxes mean, but George Stephanopoulos helps him define what it means. Maybe that is why they keep asking everyone to pay more, yet say they are not raising taxes - they do not understand the definition yet. Certainly Tim Geithner does not understand it.

Monday, September 28, 2009


We've heard that line before. But, for sure in this case it is fact, Hoffman's creditability is now in serious question, Watertown Daily Times reporter, Jude Seymour, has tripped up another politician with Hoffman contradicting his own words.

Hoffman in his own words committed to supporting Dede, not once, but twice.
  1. Hoffman agreed to support whomever was the choice of the 11 county GOP chairman, everyone who attended the regional meetings was aware of his commitment.
  2. Hoffman then pledged his support for Dede in writing via email two days after Dede was selected. His email reads: "Hi Dede, Congratulations and the best of luck in your candidacy. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Doug."
Dede's positions were well known to anyone who sat through any one of the regional meetings and their was also plenty of media on her positions. Any metamorphosis on his position only demonstrates his own lack of comprehension of the events.

He or his spokesman can say whatever he wants to weasel out of his own words, but the fact remains in the infamous words of Joe Wilson - "YOU LIE!"

Desired Results

The Club for Growth recently polled the residents, albeit a very small sample, of the 23rd Congressional district looking to achieve specific results and they were successful.

When desired results exceeds the intention of a poll you can always be assured the questions will be skewed to provide the needed answer. Hoffman's poll did it and now the Club for Growth poll does it. There is a reason they are polling this way and then releasing the results and that is to further drive electorate into a "Oh Dede's losing" frenzy.

Most campaigns use internal polling as a means of developing their strategy and executing their campaign not necessarily waving it around publicly.

The Club for Growth poll - here.

The second question is a fair question about the opinion of the New York State Legislature. The results of that question while predictable will be used against Scozzafava in campaign commercials as has already been done. In almost every poll you glean the hot button topics that are the basis for a negative campaign commercial. As is also the case with the next question in the poll about Nancy Pelosi.

This is the skewed question, which provides little for a campaign strategy. 


When voters step into the voting booth, they will not see line A "Liberal Democrat" and line B "Liberal Republican" therefore this question is skewed for desired results. No doubt it is intended to boost Hoffman's numbers - he is the only person referred to by gender in the question.

Yes, Hoffman has had a one tract campaign - paint Dede, who by the way has voted with her Republican leader 95% of the time, as a liberal Republican.

If the poll wanted to be a bit more accurate it might have read:
Independent Democrat, Moderate Republican, Conservative or maybe just use the old standbys - Democrat, Republican or Conservative.

The results are flawed. 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bottom Feeders

Once again New York State has the distinct pleasure of being cellar dwellers in economic categories that are the difference between businesses creating employment or not. Politicians like to say they create jobs when in fact they simply are responsible for a business environment that allows for job creation or not. In this case, not is the appropriate choice for New York.

Next time a politician running for elected state office such as Assembly or Senate campaigns on creating jobs ask them what they intend on doing to reverse these less than stellar achievements. In particular members of the majority conferences in either the Assembly or Senate where in new York's broken system that is all that matters from a policy standpoint.

New York is next to last - #49 - in the category of "business friendly" tax systems.
The Index measures the competitiveness of the 50 states' tax systems and ranks them accordingly based on the taxes that matter most to businesses and business investment: corporate income, individual income, sales, property and unemployment insurance taxes.
Oh, to the proponents of the so called "millionaires tax" that was passed this year with votes by Senator Aubertine and Assemblywoman Russell, it matters - Governor Paterson now recognizes that fact and it was included in this index.

This is a comment to be proud of:
Gov. David Paterson said Wednesday at a gathering of newspaper editors at an Associated Press event in Syracuse. "We've done that. We've probably lost jobs and driven people out of the state."
And to no one's surprise homeowners in New York continue to pay some of the highest property taxes in the Country. Table here.

Specifically Jefferson County standings, out of 775 counties, 1 being the worst and 775 the best. The stats for Jefferson County are not stellar either and not improving.

