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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, September 14, 2009

Half the Equation

The Republican's have at least half the equation down. The public knows what a Republican is suppose to be, now if we can only get the GOP politicians to follow we might get back to winning elections.

(Ad launched in South Carolina)

I'm a Republican from SCGOP on Vimeo.


Dan Francis said...

An unfair statement, but here goes anyway: he is the GOP's "token black guy."

BTW: how many black GOPers are in the House or in the U.S. Senate?

tic toc, tic toc

(Hint: Senate: zero (last in 1997); House: zero (last in 2003)...

Anonymous said...

Dan's right. We all know that all black's, except for the stupid ones, vote Donkey. Them and the Uncle Toms. All other blacks have to vote Dem, cause they have to think just like Dan.

This is all so simple.

Anonymous said...

Special 9:07 -- Just for you -

The "Status Quo" works --

The best 3-minute song in America

Anonymous said...

9:07 All I can say is, WOW!
If you ever want to see what a real hard core racist looks like. Look hard in the mirror tonight. Hey anyways, be prideful, at least your good at something.

Anonymous said...

Well that usually works, doesn't it 6:09? Danny brings up the "token", I call him on it, and I'm the racist.

Really good my little person. How fortunate for you that you live in a time when a minor folk like you can have such great influence. Your family must be proud.

Anonymous said...

And Dan Francis...you wonder why no one ever takes you serious for office.

Anonymous said...

Most Republicans are racist. It's all the fault of George Bush.

Think back to how he delayed any type of help to New Orleans after Katerina, but responded immediately with all kinds of assistance when the flooding occurred in Iowa.

All criticism of Pres. Obama is racism.

Dan Francis said...

10:03 - that post is way off the mark... and I have no idea what you mean by it except to throw another spit ball at me?

My post (6:16) was accurate and on the mark - and it is factual - the GOP has no credibility on the issue of race - not one single drop.

Anonymous said...

Just leave Dan alone. Let him talk. He's his own worst enemy.

Go ahead Dan..tell us why the Reps are all racists.

Come on Dan. Maybe the Republicans should just put burning crosses in their yards so we know where they live? Whatdaya think? Or maybe a program where they can buy white cloth at a discount to make their hoods.

Come on, Dan. This is a rare opportunity for the Reps to get to hear the real truth when it comes to their real racist feelings. Who better to explain it to them than you?

Dan Francis said...

Anon 6:16: You are a total and complete a$$hole (if that's possible for you to be total in anything); and I'm not ashamed to say that publicly, either.

I have never said that ALL GOPers were racist or implied they were -

I said the GOP has no credibility on the issue of race.

There are no blacks in the GOP in the House or Senate - 'splain that.

My point is this: Where are the GOP leaders? They should work to shut off this hatred and, yes, the massive racial over and undertones directed at President Obama and there are a ton of them to prove my point.

Any reputable GOPer should be standing on the highest hill shouting: "Turn this crap off - be civil or stay home and ditch the nasty signs that show the President with Hitler moustache, Swastikas, or Hammer and Sickles."

And, armed people at gatherings. Armed for what?

You missed my point totally.

Anonymous said...

tic toc tic toc

Anonymous said...

A-hole here, Dan. I don't blame you for backpedaling, Mr Francis. You said "the GOP has no credibility on the issue of race." Now, that sounds like a pretty sweeping statement to me, Mr War Hero. If you're a Republican, you're a racist. Sounds pretty clear to me, you elitist fool.

In your latest efforts to make some kind of name for yourself, you've shown that the people were right in not taking your candidacy seriously. I don't see you as a dishonest man. I just see you as a follower. Like a smallmouth bass, someone pulls something shiney in front of you and you go absolutely nuts. This is yet another example. I would submit that programs, fronted by followers and yes men like you, have don't more damage to minorities than we have by our resistance to big government. But we're racists. What do we know. You're a big disappointment, Mr Francis.

Anonymous said...

How long have you had these beliefs about Republicans, Dan? Just since the Great One's presidency or before that? Or since Jimmy Carter told you to believe this bunk?

Anonymous said...

9:17 PM
The gop have no control over this dan, this movement is the people.We are sick of the gop selling us out too!We had a good time in DC over the weekend made some new friends. Out of thousands of folks I did'nt hear or see anyone with a republican banner.We are going to rally for common sense freedom loving truth seeking polititions.Party does not matter past votes do! No more liars

Dan Francis said...

