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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hidden Cost

If you did not think health would cost you more or possibly believed every word Obama spoke the other night on health care, then you need to read this article.

Senate version and most likely any final version will include increases in medicaid eligibility, even for New York, which is probably the most generous state in the nation.
State officials estimate New York's Medicaid rolls would increase by 1 million people from the current 4.4 million under the legislation.
At the same time eligibility increases compensation or reimbursement will not, leaving income taxes on the state level and property taxes on the local level to pay for the health insurance.

Read more here: Medicaid growth will cost New York


Anonymous said...

The costs associated with healthcare reform WILL NOT increase the deficit by one dime. I believe that is what our President communicated to us recently.

You get too hung up on the deficit that George Bush ran up and expect it to somehow magically disappear under Pres. Obama.

This is all the fault of George Bush and the Republicans.

Dan Francis said...

Of course Medicaid (the health care proggram that offers coverage for low to no-income folks including those who hold a job but don't make much, and/or to just plain poor and/or disabled people) ... sure it will grow ... that population continues to grow. We have to ask why?

We in NNY know this better than anyone - just go to social services and stand around and talk to people... ask them.

The soution is one of two things:

(1) Lack of decent paying jobs where people earn and then pitch in and buy care (even with a subsidy to help), or (2) A well-paying job where they can earn good money and buy affordable care on their own.

Mr. Obama is doing what he thinks we need and we sure do.

If we do nothing and keep the status quo -- just watch the costs and enrollments in Medicaid reach to the Moon and back.

This is a very serious problem ... but having people without care while that number grows, or having large numbers sick and needing care w/o coverage using the ER's, drive up costs... it does not help the matter.

We need to solve this and thinking and working together would -- not this bickering and backbiting and nasty yelling and screaming... that solves nothing.

— dmf

Dan Francis said...


"Moreover, the federal Medicaid formula for New York already is one of the lowest, with the federal government reimbursing the state for 50 percent of its costs. Other states get more than a 70 percent reimbursement."

I remember Pat Moynihan and me in 1994 (when I ran for congress) and when he stopped in Watertown at the airport and I introduced him and we held joint press conference -- we both spoke exactly about that ratio.

It has not improved since.

Now, he's dead and I've never been elected -- my my, how times haven't changed?


Anonymous said...

Let's see, Dannie says no more "bickering and backbiting". He advocates a more civil discourse. But he has no problem calling the opposition racists. What's the deal Dan? Yous wants the other side to be nice and thoughtful while you slam away with accusations and race baiting. You need to come up with some other kind of suggestion, especially so soon after you've puffed out a smear campaign.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Pat Moynihan thought all Republicans were racists? Didja get a chance to ask him while yous was havin' your joint press conference, Dan?

If only we would have listened to you and Pat Moynihan. So much potential, so few results.

Anonymous said...

6:18 ... you add a totally new dimension to the definition of ignorant : stupidly asinine.

Anonymous said...

I guess Mr. Mchugh forgot about the "medicaid ratio" thing all those years, of course Heidi exposed the waste, and was put out of business.

Anonymous said...

Well thank you 6:35. Besides being a racist I'm now stupidly assinine. Note the two ss's in assinine.

I'm glad you agree with my bud Dannie that a more civil discourse is in order.

Yuk Yuk

Dan Francis said...

Only one "s" in asinine - but since you insist on playing this still-ass game, we can make that "ass-in-ten" if you like?


Anonymous said...

Is that true, one s? Ooo. Well, we can go for as many as you want, Dan. Like I've said. I'm here for ya. My job is to make sure you are forever remembered as the ASININE guy who called an entire political party racist.

The Fox News fetish of yours I don't understand, but I didn't grow up when you did, when just a couple networks controlled all news. The "change" in the world has got to be trying for folks like you, who want their story told one way.

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