Median property taxes paid on homes - rank 326 (379 in 2007)
Taxes as a % of home value - 1.6%, rank 132 (1.5% and 157 in 2007)
Taxes as a % of income - 3.4%, rank 253 (2.9% and 343 in 2007)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thumbs Up or Down (Updated)

Time to give a thumbs up or down for the current Congressional NY-23 ads.

Anyone who has ever marketed a product (which a candidate is) should understand you have to sell that product and it is most effectively by not disparaging another product. Disparaging another product is only a sign of weakness, some of these political ad people need to find another job.

Hoffman ad: thumbs down

National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee ad: thumbs down

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ad: thumbs down & full of distortion

Bill Owens ad: thumbs up

Owens wins the opening week 1 of the NY-23 ad war.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Many Faces

Monserrate is not the only doing some slashing in Albany these days!

Meet the ever changing Governor Paterson.

Gosh, if Obama says one more time that he wants him out, you might even see Paterson bald the next time.

Now, as Paterson announced that this year's budget deficit is likely to reach $3 billion - maybe the Democrats can cut spending as fast as he cuts his hair, not likely though considering the huge increase in spending they passed this year.

Paterson seems to be the only politician in Albany that deals in reality, but when the Great One says "outta here," he becomes lame duck to many disciples of the Great One.

Proud Senator

This is New York State Senator Hiram Monserrate dragging his girlfriend through their apartment building after he slashed her face up. The Democrats in the New York State Senate continue to tolerate these type of actions and those of Senator Espada and Kevin Parker purely for political reasons.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/video.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Why would you vote for a candidate who is either a) late filing basic paperwork like a financial disclosure or b) requested to be late filing in an effort to put it off until after the election?

This is the case with both Independent Democrat candidate Bill Owens and Republican Conservative Doug Hoffman. Both candidates are running on their business creds and Hoffman is even a CPA who if anyone should be able to file a financial disclosure timely.

What are the candidates hiding?

Is this the first time a CPA has ever run for Congress?

Watertown Daily Times

Hidden Cost

If you did not think health would cost you more or possibly believed every word Obama spoke the other night on health care, then you need to read this article.

Senate version and most likely any final version will include increases in medicaid eligibility, even for New York, which is probably the most generous state in the nation.
State officials estimate New York's Medicaid rolls would increase by 1 million people from the current 4.4 million under the legislation.
At the same time eligibility increases compensation or reimbursement will not, leaving income taxes on the state level and property taxes on the local level to pay for the health insurance.

Read more here: Medicaid growth will cost New York

Monday, September 21, 2009

Who Would Of Thought

If you listen and read Jefferson Leaning Left or Jefferson Democrat you would think the Democrats would never stoop as low as conducting a push poll. If you believe everything you read and hear that is!

But, here is living, breathing and written proof they actually play politics.

Pandora's Box of Rocks

I guess Rick Wiley at JLL might be eating crow.

Monday Morning Caption Entry

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Political Web We Weave

The Great One has stepped into New York politics with both feet by telling Paterson to be gone!

A run for reelection by Paterson would not be the first time he did just the opposite of what the Great One wanted, Paterson antagonized the administration by picking Gillibrand instead of Kennedy for Senator. Before too long Obama will find himself in the tangled web of politics by race, New York City style and find a mess just like the New York State Senate found.

The New York Times

Saturday, September 19, 2009


An interesting snippet from the Mayor's blog this morning. The mayor quips at Senator Aubertine's endorsement of "what was his name again." The mayor suggest the Aubertine endorsement is less than sincere, strictly political and when it comes down to the privacy in the booth Aubertine won't vote for Owens.
"I vote for Darrel Aubertine because he's one of us. On this one he isn't. 
All of "us" are voting for DeDe.
Interesting post Mr. Mayor!

NNY Follies readers will be happy to know he returns - reformatted, reinvented, recycled - whatever you term it.

He is now here Outside Looking In. It is nice to see him back, he is a good writer. I do not always agree with his views, but nonetheless an exchange of views is what it is all about.