10:55 and 11:22... I won't even try to explain myself to you two narrow-minded, obviously very cynical and pathetic souls... suffice it to say: you are way off the mark about me.

Hiding behind an Anonymous moniker takes real courage, doesn't it?

— Anyway, scurry on - there's a slimy rock over there by the sewer drain where you can crawl under. I'm sure you are very comfortable there.

Hurry along now.

Anonymous said...

You spend a large amount of time pretending your above the rest of us. You pretend to advocate a more civil, bipartisan approach to problems. Then you throw out GOP "token" black guy talk and smear an entire party with a racist label. Now you want to walk away and blame a couple people who called you on it.

That's ok Dan. We got your message. And we will remember it. No wonder you've ended up where you have in life.

Dan Francis said...

If the GOP were as "great as you imply," Mr. Smarty Pants 2:35, and you think my post was racial, then tell me:

"Where are all the black Americans and others of color in government who are Republicans?"

The GOP has no credibility on race relations otherwise they would share nearly equally blacks and others of color in their ranks.

* I admit, it may not be racial, but it damn sure ain't no tea party, either! Big Tent? Yea, with only one door.

Anonymous said...

Aint that mike steele guy black?or just half.The problem dan is it's hard to find a smart one let alone enough to fill half the party.OK get over your racial crap then watch some geniuses hard at work.




Anonymous said...

haha that second one the guy sounds just like forrest gump.Got a good laugh from that one.True intellectual capital in all three.How much we paying them again?????

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:18

And here's the Republicans, doing what they do best. Keep playing with your acorns.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:18 Here's some more of your master race Republicans.

Anonymous said...

No War Hero, I didn't imply any party was "great". I just react to your bs that the Reps are a party of RACISTS.

You just keep on going, my little man. Tell us how Republicans hate blacks, and don't allow anyone but whites influence in their party. I just want to hear you keep talking. I did not realize you were stupid enough to keep shoveling this line. You're so right Mr Francis. I concede all that you are saying. To hear you tell it, Republicans just can't wait to shovel blacks into an oven. Tell us more, Dannie.

Anonymous said...

4:48 PM
Gee dan your really lacking here I showed you high dollar idiots and you show me speeders, junkies, perverts and tax cheats.Oh by the way tax cheats are cool now they are the majority in control.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Forrest Gump was a really smart guy. He was a little different, but in the long run, he always proved himself to be on top of things. We're not makin' fun of people like that are we? But then again, he's not black. So I guess that is the main thing to aviod. Racism. You can make fun of people who are slow but don't be pokin' at black people. I have to keep my prejudices straight. Help me, Dannie. I want to be a good person. Will changing my registration to Donkey make me an instantly ok individual?

Anonymous said...

Funny thing Dan. On your FIRST stupid post, you referred to your own words as "unfair". I'd say they were more than that, call them dumb and typical. But from then on, instead of thinking, I became the problem, not your own words. You've tried to defend yourself, attack me as misunderstanding you, change the subject, call a truce, and just plain run like a coward. Why don't you go back to your own first post. Read it, then do the right thing. Then learn from your own experience. That's what a man would do. I won't hold my breath.

Dan Francis said...

For all the Anonymouses, or the "one" who is a thorn in my ass:

* My original and follow up post extracts:

1. An unfair statement, but here goes anyway: he is the GOP's "token black guy."

2. The GOP has no credibility on the issue of race - not one single drop.

3. I said the GOP has no credibility on the issue of race.
There are no blacks in the GOP in the House or Senate - 'splain that.

FYI: no credibility means just that the GOP cannot do, say, try, lie, or imply anything about racial issues and take credit - they simply cannot be believed... (LACK THE POWER OF INSPIRING ON or ABOUT THIS ISSUE) .. that means lack credibility ...

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Like I said, Dannie, I didn't hold my breath. I didn't expect you to do the right thing. You wouldn't even recognize the right thing. Thank God people recognized that you had no business being near an influential political office. I wasn't one of those people. But you've made it very clear to me with these last series of posts of yours that you belong on talk shows and blogs, nowhere else. Anyone who stands by your sweeping accusations of racism for so many fair minded people should be kept where they belong. This is a sad turnaround for me. I did not have this opinion of you previously. I'm surprised.

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