Media wars!
Another barn burner up on You Tube, CNN versus Fox News. The battle is over an ad Fox News ran in the Washington Post where they claimed several networks did not cover the 9/12 demonstration in Washington, while the other media outlets claim they did provide coverage. Fox then claims the coverage was marginalized while others counter claim Fox were promoters and not simply just covering the story.

In any event it is fun to watch the media battle each other and spin their side. Watch the video.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Feds cut off funds for ACORN -

The US House today joined the Senate in voting to defund ACORN, the community advocacy group beset by allegations of voter registration fraud and videotapes apparently showing employees advising conservative activists posing as a prostitute and pimp how to break the law.
The measure, offered as part of a motion on a student loan bill, passed by a vote of 345-75, according to the office of House Republican leader John Boehner.
The Senate voted earlier this week to withdraw housing and urban development funding. Last week, the Census Bureau severed ties with ACORN, which on Wednesday said it is suspending accepting new clients during an investigation.
But congressional Republicans are calling for all federal funds to be cut off and for a Justice Department investigation.

But the state legislature continues to fund them in a bill sponsored by Senator Aubertine.

Open Thread Today

Open thread conversation today.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Martusewicz Marches

Jefferson County Judge Kim Martusewicz marches through both the Independence and Conservative primaries Tuesday night. The two victories along with the Democratic line secure three lines for Martusewicz against challenger John Hallett's single line for the November election.

For the results of this race and others -- Jefferson County Election Results

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy School Days

Of the $10 billion in new taxes that Senator Aubertine and Assemblywoman Addie Russell approved as part of this year’s budget, few could be expected to raise the ire of homeowners more than his vote to cancel STAR rebate checks.
With school taxes rising higher and higher, the rebate checks were the only concrete evidence of Albany’s concern for struggling middle class taxpayers. The checks were to have gone out the first week on October.

As if that were not enough, Albany continues its assault on property taxes by adjusting the STAR exemption also. See the Albany Times Union-- 'Surprise' Hits School Taxpayers

Part of that is the state's fault, as the governor and legislature in 2008 quietly lowered the School Tax Relief (STAR) tax breaks that most homeowners receive.  

That reduction is what is known as the "floor adjustment," or the discounted basis upon which a homeowner's taxes are calculated. STAR, which was instituted in the late 1990s, helps control property tax costs by reducing the assessed value upon which a home's taxes are based. The initial STAR exemption was $30,000, meaning that a home valued at $100,000 would be taxed on $70,000 of its worth.   
Last year, more than 21,000 Jefferson County homeowners received school tax rebate checks—ranging in value up to $390—direct from Albany.
(The Department of Tax and Finance helpfully has maintained a database where you can find the actual value of your 2008 rebate check at Bye Bye Rebate)
The loss of these checks is equivalent to a nearly $6 million tax hike on property owners and school taxpayers in the county.

School District
Typical rebate check amount
Total value of lost rebates (non-seniors)
Senior rebates lost (Enhanced STAR)
General Brown
Indian River
Sackets Harbor
South Jefferson
Thousand Islands
Total lost rebates: $5,970,240
Total number of households: 21,293
Total senior households: 5331

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lazio In

Former Congressman and candidate for the US Senate, Rick Lazio is preparing to announce his candidacy for NYS Governor.

Heck with Rudy, Lazio is not waiting for him to decide, he will announce his bid on September 21st in Albany.

Read more here: Lazio Will Run for Governor

Half the Equation

The Republican's have at least half the equation down. The public knows what a Republican is suppose to be, now if we can only get the GOP politicians to follow we might get back to winning elections.

(Ad launched in South Carolina)

I'm a Republican from SCGOP on Vimeo.

In The Year 2009

The Olympiad of the 23rd Congressional district in the year 2009 is about to begin.

The Army Times is reporting the Vote On McHugh Nomination May Come Next Week.

This will signal the official start of the race for the 23rd Congressional seat between favored GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava, Independent Democrat absentee candidate Bill Owens, and also ran Republican Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman, who stated in the GOP selection meeting that he would honor the county committee chair's choice, but didn't.

Nothing should be taken for granted in this campaign, it will be all out war and to a certain extent a referendum on the movement of the governing of this country.

Note the Army Times labels McHugh as "former Republican Rep. John McHugh." Former - did he change parties or resign without anyone knowing?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

NY - 23

The poll results that Doug Hoffman is jubilantly dancing in the street with should be receive by people with real measured acceptance. Here is why - when you ask questions like this one:

All things being equal, based on the following descriptions for whom are you more likely to vote for U.S. Congress? If you will decide your vote on other issues just say so. A Democratic candidate who is pro-abortion and is supported by Nancy Pelosi, who supports gay marriage. A liberal Republican who is pro abortion and pro gay marriage, OR, A Conservative Republican who is running on the Conservative Party line, who is pro-life and pro traditional marriage.

This is no doubt a push question intended to produce favorable results for the candidate. It also illustrates the extent of the Hoffman campaign, which will be based solely on two social issues.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Joe Wilson Speaks (again)

Way of Life

You could say "one of us" independent - principled, that is Dede's theme.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tucker Not Impressed

Tucker Carlson does not sound like he was impressed with the speech. And he wonders - who is going to pay for all this health care!

A Man On His Way To Bitterness

"And that was pretty much it. Nobody else—not seniors, not the middle class or the poor or anyone else you have ever met personally—was going to have to pay anything for this wonderful new system. In Obama’s telling, there are only upsides. Free ice cream for everybody."

Hold On One Moment

Before all the righteous Democrats begin to castrate Representative Joe Wilson for his lashing out last night during the speech, let us share a few flashbacks.

The record is clear - both sides of the aisle lack decorum and that is a sad commentary on today's politics. Wilson's remarks were unquestionably out of line, as well as the President's remarks when he used such strong language as "lies", which only served to provoke emotions and his consistent reference to the past administration.

I thought he was a forward looking President? 

Another example is the childish games at the New York State Senate when the Democrats would not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Listen to the boos and catcalls here, the only difference between then and last night is Wilson's timing. The rest of the chamber went silent while he was still barking out. 

(and p.s. Bush was right back then about Social Security)

Or this

Still A Question

How do you provide coverage to 46 million more people,

Improve the coverage to those that currently have insurance,

Lower cost,

Yet still pay for this without increasing the deficit? The CBO says it will increase the deficit.

The Great One's speech was extremely partisan and short on details on how to pay for Obamacare!

If fraud and efficiency is the answer then why not do that first and front the money for the plan?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wascally Wabbit

Now six months after sticking it to the hunters with increased fees in the New York State bloated budget Assemblywoman Russell wants to portray herself as a hunter. Typical politics - say one thing and do another.

Through a taxpayer funded mailer she is telling you to avoid the higher fee and pay by October 1st, what she did not say is that she voted for the higher fee.

But, while Russell claims you can avoid new hunting fees (which increased up to 1400%) by buying before Oct. 1st, that is not exactly true, you can't avoid them. The new fees are already in effect, except for certain LIFETIME licenses which cost many hundreds of dollars.
Addie Russell and Darrel Aubertine voted for these new fees and now try to pretend that they're doing us a favor by warning us that higher costs are coming!
These new fees could be devastating to the North Country which depends on hunters for a huge infusion of tourism cash in the fall and winter.


By All Means

If they have the votes, then by means help yourself and take a vote. Not listening to constituents and shoving health care reform down people's throat without compromise is not necessarily a recipe for re-election. But go ahead and try it, Pelosi and Reid know best.  

Pelosi and Reid Tell President: We Have the Votes; President Wants Bill Passed Soon

A Little Sing Along For A Wednesday

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Officers

The Jefferson GOP committee is slated to unveil a new list of officers tomorrow:

DGM Coon, better known as Watertown's own "Donald" is slated to be the Chairman with the approval of the full committee.

Brian Peck, new blood for the committee and designer of this new GOP site, is slated to become Vice Chairman.

Jim Fitzpatrick, local stalwart and hard worker for the party and candidates will become Secretary/Treasurer.

Seems like a good slate of candidates to continuing moving the GOP forward in Jefferson County.

One question - where does the Donald stand with the state GOP chair battle between Cox and Wojtaszek?

Something Tells Me

Perhaps Mayor Graham might be reading the wrong tea leaves this time in his assessment that Conservative candidate for the 23rd Congressional seat, Doug Hoffman, is a fly by night and will not stay in the race.

The Mayor consistently has stated that Hoffman is only around to intimidate Scozzafava.  

It appears he may be vested in this campaign, but still absent of any local movement. Today's campaign announcement suggest some key Republicans and Conservatives on the National level will see to it he stays in the race and remains competitive, albeit just somewhat.

He announced campaign operatives today Team Hoffman.

He has some heavy hitters on his campaign team, not the least of which is Rob Ryan, who served as Pataki's campaign manager when he defeated Mario Cuomo, then went on to assist Randy Daniels.

What Hoffman lacks is any local people serving, which is a gaping hole in his organization.

Odds and Ends

Is Congressional Candidate Bill Owens even in the race the 23rd Congressional seat?

He refused an interview here.

"Owens didn't respond to requests over two days for an interview. His staff said he wasn't available. In a written statement"

Was it a Happy Labor Day for the unions?

A Gallup poll suggest otherwise -

While New York remains the most unionized state:
Most unionized states
State % of work force
1. New York 24.9
2. Hawaii 24.3
3. Alaska 23.5
Source: AFL-CIO

Congressional candidate Scozzafava might want to rethink "card check."

Is today's speech by Obama to the students indoctrination or just a good gesture? Laura Bush thinks it is a good idea and she is right, Presidents have been addressing school students for years, it should not stop now. Obama rightfully should be beyond politics when he speaks to the students today, others think it is just indoctrination. 

Just in case you do not think so, here is a hall pass for your son or daughter.
 Joe Kennedy will not run for Uncle Teddy's seat, which is likely the end of an era in the Bay state?

The decision surrenders a seat the Kennedy family has held for all but two years since 1953, when John F. Kennedy moved from the U.S. House to the Senate, before being elected president in 1960. It became vacant Aug. 25, when Edward Kennedy died of brain cancer at age 77. He was first elected to the Senate in 1962.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


You can draw your own conclusions to this data on whether Spitzer is redeemed or not. 41% say he is more qualified to lead New York State than David Paterson. You can clearly see why Spitzer is musing about a comeback, voters of New York State have a high tolerance for antics.


Friday, September 4, 2009

"He's looking for an exit plan."

Break out the bottles of champagne, one of the leaders of the downstate favoring Democratic controlled New York State Senate is looking the exit.

Malcolm Smith is mapping his exit strategy and none too soon. His policies and those of the Democratic New York State Senate have been unfavorable for upstate.

Buh Bye Malcolm

Open Thread

Open thread today, talk about any topic:
  • 23rd Congressional race, 
  • Obama addressing the schools (should be no big deal, other than the directive from the Ed dept)
  • health care
  • local government and pension cost
  • Spitzer considering a comeback
  • Obama's falling poll numbers
  • Farm Labor bill

Thursday, September 3, 2009

1 Event - 2 Interpretations

Here are two different interpretations of New York Governor David Paterson shaving his beard.

“I wanted to set a precedent, there’s going to be a lot of cutting in the budget this year,” Paterson said in Syracuse.

“Shaving his beard won’t divert the public’s attention away from the governor’s record of failure, mismanagement and incompetence that has many New Yorkers a whisker away from leaving the state,” said State Sen. Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre), the minority leader.

(Paterson always seems to be pictured arm & arm with some good looking lady) 

This Sums It Up

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver basically sums up the irrelevance of the rank and file members of the New York State Legislature. 

He is speaking about the legislature coming back to resolve the $2 billion+ budget shortfall for this year. 

“We are committed to working with the governor to try and address it as quickly as possible,” said Silver, a Manhattan Democrat...

“I just think that coming back should not be to attempt to reach a deal. Coming back should be when we have a deal,” he said.

That essentially says all the rank and file legislators do is ratify a deal that has already been cut.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Site

Jefferson County Republican's have launched their new website.

Pretty good looking website, if it is maintained it will be an asset for the local elephants.

Jefferson GOP

Live Blogging